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OUR PURPOSE is for the Entrepreneur and the DIYer, the Designer and Builder, the Trend Setter and the Tiny House Lover. Our purpose is pure and our ambition is fierce. We are THE source for all things tiny homes from materials, like appliances and building supplies, to industry news and updates, tiny house tips, legalities and insider knowledge from tiny home experts. We’re here to serve you and provide an engaging and beneficial environment for the tiny house community. Find out below how you can be apart of the revolution.

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With combined industry experience of over 15 years in the Tiny House World we know the ins and the outs like you know the back of your tip of your nose! That’s how the saying goes right? Nonetheless, you just looked at the tip of your nose so you get it. We serve you by providing top notch tiny home news, updates, legalities, tips and tricks and insights to best products, builders and places to park your tiny home. Sign up to our newsletter to get in the loop!

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 Our goal is to filter and provide EVERY quality tiny house material and product to you at the best prices on the market. We will work hard with our established connections to secure deals you can’t get anywhere else. From everything you need to build a tiny house to all the furnishings you need to decorate and live in your tiny home. Stay tuned on our newsletter as we add more products weekly – even some that aren’t even public yet!

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We’ve created an automated system for our builders to create Builder Material Packages for all their homes enabling one-click purchasing for everything you need to build that specific tiny house. No more ordering individual products through a hundred different retailers all while losing receipts and missing out on bulk discounts. Plus, with our deep rebate program, you’ll not only save time with our system but you’ll see your margins increase.

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