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How to Keep Your Tiny House Clean and Clutter-Free with Minimal Effort

Updated on:
May 16, 2024
 How to Keep Your Tiny House Clean and Clutter-Free with Minimal Effort

Yet living in a tiny house really does have its share of benefits: it's cheap, makes a small environmental footprint, and gives one the ability to take their home with them wherever they go. It does not, however, overlook a problem that accompanies living in a tiny house—keeping your space clean and organized. With small square footage, even the smallest of clutter can quickly make your home feel crowded and hectic. Luckily, it only takes a few simple strategies and habits to ensure your tiny home stays clean and calm without spending hours cleaning. Here's how:

Embrace Minimalism

If you want to keep a small house neat, you need to adopt a minimalist lifestyle. Be careful about what gets into your home; things must go if they're not really needed or adding to your happiness. Make it a habit to review your things from time to time and to donate, sell, or simply trash those that were not used in the past year or do not fit your lifestyle right now. Be ruthless with duplicates and extras; chances are, you do not need two or three sets of sheets, towels, or kitchen gadgets.

According to Sofia Martinez, owner of a local cleaning company in Austin, living in that state of a minimalist, I managed to notice two very important things. First, it reduced the stuff that had to be cleaned and organized. That created spaciousness and peace in my tiny home. When you're surrounded only by things you love and use on a regular basis, your space will feel much more personalized and peaceful.

Give Everything A Home

Not having assigned storage spots for your belongings is one of the biggest contributors to clutter. If items do not have a place to go back to, then they usually just stay out, leaving your space to look cluttered and messy. To combat this, make sure every item in your tiny house has a home.

This might be the installation of shelves, hooks, or cabinets that allow for space to store items upward. Very useful is the use of baskets, bins, and drawer organizers to confine small items yet make it easy to locate. If need be, label the containers to easily see where things belong. By doing this, everything will have a place, making it way easier to put items away after use and to keep the area nice and neat.

Clean as You Go

A clean-as-you-go attitude will be one of the best ways to ensure your tiny house stays neat and clean. You should aim to clean for a few minutes every day but not leave the messes until they become cumbersome.

For example, clean kitchen counters and store ingredients as soon as you have prepared your meal. Wash the dishes or place them in the dishwasher as soon as you have finished your meal. Put away the clothes, books, or hobby gear as soon as you are finished using it. With these small, simple acts of cleaning and tidying done repeatedly, you avoid ever getting into a situation where a massive clear out is required.

One-In, One-Out Rule

Indeed, new stuff is sure to trickle even into your small house after minimalism sinks in. To prevent little messes from becoming larger, the one-in, one-out rule can help. That's what this rule implies—that for everything new that gets into your life, an old one must leave.

It sort of puts it in your face to be really conscious about what you're buying, because you have'to think: Does that new thing that I want to buy really have a place in my home? But it also means continuously questioning your things, letting go of what you don't need or love anymore. Keeping a good balance of what comes in and what goes out is going to make sure that the tiny home stays clutter-free in the long haul.

Image Source: Canva

Use Multi-purpose Items

When you're living in a small space, you really need to maximize what you have. That can be done with double-duty items in the room, like a piece of furniture that has secret storage, such as an ottoman with a removable lid or a bed with inlaid drawers. Opt for kitchen gadgets that can be multifunctional; for example, one good chef's knife rather than many specialty knives.

Go for items that can be folded or dismantled and put away when not in use. For example, a dining table may be kept pushed to the wall until you are eating, and stackable chairs can be stowed in a closet if you have no guests. So, by making versatile and space-efficiently designed choices, you can make maximum use of your tiny house without cluttering it.

Create A Cleaning Routine

Another important key to keeping the tiny house clean is routine. This may look like 15–30 minutes every day to keep things in order, or maybe a couple of hours over the weekend for a deeper cleaning session.

Make a task list in order of your cleaning duties, and then clean in a logical order. One can declutter the place, put away items not in the proper place, dust, wipe surfaces, and vacuum or mop the floor. It also makes the routine setting so you can keep a clean space without spending all of your free time cleaning.

Invest in the Right Tools

Finally, it is only suitable equipment that can make the difference in how fast you can keep your tiny house in shape. This is to mean investing in the appropriate, top-quality, and multi-purpose cleaning supplies that shall be capable of performing many functions. For instance, there is a good all-purpose cleaner that one can clean kitchen counters with or even bathroom surfaces.

Look for small, easily stored cleaning tools such as a mini vacuum or a collapsible mop. Consider investment in those appliances which are associated with major tasks in cleaning: a robot vacuum cleaner or a steam cleaner for floors and upholstery. With the right tools at your disposal, you can easily and conveniently clean your space.


Living in a tiny house doesn't mean resignation to the idea of living amidst constant clutter and chaos. This can be hugely helpful in making sure that your little space can be maintained in a non-chaotic way with the least effort through embracing minimalism, creating specified spots for storage, cleaning as you go, and routines. It is important to remind oneself to bring everything into the home with intention and to put things away after use. Every benefit of tiny living can be reaped with a bit of planning and some clever strategy.

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