Sun-Mar Mobile

MOBILE is the original composting toilet for Mobile and Marine applications, no muss and no fuss, no changing containers, no pouring out urine. Composting toilets do not require pump-outs! Recycling Brings Freedom.Self-contained and with a little maintenance works like a charm! In the case of a composting toilet - bigger is better!
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The Sun-Mar Mobile is designed for boats and RVs. The mobile is marinized to accommodate violent motion, with mounting brackets, a finishing drawer that is gasket in, and a fold up footrest which can be easily removed to access the finishing drawer. With a width of only 19-1/2 in. and depth of 23 in. this medium capacity electric composting toilet occupies only slightly more floor space than a toilet seat. All Sun-Mar composting toilets incorporate a patented Bio-drum which ensures fast and odorless decomposition. Saves thousands of gallons of water, while recycling waste into soil. The unit is shipped fully assembled. Seasonal capacity: 3 adults or families of 4. Residential use: 1 adult.

  • No water or sewer connections required
  • No pollution
  • No odor
  • Certified and listed by ANSI/NSF



Listed capacities refer to the amount of people, on average, using the unit per day. Do not pick a unit that is below your capacity.

Residential/Continuous (Adults/Families)

1 adults or families of 2

Seasonal/Vacation (Adults/Families)

3 adults or families of 4


Electrical must be connected while the unit is in AC use for proper operation

Maximum Amps (With Heater On)


Fan Watts (Required or Optional Hookup)

5.4 (12V)

RequiredHeater Watts (When Thermostat switches it on)

*12V 120 Watt heater available as option

Average Power Use in Watts (Heater on 1/2 time)


Vent & Drains

Vent Pipe

3" PVC Thinwall

Drains (Required or Optional Hookup)

1" Drain, Required Use

Weights (Lbs.) & Dimensions

Product Weight/Shipping Weight


Shipping Carton Dimensions (W by L by H)

22" by 29" by 37"

Depth Required to Remove Drawer


Vent outlet center distance from right side


Height to center of vent


Unit Height/Width/Depth

30" by 19 1/2" by 23"

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