TV / Sat Coax Cable - 25ft - Yellow

Coaxial TV cordset with signalsmart filter. Due to long cable runs and outside facilities the cables act as antennas picking up radio signals, interfering with your equipment. The interference filter installed inline helps to reduce unwanted interference caused by these signals and improving your reception.
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Furrion Accessories and Parts - FTVC25SS

Coaxial, anti-interference cable transmits TV signals with better reception and less interference from radio signals. Static filters and F-type male connectors ensure better signal to your TV. Vinyl insulation protects against marine environments.


  • Coaxial, anti-interference cable transmits signals to your TV in your boat
  • Connect your TV to signal connection up to 25' away
  • Signalsmart static filters provide better reception with less radio signal interference
  • F-type male connectors slip onto connection points for better signal to your TV
  • Protective cover slides over connectors
  • Marine-grade vinyl insulation protects against harsh marine environments
  • Included weatherproof bag provides easy storage
  • Silver color


  • Length: 25'
  • Connectors: F type
  • 5-Year warranty

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