The First Ever Online Global

Tiny House Community Event

Bringing together the greatest minds and influential leaders, the most sought after designers and builders, and the stars of the industry's greatest TV Shows has never been done before.


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The Global Online Conference

Starting April 24th - 25th we will be hosting the world's first online tiny home conference. We've brought together some of the biggest names in the industry to share their insights about tiny life, building techniques, tiny house design, minimalism and how to cope with COVID-19 as a tiny home dweller and more.

Save your spot now to join the discussions and connect with other like-minded people, professionals, and inspirational leaders. Limited spots available!

Keynote Speakers

Our Keynote Speakers spark deep conversations, share the knowledge and skills they have and talk with us about bold ideas that are set to revolutionize the industry.

Dee Williams

Tiny house pioneer, Dee, built one of the first tiny homes on wheels in 2004 and has "lived small" ever since. Now an influential figure, she shares her story through her book The Big Tiny and helps others build their own tiny homes through her DIY workshop.

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Zack Giffin

The man, the myth, the legend. Tiny House Nations Host, Zack, joins us for a live chat about the Tiny House Movement. His love for living a full and meaningful life is evident both in the work he does and the life he leads. Having lived in a tiny house for many years, Zack has valuable insights to share with us.

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David Latimer

Builder, entrepreneur, innovator and designer, David's work has long been considered the top of the top. Designing and building tiny homes for individuals and big companies like Disneyland and Dunkin' has positioned him as a leader in the Tiny Home Movement. Tune in as David shares how he's transformed the tiny home industry for the better.

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Tyson Spiess

Star and host of HGTV's hit show Tiny Luxury, and co-founder of Tiny Heirloom, Tyson has spent the last 6 years of his life designing some of the most high-end tiny homes on earth. Innovation is the name of the game for Tyson and he finds joy in making the impossible, possible.

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Erin Mursch

As a Certified Master KonMari Consultant, Erin has logged more than 1,500 hours of tidying spaces of all kinds. She teaches us how to declutter our homes and lives. Her ultimate goal is to raise awareness of the waste of our consumer culture and to shift the mindset to choosing joy instead.

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Jenna Spesard

Tiny Home dweller, blogger, and Youtube star, Jenna walks the talk and knows first hand the in's and out's of the tiny lifestyle. Her creativeness and ingenuity have helped her live a debt-free and simplistic life-style based around her dreams and what makes her and others happy.

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Topics and Discussions

Engage in lively conversations with like-minded individuals about some of the most trending and interesting topics. See a few of the things we'll be diving into!

Zack Giffin Presents

Living in a Tiny Home

Zack has lived in a tiny home for over 6 years. He's familiar with all the inconveniences and how you can overcome them. More importantly, he knows all about the joys and blessings that come from a minimalist lifestyle. He shares this with us along with a live Q&A.

Erin Mursch Presents

Tidying Tips & Tricks

Certified Master KonMari Consultant, Erin, walks us through some of Marie Kondo's favorite tips to keep small spaces organized and efficient.

David Latimer Presents

A New Way of Life

David goes deep into the story of transformation in his own life and how that led to creating some of the finest tiny homes. An eye for design and passion for building is what drives him to create unbelievable tiny homes.

More Noteworthy Speakers

Lindsay Wood

Brent Heavener

Ethan Waldman

Steve Weissmann

Ivanka Siolkowsky

Able Zyl

Kol Peterson

Jay Leopold

Bob Clarizio

Jason Francis

Brian Crabb

Zach Francis








Home Tours

Online Event

The first ever 100% online Tiny Home Event. Join in from the comfort of your (tiny)home or anywhere with wifi.

Cocktail Hour

We close each day with a Cocktail Hour that gives all our guests and speakers a chance to connect.


It's not just a mindset, it's a way of life. We explore the practices and benefits of a minimalist lifestyle.

When is the event?

April 24th-25th, 2020

The first-ever Global Tiny Home Event is taking place this April 3rd-4th. Live stream it from anywhere. Connect with like-minded individuals from around the world as we hear the leaders and professionals in the industry share their stories and knowledge with us.

April 24th: 12pm - 6pm PST
April 25th: 9am - 5pm PST

Where do I Attend?


After you have bought your ticket, you'll get the official instructions to join the live online event from the comfort of your (tiny) home, coffee shop, while traveling or wherever you find yourself.

So grab your computer or phone, note pad, and a coffee and get ready for the tiny house event like no other!

I’ll be in self quarantine and probably really excited to speak to some people (even if remotely).

Zack Giffin

Tiny House Nation

I'm a big fan of getting the community together during a season like this. Excited to be apart of the event and meet great people!

Jason Francis

Tiny Luxury

*Attendee count is an anticipated estimate and depends on the actual turn out during the event.