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At Indigo River, some of us are related by blood or marriage, but we are ALL "family by choice." We love working together and we think that shows in the finished product as well as in the experience of building with us.  We consider our customers an extension of the Indigo River "family" and from the design process through to the final build, we focus on the "relationship first" - listening intently & communicating clearly every step of the way - so the project goes as smoothly as possible.

Every Home we build is customized to meet each clients’ wants and needs. We love our customers and we want them to love their new home.

We also love giving back to the community. We work with 2 local non-profits that help veterans that are homeless and/or have PTSD, F.A.R.M – Farmers Assisting Returning Military and Operation Tiny House.

Note Worthy Features

  • NOAH (Since 2017) and/or RVIA certified (Since 2020)
  • Split level lofts or downstairs bedroom for easy access to your bed, no crawling on your hands and knees
  • Hand crafted wood working
  • 1 year warranty on all parts, materials, and craftsmanship
  • Custom built trailers made by a local trailer manufacturer
  • High quality building materials and products in every step of the build
  • Custom designs to meet your specific wants and needs

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