New Frontier

Company Bio

Originally a father-son project, Eddie Latimer and Founder, David Latimer built two tiny homes on speculation that they could learn about the market. Soon thereafter, New Frontier was born. Inside of a year, it would have the Alpha, its first fully custom product featured on an episode of HGTV.

"With some wind in our sails, we looked to build our operations and sales teams to keep up with demand from all angles; retail customers, consumers, developers, and Airbnb entrepreneurs. We’re anticipating a very warm reception for our new 24′, $75,000 model, the Luna. Additionally, we partnered with Paragon Builders here in Nashville, TN and have broken ground on Nashville’s first tiny home hotel."

Note Worthy Features

  • All Tiny Homes are Designed by David Latimer and Photography by StudioBuell
  • Split level lofts or downstairs bedroom for easy access to your bed, no crawling on your hands and knees
  • Hand crafted wood working
  • 1 year warranty on all parts, materials, and craftsmanship
  • Custom built trailers made by a local trailer manufacturer
  • High quality building materials and products in every step of the build
  • Custom designs to meet your specific wants and needs

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