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Stacy Pinner

Verified Review

New to the World of Tiny Homes

This conference has taught me SO MUCH about tiny home living, building, designing, legalization, advocacy, etc. I would HIGHLY recommend anyone interested in this field to attend, even if you are like me who has only watched the tiny home shows. Definitely 5 Stars - Totally worth the ticket cost for the knowledge and recommendations gained, discounts from the sponsors, and for the ability to join others in this community mindset. Everyone was very helpful, knowledgeable, and dedicated to improving the tiny home industry. Keep up the great work!

Cathy Zyetz

Verified Review

Conference so helpful

I am just beginning to think about a tiny house and this was a great way to learn more. Frankly, I love the virtual events as it keeps the cost down, it is more accessible and flexible for popping into topics that I am really interested. Not quite five stars and it was still a little rough at times (transitions, connections, etc.) but this was a great start! I have recommended Tiny House to someone already as a resource.

Rhonda L Rosenheck

Verified Review

Inspiring and enlightening

This is my first entry into the Tiny House community, though I've been reading, looking and yearning for a decade or more. I cannot overstate the inspiration this is, and how many great and specific ideas I'm getting for my current effort to fit out a THOW as a writing studio and get a town to allow me to place it on a vacant lot.


Verified Review

Definitely Worth Attending!

Found the presenters to be candid and informative. If you're thinking about living in a tiny house, you're want to connect with this conference and vast resources.

Cathreen Bolton

Verified Review


I was SUPER excited to learn all that I can from all of these people who have put their time, energy and passion into this! Zach and Jason, thank you SO MUCH for this, along with all involved. I am building a (small) conventional permanent home (living in a 5th wheel RV while my home is being built) and will be using much of this information and resources for my new home. I will definitely return for future conferences. With Gratitude


Verified Review

Great community!!

I'm brand spankin' new to this family, but WOW! So much information, so much love, great connections! I'm so thrilled to be apart of this! :)

Carley Jackson

Verified Review

Awesome Conference!

This is an Awesome Conference with a lot of knowledge that you will need if you are thinking of going tiny! I loved all of the speakers and I loved being able to meet all of the wonderful people that joined from around the world to connect with! The speakers were so informative about so many different subjects surrounding Tiny House living and gave me so much to think about when deciding to build my tiny house! I will definitely be joining in the future!

Beth Whitaker

Verified Review

All good

Amazing presentation of every facet of the Tiny Home movement and building. I can dream for real about my next home.

TJ Ward

Verified Review

Awesomeness! Powerful!

Only halfway through the weekend and my cup runneth over with valuable information. Huge Thanks to EVERYONE!

Marci Boecking

Verified Review

Tiny Home Carpenter digging the conference!

Such a great thing, especially during this stupid pandemic (lol), to connect with so many people interested in the same types of building and similar flavours of lifestyles. I hope more actual carpenters join in the future; we run into tonnes of snags during the building process and it'd be nearly impossible to anticipate them all unless you'd been through many builds before. Great work, team! :)

Kat Diaz

Verified Review

Life Changing

I cannot overstate how incredibly empowering and uplifting this conference event is.  It has allowed me to learn so much, activate my dreams, and make important contacts that will most likely be lasting.  It feels like a true community and I am so glad to be a part of it.  The best ticket/membership ever!  I plan to stay.

Stacy Rank

Verified Review

Great people & info

Great info from presenters n people posting in comments. Some tech issues, but not much u can do about that.

Robin Gilmore

Verified Review

Incredible Conference

I loved the variety of speakers and the amount of useful and practical information offered. It's a great conference for those who are already living tiny and for those considering going tiny or just want to learn more about tiny homes. Anything you want to know about tiny homes was probably answered by one of the speakers. And the Q&As were wonderful as well.

Beth DeLashmutt

Verified Review

Tiny House Conference Rocks!

The gathering of Tiny Home experts, owners, dwellers, and wanna-be's like me was fantastic! The breadth of expertise and knowledge available at the push of a button was incredible, and the "RuntheWorld" provider did an excellent job of accommodating all the benefits of the conference. So happy I joined!

Fleur Marshall

Verified Review

Overload of information - in a good way!

Really enjoyed hearing from a variety of speakers on topics I’d never considered learning about before. There’s a lot to learn but also a lot of passionate and knowledgeable people out there. Look forward to future events!

Paula ann Hagar

Verified Review

Go for it

The Tiny Home Conference put together the support and information for anyone contemplating stepping outside the American Dream Box to create the vision of their best life. If you are thinking less is your more, this group and their presentations will spin your “flex” wheels. Go for it, dust off your possibilities and sign up. This will be your community. Rare but well done. The Tiny House is a lifestyle that makes a difference.


Verified Review

Well worth it!

I went in with wonder and excitement waiting to be blown away. Not only was I not disappointed but the realistic approach let me know that everything was being considered. Everyone was putting their best forward in every field they represented. Information based on experience and hard work lets us all know that the tiny house dream isn't floating away far out of reach. It's right in front of you wait for you to take that leap and jump right in.

Jason Wisniewski

Verified Review

Worth your time!

Tinyhouse.com is one of the best websites regarding tiny homes! The online community forum is so helpful and informative! I’ve attended the past online events and can’t wait for the next one!

kelly hockley

Verified Review

So Much Info!!

OMG!! They give you so much information that you feel confident in your choice to go Tiny. Looking forward to the net conference!! Thanks


Verified Review


This is to go-to conference to attend to ground yourself in what it means to transition to the TINY HOUSE MOVEMENT! I feel supported and ready to get tiny.

Kristin Lund

Verified Review

Great learning curve! Great stories, teachable moments

Conference is great! Absolutely worth the time. Cost is great too. Learned more this second time around. Definitely will keep tabs with these community leaders. Thank you for hosting this again!

C.J. Murray

Verified Review


i was super impressed with the information provided at such low total conference cost. if you are interested in the tiny house community/world, everything here is shared. participate. become one of us. you will like it!!

Taura Brown

Verified Review

Excellent Learning Experience

This conference was really educational. I have definitely learned a lot so far and I look forward to Saturday and Sunday's events!

Dr Tiny, Michele Williams

Verified Review

Don't Miss this Event....EVER!

Something for everyone in the Tiny World. From newbies, to contractors/builders, to researchers and housing advocates, to policy makers. Outstanding education, awesome networking, and a way to keep up with what's going on with Tiny. Thanks to Zach and Jason and all the excellent sponsors who make this Global Online Summit possible.

Liz Shumoski

Verified Review

Great conference!

This conference was so great! Every session that I attended virtually was filled with useful information and everyone was so helpful. Being able to go back and review the sessions I missed was amazing! I came out of the conference with so many great ideas and resources. Honestly I’m extremely happy that I was able to attend.

Nichole clarke

Verified Review

Tiny House Conference

This was an amazing conference with so many speakers which touched on so many questions i had on tiny homes. We are researching for our tiny home build in the near future and this got us in touch with some fantastic builders near us.

giovanni Marden

Verified Review

Excellent Conference,

only suggestion is a brief midday break. I know theres alot to cover, we got our whole lives ahead of us...lets enjoy the journey


Verified Review

Conference surpassing my expectations!!

I've been to many conferences...but none like this! What really stands out is the willingness of the speakers to share and download their wealth of information and see Tiny Homes become a big inspiration. Wonderful too to see how many have turned their interest into opportunity, because when you love what you do and believe in it, you truly want the best for your customers!! I hope someday to be able to work with a few folks in this conference to design, develop and fulfill our retirement goal to go Tiny. Amazing energy, support, speakers...when passion is involved, synergy happens. Kudos to everyone who put this together!!

Lisa J Hecker

Verified Review

So Worth It

I'm one of those people fascinated by Tiny Homes and alternative housing. I thoroughly enjoyed the conference that I attended virtually because there were so many different perspectives. There were the people who build tiny homes and the ones who have put themselves out there to figure out how to live tiny. Everyone shared with such openness and honesty. The virtual cocktail hour was a lot of fun, too, as you never knew who you would talk with and so you ended up learning about people you may never have met in an in-person event. It was so amazing. I highly recommend this conference!


Verified Review

For $100, I am 100% ready to go tiny!

Thank you all who made this possible. Let the tiny movement get big! Freedom to time, health, joy, and peace on my and my community terms here I come!

Frances Hale

Verified Review

Better Than Expected

I'm new to the Tiny House world. This conference is a great place to get information on where to start, pitfall to avoid, what to expect. I'm also making great connections with like-minded people to confirm that I'm not crazy! :) I highly recommend this conference and will be back next year!


Verified Review

Great Info. Spotty programing

I enjoyed all the information we received! My only problem was some of the speakers were not sure how to use the program and it was very spotty.

Diane Standefer

Verified Review

Interesting for those committed and just interested

This has been very informative. I am just starting on the information gathering stage and this has been wonderful for that. I can tell that they have more information than I am ready for.

Miyagi Scott

Verified Review

So glad I took a chance

Attending the conference really inspired me to continue on the tiny House journey. Because it’s so new it can be hard to find resources so Thank you Tinyhouse.com. Definitely worth the price!

Mara Agrait

Verified Review

So great!

Definitely worth the time and (little) money to join this conference! So much incredible information from knowledgeable individuals in the Tiny House Community. I’ll be back next year for sure!

Cheryl Thiessen

Verified Review

Go Tiny!

First time joining in on a conference like this. Wonderful to get feedback from like minded, knowledgeable tiny home designers, builders and passion project dreamers.

Olivia Rayn

Verified Review

Time Well Spent! So Awesome!

I just happened upon the link to the conference on social media, and it's one of my happiest accidents of 2021. Always loved tiny houses, but this conference has given me SO MUCH food for thought. I've been talking about it with anyone who will listen. If you're thinking about going, don't hesitate! Money and time well spent! :-D

Suzanne Heide

Verified Review

Well Worth the Money!

Amazing value for soooo much information! The resources provided are super helpful!

Jane Pritchard

Verified Review


What I was able to watch was helpful.  Circumstances didn’t allow me to watch much.

Leslie Laas

Verified Review

Helpful Connections

The video sessions helped me understand what I'm about to do - build my tiny home. I had run up against many obstacles and was about to give up. The speaker's experience and information helped me make connections with people who are allowing me to proceed with my home. Thanks everyone!

Tonja T Perkins

Verified Review

So Informative!

Me and my pup are hoping to build a container tiny home in the next two years in Chattanooga, TN.  We have beautiful options here in TN.  This conference was so helpful in planning our upcoming project.  The audio was 50% of the time unavailable for me so I missed some valuable stuff but overall still well worth the ticket.

Bern Richards

Verified Review

Great Conference

We're coming up to the end of Day 2, and I am blown away at all of the information that is being shared. What a supportive community working together to make homes more accessible to all. Thanks for putting this conference together.

AnnMichelle Hart

Verified Review

Very informative

I enjoyed ann the speaker and sessions I attended. I'm looking forward to the next one.

Anne Sp

Verified Review

Great Conference

Really enjoying this conference

Thea Wilson

Verified Review

Loads of information!

This was a great way to dive into the "living tiny" world! So many different speakers and perspectives to learn from, as well as a welcoming community. I'm very glad that I decided to attend.

Donna W.

Verified Review

You shouldn't miss this!

I love watching shows about anything tiny living. But this was sooo much more! The information and, points of view from so many knowledgeable people could not be found anywhere else! This was a great value, it was so packed I had to miss some of the live sessions, but the great thing is they allow access to them afterward. I highly recommend that if you want more information on going tiny in any form that you don't miss their next event!!


Verified Review

loved it

The conference was an amazing way to answer so many questions in a short period. If you are thinking about going tiny, already building, have hired a company or just tiny curious. This is a must!

Susan L. Kelsey

Verified Review

Great conference

Lots of current information, great speakers and a fun community.

Shavonne D Banks

Verified Review

Wow! Info Packed!!!!


Scott Smythe

Verified Review

Very Informative

We really enjoyed all of the sessions. They had a great variety of topics catering to everyone from home buyers, builders, developers, etc. The online format worked really well and allows for global participation but we would definitely attend an in person event as well.

Paritosh Bhatt

Verified Review

Scratch to expert

Hello everyone, This conference encouraged me to think differently and gave me courage to start my own tiny house planning. All the information were so detailed and well organised that a beginner level person can understand and at the time of end he/she have enough knowledge and information to know how everything will go on for their own tiny house. The speakers are well experienced and they give the best answers to all the doubts we have. I must recommend this conference.

Jan Kearce

Verified Review


I like this platform and the casual, fun nature of presenters. Great info in short sessions, well laid out, and there is a commitment to answering questions.


Verified Review

A window into the tiny home world

As kind of a sometimes-tinyhome-dreamer, I was simply curious about tiny homes and practical solutions. It was easy to sign up for this conference as the fee was low, and I also had the opportunity to watch the videos of the sessions even after the event, up to a month after. That made me able to attend, and I do not regret it, got lots of input, ideas, inspiration, and knowledge. Plus many links to tiny home entrepreneurs with really inspiring web pages and loads of new ideas to study and learn more. The conference turned out to be a real panorama window into the tiny home industry, and ultimately, for me a door into the tiny home world. I learned a lot from it. Thanks, everyone.

Betsy Barbour

Verified Review

Best Tiny Gatherings ever!

I've attended both global conferences so far and I can honestly say they have been transformational for me! I chose the open door image (from my tiny house!) because the conferences have opened so many doors for me - tips for my tiny house maintenance, tiny lifestyle insights, Tiny Movement networking, global friendships with tiny enthusiasts all around the world, inspiration for my business TinyCircles. I've been to numerous Tiny House festivals over the past 4 years and they are fun...I think though these conferences are truly the best tiny gatherings ever!

Kathi Rader-Gibson (Lola)

Verified Review

Wow! What great information!

This is my first time to attend one of your conferences. Thank you so much for all of your hard work putting the speaker schedule together. I have lived in my tiny home for just over two years tonight. I was definitely a novice in making my tiny home living move. I have learned so much this weekend. Thank you so much! I will be watching for your next conference, as well as re-watching some of this weekend's speakers.

Dewi Aldrich

Verified Review

Eye-Opening and Engaging Conference!

I really liked the speakers who spoke professionally on the variety of topics that were presented during the virtual conference. Very engaging community with other tiny home dwellers and dreamers. Lots of great resources to refer back to and awesome, helpful hosts, Jason & Zach -- thank you!!

Jill Hominick

Verified Review

So much fun!

I attended the last Tiny House Conference and loved it! I took so many notes and ended up going back and re-watching a lot of the speakers! I'm in Wisconsin and I learned a lot about who to talk to about changing zoning ordinances in order to live in a tiny house here. Still working on it!!


Verified Review

Tiny Home Conference Review

Participation was good and a diverse group of participants, however issues with platform, and connectivity seemed to be an issue. Speakers offered good information that was easily digestible for new comers. Enjoyed reading all of the comments, questions and feed back. Met some great people doing interesting things, was the highlight of this platform.


Verified Review

A Wealth Of Information!

I have so many takeaways - from design to micro-villaging to solar and legal advocacy, I felt like I walked away with more information half way through Day 2 than I've acquired on my own over the last 5 years. It was the first time I've had an opportunity to participate in Live Q&A's and it felt like we were all under the same roof with all the different collaboration spaces and chats on the Run the World platform. I still can't believe how affordable it was too - for a Global Conference. Thanks for all of it! Def happy I went with the Pro Membership - totally worth it!

Julie Gunn

Verified Review

Brilliant - we're a global family

That was absolutely brilliant!! I wish it happened 4 times a year! Love it - and all the great people from all over the world who shared knowledge and experience and heart! Wonderful...

Ben Dunn

Verified Review

Mui Excellente!

TEN STARS!!! Best conference I've attended, period. A spectrum of useful, interesting and exciting topics! Run The World site is also best virtual conference host that i've used in the last year as well. The hosts were great too! Recommendation for next conference is to consider schedule in some break times every 2hrs or so in the agenda, (15-30min), otherwise it seems like a marathon of seminars - all of which, btw, are great topics! Can't wait to see what the remaining days of the conference will bring. So many great resources have already been shared. Cheers!

Aryana K Rollins

Verified Review

It was great for REAL preparing for tiny house living

Erin Mursch addressed the biggest issue of downsizing and really helped me assess if I could do it or not. Thank you for putting on such a fabulous, honest event for people assessing tiny house living.

Yvonne Moncovich

Verified Review

Information in every space available

The tiny house conference was as packed with information as a tiny house is with storage! The speakers were diverse, covering everything from building, systems, zoning, design and living in tiny houses of all kinds. I learned more than I expected and met awesome people along the way. Can’t wait for the next one!


Verified Review

Great information

Great value for the money and I appreciated the wide range of speakers and topics.

Marianne Sharpe

Verified Review

Amazing conference!

I attended the last tiny house conference and it was amazing! I couldn't believe how much valuable information was shared by so many speakers. You can learn everything you need to know about tiny houses at this conference.

Siri Lorece

Verified Review

Fun and Informative

This conference has been a blast! My family and I have been living tiny for almost 2 years and absolutely love meeting other community members while learning more about other's experiences and expertise while living tiny. This virtual space was exactly what we needed! Great gathering, team!

Robin Down

Verified Review

Very Informative and Fun!

I really enjoyed the first day of the Tiny Home Conference - so much great information and amazing presentations! I've been interested in tiny homes for a couple years now - and am planning to downsize into a tiny this year! Looking forward to going back and reviewing all the material afterward to refresh on some of the great topics.


Verified Review

Way to Go

Great info for a newbie like me.


Verified Review

Great weekend

The tiny house conference was amazing with soooo much useful information that will help us build our first tiny home.

Cynthia M Speakman

Verified Review

To a Simpler future!

What a great group of presenters! I learned so much from them in the live presentations and luckily, the recorded sessions. It will be awhile before I do this but I appreciate all of those who are paving the way for a simpler, more unencumbered way to live. Planning for the future is essential and these workshops make it so much easier. To our future!!

Laura McEwen

Verified Review

Very inspiring!

Wow!! Learning soooo much! Looking forward to next year's event!

Valerie Jjones

Verified Review

Tiny Review

I love the Tiny House Community!  It was so much fun packed for everyone. I was inspired  and desire the minimalist lifestyle. I got so many ideas and contacts. My journey begins in March 2021. I will be retired and ready to build. My favorite part was the cocktail hour.  I was camera shy but they made you feel right at home. The speakers were Awesome! I enjoyed being able to go back and look at the sessions that I missed. Ready for the next one in March!

Judy McKerlie

Verified Review

Lots of information

Lots of different topics covered with a lot of valuable information. The days are long, but you can go back and watch sessions you have missed.


Verified Review

Learn a lot with like minded people!

This conference is awesome!! Such a learning curve, full of wisdom, kindness and generosity from everyone! It is so empowering to be part of such an amazing global community that by coming together we can make change happen cross-countries, sharing knowledge, resources and support each other in this journey to live more sustainably and in unity – Such a relief in time of COVID and isolation to be able to connect with amazing positive people! Talks are so inspiring, Mark Thomas and his great wisdom, Zack Giffin and his passionate talk on TH being the solution to our society, Dee Williams ’quote “Embracing changes to be curious, try things, be adventurous, change leads to enormous creativity!” - whether you are a dreamer, a TH DIY builder, there is something for everyone.

Eric Sleeper

Verified Review

Looking Forward to Future Conferences

I participated throughout the most recent Global Tiny House Conference. I have been active in the tiny house community for several years and was really impressed by the caliber of speakers at the Conference, many of who I knew and respected their input into the community from a variety of important relevant angles. I also really enjoyed the "speed networking" sessions and meeting tiny home enthusiasts from not only around the U.S. but around the world too.

Edyta Chorostkowska

Verified Review

Fun and Informative!

Great conference packed with sessions! There were various speakers talking about building tiny homes, conceptualizing tiny communities, minimizing your life, moving a tiny home, tips on approaching your municipality to change the zoning, legal advice, and everything in between. Great advice for new or existing tiny house advocates, dwellers and dreamers.

Alice McDonald

Verified Review

Very Informative!!

Very informative!!!

Rebekah McDowell

Verified Review

Worth it !

Well worth the money.... wish I was able to do round table discussions from my phone

Kristin Lund

Verified Review

A Conference, unlike any other conference!

Love this conference. They've covered quite a wide range of topics to interest a wide range of people. From those who are curious, to those who want to advocate for Tiny Homes in their community - how to approach city mayors / county judges. Great wealth of infos!

Jean-Philippe Marquis

Verified Review

Best way to connect from different areas in North America!

Thanks guys for putting this together, looking forward to the next event! Great job, it was a nice experience!

Fanni Szalkai

Verified Review

Great resource

I've been tuning in from Hungary, where Tiny Houses are barely a thing yet and it was great to hear about how established the movement was and also to get some practical tips on how to go tiny. :)

Nino & Victoria Gabaldon

Verified Review

Super Stoked!

The content was extremely valuable. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. We are so grateful to be part of something so Huge it's Tiny! Connecting through the video chats was the perfect opportunity to encourage one another at whatever age or stage of the journey we found ourselves, in that moment. It was AWESOME. Awkward at times, but AWESOME. Facing Fears is 100% part of this journey. The entire event was Inspiring, and we are super stoked about March!! See you soon!

Leni Keck

Verified Review

Dreaming about a tiny home

Great conference! gave me a lot of new ideas and restarting the thinking process about tiny house living. thanks guys for organizing. especially great to hear back from Portland, OR

Betsy Barbour

Verified Review

Super Global Conference

This is the third conference I've attended and they just keep getting better! I agree with all the other reviews totally - and just want to shout out to the global profile with attendees from literally all over the world and presenters also...super way to learn what's happening worldwide, and connect for all things tiny with others where-ever you are!

Kimmy Hunter

Verified Review

Phenomenal People, Cooperative Environment

My 1st conference. Enjoyed the collaborative and cooperative vibe between conference producers, professionals, speakers, sponsors, and participants. This is how I vibe and I felt right at home.

Linnea Alexander

Verified Review

Time well spent!

So much knowledge from so many experiences folks. Such a valuable opportunity to ask questions and find community.

Randy J Begin

Verified Review

Better than we expected!

We are a young couple in the process of planning our tiny home! We wanted to join this conference to learn more about the tiny home community and learn from professionals in the field, and we were not disappointed! We have loved all the talks we got to watch, and are excited to go back and watch the recordings of the ones we missed. We have followed lots of new people and are looking forward to continuing our journey of going tiny with new friends and resources

Mary Ann & Rich Williams

Verified Review

Fantastic conference and community!

This has been an outstanding conference! A great experience and opportunity for us to learn and network as we plan our community here in southwestern Colorado! We really appreciate the diverse content, the quality of the conference (very few technical issues, and having helped manage global conferences in the past, there are ALWAYS issues!) - very impressed! Can't wait to continue the conversations and learning from everyone in the Community!

Andrew Fuller

Verified Review

Phenomenal Presentations!

Zach and Jason were amazing hosts to the most phenomenal virtual event ever! Everything you could imagine about tiny living from planning, designing, building, travel, to living tiny were covered. Can't wait until the next event. The networking with people from around the world was inspiring. Thanks to all the presenters for an amazing job!.

Beth Moore

Verified Review

Fun & Informative

Great info presented, and connections to resources you can access anytime after the conference.

Julie Gunn

Verified Review

Brilliant - we're a global family

So many great people - all over the world! Thank you so much!!

Amber Lien

Verified Review

Awesome Conference

I've been thinking about building a tiny house for a few months. This conference provided so much information and answered a lot of question I had! The speakers were entertaining and I was able to tune in anytime it worked for me or when there was something I really wanted to know about.

Shannon Vigil

Verified Review

Exactly what I needed to get started

This conference was so good to get me started with my tiny home project and dreams. I learned sooo much about building, zoning, planning etc. I highly recommend.

Mercedes Crawford

Verified Review

Building community accomplished!

I am so greatly grateful to have had the experience to connect with so many people from all walks of life from around the globe. I really felt like I was apart of a vast community of like minded folks. The meet and greets were very interesting and I felt like I was on a tiny house blind date! Thank you for hosting such an amazing event and opportunity to learn-connect.


Verified Review

This CONFERENCE Rocks!!!

If you are dreaming or planning on going Tiny and want to get your questions answered in a high level, expert kind of way, then this is the conference to attend. Even if you can't watch everything live the best part is you can watch the replays!

Kayla Girard

Verified Review

1st Conference - Amazing Experience

I am excited of joining Tiny House Community, and the conference was such an experience and eye opener. The years of dreaming of having my own Tiny House and to create one, soon shall come true. I cannot wait to explore into the Tiny House’s World.

CL Hight

Verified Review

Enjoying this

Despite connection issues on my end, I'm really enjoying this. I'm glad that it's online so that I have the opportunity to join. I love the breadth of the topics covered.

Cindy Webb

Verified Review

Opened the world of tiny homes

As a beginner in the space of tiny home interest, this was a great conference that provided a very wide range of answers to questions I did not even know I had. Also, it was well organized and now becomes a resource for me to go back to and fuel my future research and dreaming.

Mary Ann

Verified Review

Wow-this conference has been fantastic!

This event has been worth every penny and much more. What excellent speakers! Anyone one wanting to know more about tiny-this is the place to go. Can't wait for the rest of the conference! Wanna go Tiny!


Verified Review

Blew it out of the park! Exceptional!!!

I highly recommend the Global Tiny Home conferences because there’s so much to learn!! Far more content & expert presenters than expected. And you can connect with other dreamers & builders to put a plan together! I also recommend you join the Tiny Home associations to stay abreast on changes & advances in going tiny.