Build the Best Tiny Homes You've Ever Built

Why You Need is for the next generation of home builders. Our purpose is pure and our ambition is fierce. We are THE source for all things tiny homes and have created an automated system for our builders to create Builder Material Packages enabling one-click purchasing for everything you need to build that house. With our deep rebate program, you’ll not only save time with our system but you’ll see your margins increase. Find out below how you can be apart of the revolution.

Custom Building Material Packages

In an effort to make ordering as seamless as possible we will work with you to create custom Builder Material Packages for your units. The key factor here is simplicity. All you need to do is send us a list of everything that goes into the unit and we will do the rest. From there you’ll be able to log into your builder profile, select the model you wish to order materials for and voila you’re one click away from all the materials, at the most competitive price, being ordered and shipped right to your facility.

Builder Directory

Coming soon is our Builder Directory. This is a dedicated page on our website for tiny home shoppers to find you. Our goal is to filter in EVERY quality tiny house customer and direct them back to you. We will work hard to refer business to you for a modest referral fee of the MSRP for units sold through our site. You don’t have to participate in this program, but if you do, thousands of potential customers will be able to compare builders directly with our large array of filters and qualifiers so they can find the perfect builder right on our site.


This one we’re really excited about! We have been working with dozens of lenders to achieve one of the hardest challenges in the tiny house space: financing. Coming soon, your clients will be able to submit an application through and get approved from over 30 different lenders, whether they were directed to you by us or not. The lineup of banks and other funding we will have will be able to bridge the gap between bad credit, down payments and location.

How Works

Step One

Create a Builder account by signing up for free with the button below. This in no way obligates you in any way but it allows us to take the next step towards working together.

Step Two

Send us your tiny home Model plans and/or material lists. If you don’t have any models no problem – we can simply build out a package of all the materials you use in each build.

Step Three

We create specific Builder Material Packages for your Model tiny homes or general build packages. We work hard to include as many products as possible to simplify ordering.

Step Four

Each time you’re ready to start another tiny home simply log on to, find your Builder Material Package and order all your materials with one click – all while saving money!