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The tiny home industry is a complex place with plenty of pitfalls. After building over 75 of the worlds finest tiny homes we have gained expertise in navigating the challenges, designing effective floor plan, how to build them, and even how you can make money by using your tiny home as a rental.

With our Consultation Services we share this vital expertise and cater it to your specific situation. We give you actionable insights that will guide you through the process and help you come away with the best outcome possible.

Choose from our 1 time Consulting services or our Monthly Advisory Package. This helps our clients effectively and safely build or buy their tiny homes all while avoid costly mistakes.

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Tinyhouse.com Consulting Services
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30-Minute Consultation

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30 minute call with Founders of Tiny Heirloom, Tinyhouse.com and Co-hosts of HGTV's Tiny Luxury

Free Copy of the Complete Tiny House Buyers Guide

Design Review

In-Depth Q&A

Backed by our 100% Satisfaction or Your Money Back Guarantee.

Bonus: Limited Follow up E-mail Support

Building Advisor Package

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1 Hour call a month with Founders of Tiny Heirloom, Tinyhouse.com and Co-hosts of HGTV's Tiny Luxury

Free Copy of the Complete Tiny House Buyers Guide

1 Vital Support call(10 minutes) every month

Expert advice and resources we've gathered over the last 10 years of building

In-Depth Design Review

Gain Confidence to Build a Tiny House with Our Expert Guidance

Backed by our 100% Satisfaction or Your Money Back Guarantee.

BONUS: Weekly E-mail Support to answer questions and help you progress on your build

*Cancel subscription anytime

1-Hour Consultation

Save $80+
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1 Hour call a month with Founders of Tiny Heirloom, Tinyhouse.com and Co-hosts of HGTV's Tiny Luxury

Free Copy of the Complete Tiny House Buyers Guide

Pre-Consult Research on Topic of Your Choice

In-Depth Design Review

In-Depth Q&A

Deep Dive on 3+ Topics

Backed by our 100% Satisfaction or Your Money Back Guarantee.

BONUS: Follow-up Email Support

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The Global Tiny House Conference
Based on 34 reviews
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Betsy Barbour

Verified Review

Best Tiny Gatherings ever!

I've attended both global conferences so far and I can honestly say they have been transformational for me! I chose the open door image (from my tiny house!) because the conferences have opened so many doors for me - tips for my tiny house maintenance, tiny lifestyle insights, Tiny Movement networking, global friendships with tiny enthusiasts all around the world, inspiration for my business TinyCircles. I've been to numerous Tiny House festivals over the past 4 years and they are fun...I think though these conferences are truly the best tiny gatherings ever!


Verified Review

Great Info. Spotty programing

I enjoyed all the information we received! My only problem was some of the speakers were not sure how to use the program and it was very spotty.

Eric Sleeper

Verified Review

Looking Forward to Future Conferences

I participated throughout the most recent Global Tiny House Conference. I have been active in the tiny house community for several years and was really impressed by the caliber of speakers at the Conference, many of who I knew and respected their input into the community from a variety of important relevant angles. I also really enjoyed the "speed networking" sessions and meeting tiny home enthusiasts from not only around the U.S. but around the world too.


Verified Review

Tiny Home Conference Review

Participation was good and a diverse group of participants, however issues with platform, and connectivity seemed to be an issue. Speakers offered good information that was easily digestible for new comers. Enjoyed reading all of the comments, questions and feed back. Met some great people doing interesting things, was the highlight of this platform.

C.J. Murray

Verified Review


i was super impressed with the information provided at such low total conference cost. if you are interested in the tiny house community/world, everything here is shared. participate. become one of us. you will like it!!

Fleur Marshall

Verified Review

Overload of information - in a good way!

Really enjoyed hearing from a variety of speakers on topics I’d never considered learning about before. There’s a lot to learn but also a lot of passionate and knowledgeable people out there. Look forward to future events!

Nichole clarke

Verified Review

Tiny House Conference

This was an amazing conference with so many speakers which touched on so many questions i had on tiny homes. We are researching for our tiny home build in the near future and this got us in touch with some fantastic builders near us.

Phyllis J

Verified Review

Awesome speakers and content!

The last conference was packed with great diverse information and speakers. I had to listen to each talk more than once to get all the info. I highly recommend it to anyone who love the tiny house movement. Great inspiration.

AnnMichelle Hart

Verified Review

Very informative

I enjoyed ann the speaker and sessions I attended. I'm looking forward to the next one.

Cynthia M Speakman

Verified Review

To a Simpler future!

What a great group of presenters! I learned so much from them in the live presentations and luckily, the recorded sessions. It will be awhile before I do this but I appreciate all of those who are paving the way for a simpler, more unencumbered way to live. Planning for the future is essential and these workshops make it so much easier. To our future!!

Lisa J Hecker

Verified Review

So Worth It

I'm one of those people fascinated by Tiny Homes and alternative housing. I thoroughly enjoyed the conference that I attended virtually because there were so many different perspectives. There were the people who build tiny homes and the ones who have put themselves out there to figure out how to live tiny. Everyone shared with such openness and honesty. The virtual cocktail hour was a lot of fun, too, as you never knew who you would talk with and so you ended up learning about people you may never have met in an in-person event. It was so amazing. I highly recommend this conference!

Marianne Sharpe

Verified Review

Amazing conference!

I attended the last tiny house conference and it was amazing! I couldn't believe how much valuable information was shared by so many speakers. You can learn everything you need to know about tiny houses at this conference.

Your Consultants

Hey! We're Zach and Jason Francis

We've spent the better part of the last 7 years designing and building nearly 100 custom tiny homes with our previous tiny home manufacturer company Tiny Heirloom.

What do we love? Good question. We love small space design, building science and best practices, and helping people bring their vision to life!

We've spoken at Nike HQ, NYC Times Square, among other speaking engagements and have been featured on Forbes, NY Times, MSN, Business Journal, and more.

We were also co-hosts of our own TV Show with HGTV called Tiny Luxury.

Who is it for?

Ideal for anyone interested in going tiny. Whether your purchasing a tiny home or building one, our Consultation can save you hours of research and help you avoid costly mistakes.

If you you're designing a tiny home, pre-fab/modular, cabin, or small residential home you'll gain creative feed back from expert designers that will improve the flow of your tiny homes floor plan.

Talk with the Experts

Zach and Jason Francis, co-founders of Tiny Heirloom and hosts of HGTV's popular tiny house show Tiny Luxury.

We have designed and built over 75 tiny homes and know what works and what doesn't. Our in-depth industry knowledge is at your disposal. After running the worlds most reputable Tiny Home company for 7 years we have the information to guide you through the process. See more below.

Third Party Unbiased Advice

We built tiny homes for our clients in the past, they often wanted a third-party unbiased opinion on pricing, builder reviews, floor plan layouts, and design. This is that service.

When working with your builder or supplier, it's hard to know what is truth and what is fluffy sales talk. We help you distinguish between the two to get better deals and ensure you're protected from ill-informed advice.

Feedback on Design Layout

Creating a proper design layout for your tiny home is a challenge. Having designed more than 150 tiny homes, we know the what really makes a great layout vs just a mediocre one.

You'll get the chance to show us your layout and discuss your vision. We'll give you creative feedback on the layout that either increases function or the floor plans flow.

Avoid Costly Mistakes

We've had many tiny home owners come to us asking for advice after issues have come up with their design, builder or supplier. Unforatntely, the damage had already been done.

Our goal is to help you identify potential issues upfront so you can change them before they cost you $ down the line.

Expert Knowledge & Insights

The knowledge and expertise we've built over the past 7 years of designing and building the worlds finest tiny homes is at your disposal.

You'll gain actionable insights that will guide and empower you to make the right decisions throughout your journey of going tiny.
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“They did an amazing job. The design, the flow - everything just works!”
Bailey, Donut Shop Tiny Home - Pikeville, KY
“It is above and beyond with the details you were able to incorporate in. We love every inch.”
Lauren, Tiny house Owner - California 

The Global Tiny House Conference

An online event bringing the community together to connect and hear from leaders like Zack Giffin, Dee Williams, Tyson Spiess and Jay Shafer.