How Much is shipping?

All shipping items over $99 are free at Tinyhouse.com
Is your order under $99? We typically charge a flat-rate fee for anything under that amount. Either way, we try and provide the most competitive prices on the internet (yes, even Amazon) so even that flat-rate fee will come out in the wash

How quickly will I receive my products?

This question largely depends on WHAT you're ordering. Typically, we will do drop shipping with some of our larger vendors. Otherwise, it will either be in inventory or ordered directly. All of these options create situations where we can beat just about anyone on shipping times.

How often is someone available for me?

Our team is available via phone, chat, email, pigeon and text most hours of the day. We make our client relations a priority.

What is the return Policy?

We are able to take returns on most products due to malfunctions or faulty equipment. All you need to do is email info@tinyhouse.com and let us know if you're needing a product returned.

Will there be more products soon?

No. Kidding, yes. We are working non stop to make sure we have the most relevant products at the best prices. Our goal is to upload new products weekly. Please feel free to reach out to us at info@tinyhouse.com if you have ideas for what we should add!

Contact Support

Still have questions that feel insurmountable? Feel free to contact us any time of day. We're happy to help regarding any products, services or just general inquiries. We look forward to hearing from you!

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