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The Tiny House Community, Education and Resources.
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You asked for it, we built it. The original and only Tiny House platform packed with community, discussions, courses, videos, events, discounts, advice, and more!

Organized Discussions

No more scattered conversations all over the web with minimal long term impact. Engage with a passionate community in an organized way and have more meaningful discussions.

Events and Courses

Learn from the brightest minds in the industry. Courses like Financial Freedom, Organization, How To's, DIY Tips and Tricks, and more are catered to further you in your journey.
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Interact and Connect

Connect with likeminded individuals in your area with specific interest groups online or with organized local meetups.

Words from Tiny House University Members

“You made it so simple and fun to connect with the tiny house community and get the resources you need to succeed."
James May
“Wow. I just signed up and I am already blown away with the useful content and advice in the membership portal. You guys truly kick ass. Thanks for being so awesome. High fives!”
Madison Davey
Now, instead of scrolling through endless facebook feeds, I come here every day looking for inspiration and advice, and hoping to return the favor.
Julia Smith

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Tiny House University Membership
Based on 9+ reviews
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Limited Deal ends in:
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Monthly Livestream and Q&A
Top-notch Personal Support
Lumina Tiny House Plan Set ($299 Value)
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What People are Saying

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Greg Howes

Verified Review

The best Tiny House Community!

Jason and Zach are doing an excellent job creating community and promoting the Tiny House community. They organize so many great events and are continually adding website media and functionality to help the community. I learn a lot from the website and the community and very much appreciate their efforts. Extremely impressive and a model for other industries. This is exactly the kind of community and innovation the housing industry so badly needs. Please keep up the great work!

Kat D

Verified Review

Exactly What I was Looking For

So happy this community exists! It is exactly what I have been searching for but didn’t know it. I’m looking forward to learning tons and being inspired!

Guillaume Gabriele

Verified Review

A great discovery!

Couple weeks ago I both started my journey in the project of living in a Tiny Home and began a new job in a company that creates them in France. Discovering the Tiny House Community in 2021 is probably one of the best things that will happen this year. Having admins such as Zach and Jason + moderators makes this community a place where everything is helpful and meaningful. Soon there will be the yearly conference to know more about this worldwide Tiny House Movement and I'm looking forward to it! :)

Betsy Barbour

Verified Review

It takes a community!

I am active in several online Tiny House communities, and I find that this one is very special and unique in that its membership is truly global, and its dynamics are tightly woven with the TH movement and industry.
** Members actively contributing from numerous countries - that's something I haven't seen before.
** Working hand in hand with Tiny House Movement and Industry leaders and movers and shakers...that's the way to be on the forefront of what's happening, get the best, most reliable information and references.
SO, this community has these features, along with everything else you'd expect and hope for.
Remember, although flying solo might work in some build a sustainable lifestyle and a movement - it takes a community!

Lisa Yoder

Verified Review

It's all about community

We may not be able to gather physically right now, but that hasn't stopped from hosting information-rich conferences and creating community online.

If you love tiny homes and you love community, join the Tiny House Community.

Manon Verijdt

Verified Review

Very welcoming and very clear

As I saw the Tiny House Conference this fall I immediately knew I had to participate. Ever since I've been a part of the Tiny House Community, where I got to meet the nicest people from around the world. The community is extremely welcoming and the platform contains so much value. I absolutely love the way ideas are shared, but also the hands on approach so you can get started yourself.

Joe Callantine

Verified Review

Collaboration at its finest!

No matter where you are on your tiny journey, from dreaming to living the dream; this is an excellent place to get ideas, share your experience or just connect with other tiny home folk. The tiny home movement is much bigger than just being less than 400 square feet!

Loretta Cak

Verified Review

Community at it’s best!

The tiny house community is generally made up of awesome individuals, each with their own story. The Tiny House Membership shines a bright light on this fact. Connecting tiny house enthusiasts from around the world, this specific community exists to build relationships and support each other in our journeys. There are spaces where dreamers can ask questions and get answers from experienced builders and dwellers. There are spaces to share region specific information. There are spaces for DIYers and professional builders. Upcoming events are shared and enjoyed by all. Bottom line...this is a community you’ll want to be a part of. I look forward to meeting each of you! Enjoy and share your tiny adventure here!

Elizabeth Mary Gilhuly

Verified Review

Excited to connect with others!

I'm a new tiny home owner and I'm excited to see an organized, widespread forum for sharing events, information, resources.

Most importantly, I look forward to connecting with others near me, hopefully making some new friends in my home area of West Virginia.


Join the #1 online Tiny House Community filled with engaging discussions and topics. Network and connect with like-minded individuals

Events & Courses

Join live Events with the rest of the community and online courses catered specifically to educate and empower you on your journey.


Exclusive access to online resources, tips & tricks, and e-books from the industries professionals and leaders.


Engage with the Community through our online portal. Connect with interest groups and attend local meetups.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What do I get with the Tiny House University Membership?
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You get exclusive access to the worlds top resources for all things Tiny Homes.

Some of the benefits include:
- Top of Class Newsletter that teaches you the Tips and Tricks of all things Tiny Homes
- Access to the Tiny House Community Portal
- Tickets to all Tiny House Events, Conferences, Training Courses, and Workshops
- Discounts on small home products that will save you $100s
- E-books and helpful Resources
- Exclusive Tiny House Marketplace

Can I cancel my Membership at any time?
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Absolutely. The Tiny House Membership is backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee that protects you in the case that you aren't satisfied with the Membership. How does it work? If for any reason you aren't 100% Satisfied, you can cancel your membership and request a refund for the previous month of your Membership and we will refund you with no questions asked.

Can I cancel my Membership at any time?
Arrow pointing down

Absolutely. The Tiny House Membership is backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee that protects you in the case that you aren't satisfied with the Membership. How does it work? If for any reason you aren't 100% Satisfied, you can cancel your membership and request a refund for the previous month of your Membership and we will refund you with no questions asked.

How often will the newsletter be sent out?
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The newsletter is sent out on a weekly basis and includes invaluable insights into building and designing tiny homes and tips and tricks on all things small home like what to avoid when buying a tiny house and how to find and choose the right tiny home builder for you.

What will I learn and/or get out of being a part of the Tiny House University Membership?
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Great question! You'll learn everything you need to know to build and/or design a tiny house, how to find and choose the right tiny house builder, how to operate solar systems, what materials to use, how to live off grid, how to build a healthy green home, and how to deal with the legalities and realities of going tiny.

In addition to this, as a All-Access Pro Member you'll get FREE access to all the Global Online Tiny House Conferences, Events and Training Courses, and Workshops.

One of the less obvious but by far the biggest feedback we get from Tiny House University Members is the value and benefit of being apart of the Tiny House Community platform. This is where you can interact with others in tiny house movement, talk with professionals and get feedback or answers to your questions. It's where you can make connections with people that are on a similar journey as you are to share insights and help each other reach your goals.