Trailer Frames and Building 101 - ThinHaus Entry 3

A good tiny house foundation is crucial. We show you how to make sure yours is the best.
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Indigo River Builder Review

We go in-depth on tiny home builder Indigo River. Veteran owned and operated, they have a great mission and are accomplishing it every day. Check them out!
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Tiny Tips: DIY Painting Techniques

Thinking about painting your next project, home or feature wall. We put together some quick tips that will make your job easier, cleaner and better. Take a look!
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ThinHaus Entry 2

Thinhaus is back with a video tour and to talks through some of the tricks of the trade to make your tiny home feel bigger and better
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Tiny Tips: Exterior Doors

We dig into the different types of front doors and lay out some pros and cons of each to help you decide which door is best for your tiny home!
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Designing Your Tiny House Exterior

The exterior of your tiny home needs to look great and protect your home from the elements. Here are the best practices and materials to do both of those!
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ThinHaus Entry 1

Entry 1 from Jay, the founder of ThinHaus. He takes us through details of the steel structure of a Thinhaus.
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Nomad Tiny House Builder Review

A review on Nomad Tiny House Builders
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7 Products that make Tiny Living Easy

7 useful products that will help you live better in your tiny house. Check them out!
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Tips For Designing Your Tiny House

Designing your tiny house floor plan should be fun. Are you unsure if your tiny home design is perfect? We outlined a few quick practices and ideas to make sure it's exactly how you want it.
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Tiny House Solar Systems Myths

When it comes to Tiny Houses and Solar there is a lot to know. But living off-grid is totally feasible with the right solar kit. Here are four general tips to get started!
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