Tru Form Tiny

December 8th, 2023
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We are a PNW based boutique tiny home company. Tru Form's background stems from 50 years experience in residential home building, and Jen and Malia’s passion for sustainability. We put painstaking attention into every unit, and we use fully licensed plumbers and electricians to assure your safety. Tru Form offers diverse design styles and finishes (modern, rustic, craftsman, open studios, offices, hospitality, & more).  

We love working with our clients to find solutions for their unique needs; Tru Form is the quality solution to your extraordinary build. Our recreational vehicles are built with true home building materials, so that you can feel the comforts of home no matter where you land with your Tiny. It's our vision that our clients walk away happier, more empowered, and inspired by the beauty and comfort of our product. We believe that by building on such a small scale, beautiful finishes become more accessible, and sustainable choices become realistically attainable.

Handcrafted Modern Design

We will either be talking about a specific tiny home and show the floor or host a tiny home tour of our inventory builds or just about the company in general!

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