Finding Big Bucks for your Tiny Home

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Course Introduction

We are so excited to release our first course of many on all things tiny!

There are two questions we get asked all the time. How can I finance my tiny home? Where can I park my tiny home?

This course is catered to those who are looking to finance their tiny homes. You have a dream, and we want to help you reach it!

Join us as we take a look at financing options for all kinds of tiny homes!

Lesson 1

In Lesson One of Finding Big Bucks for your Tiny Home, we take a look at RV loans for your Tiny Home on Wheels. There are specifics you need to know, like RV certification and other requirements banks have. We've broken it down into easy-to-understand steps!

Lesson 2

When you're looking to get a loan, you definitely want to look at all the options you have. Not all loans are created equal.

Often times people take the first loan they see not realizing it'll cost them way more than other options. In this lesson we break down common loan options and what to expect with each type.

Lesson 3

One of the key factors in applying for a loan is being prepared! All too often people go to apply for a loan but don't have all their documents or everything ready, and that throws off their financial picture and the banks don't think they are approvable.

We've seen it happen, again and again. We've also seen and heard people never end up getting the rest of the documents to the loan officer who is waiting... and waiting... and waiting... Sadly, another missed dream just because the person who applied wasn't prepped!

Lesson 4

You read that right! Our Secret Weapon of how to finance your tiny home. Finding financing for your tiny home is one of the biggest hurdles in the industry right now.T

here are no traditional easy ways to finance a tiny home on wheels because tiny homes on wheels are so new! This one takes a little bit of creativity, it's not for everyone, nor will it fit all building paths. But we think this route is seriously underrated and should be considered as a serious option – especially if you're DIY!

Lesson 5

That's a wrap! In this video, we recap what we've learned, give you course resources and gear up for the next course!

Lesson 6

Lesson 7

Lesson 8

Course Conclusion