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CompoCloset creates innovative, bespoke toilets for tiny spaces.


California, USA

CompoCloset is a company founded by Richard Peter and Erica, fueled by their passion for exploration and their commitment to sustainability.

Richard, a former corporate professional with 15 years of experience, embarked on a life-changing journey when he and his partner Angela decided to leave their jobs and travel the world. Their adventure led them to Morrison, a self-converted campervan, and a newfound fascination with composting toilets.

During their travels, Richard realized the environmental and practical advantages of composting toilets over traditional chemical ones. However, he also identified several shortcomings in existing designs. These observations ignited his determination to create the ultimate composting toilet for modern-day travelers.

The pandemic further intensified Richard's quest for innovation. While residing in southern Spain, he dedicated himself to bringing his vision to life. It was during this time that Richard invited Erica, Angela's twin sister, to join the team. Erica's background in marketing and shared enthusiasm for vanlife and sustainability made her the perfect addition to the CompoCloset Crew.


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