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PODX GO designs and manufactures innovative, foldable tiny homes with a focus on mobility, durability, efficient space utilization, and energy conservation, using a unique construction method that significantly reduces costs and assessment time.


California, USA

PODX GO is an innovative solution to meet the challenge of housing. They present a new way of living, offering high-quality, downsized homes for those seeking a unique lifestyle. The company creates efficient small houses, including collapsible homes on wheels, that provide shelter and mobility.

Their customer-focused approach involves co-creating each tiny home with the input and original ideas of their clients. Their staff and customers work together to bring bold designs to life, resulting in a collaborative effort for each tiny home they bring to market.


To be eco-friendly and energy-efficient by integrating green production practices, green materials, and collaboration with partners who offer renewable energy solutions. Downsizing does not mean compromising on living space; rather, it means being closer to nature.


With the use of cutting-edge, high-quality production techniques, PODX GO aspires to provide tiny homes that are affordable, accessible, cozy, and smart. With the help of hundreds of architects and thousands of co-developers, they're ready to transform the world.


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