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Perfectly situated on the water at Black Falcon Pier in Boston’s Seaport, Utopia will fill 50,00 SF of space with only the best of the outdoor living, culinary and wellness fields.

With a company mission of “Transforming People’s Lives with the Power of Plants”, Utopia's Founder, Jan, and her team at Cityscapes strive to make the Boston area greener, healthier, and more productive with healthy, lush plantscapes!

Jan is a philanthropist, entrepreneur, and educator, making sure she uses her passion to give back in any way she can. Cityscapes’ charitable offshoot, TransPLANTed has been able to give tens of thousands of dollars to local and national charities since its inception in 2019.

As an AIA-certified presenter, Jan educates the architects, designers, and “green” thinkers who will continue her legacy of promoting the benefits of plants.

Be sure to visit Utopia Spring of 2022 for four days of inspiration. Immerse yourself in expertly crafted Tiny Home exhibitions, paired with matching gardens, learn from the best of the culinary industry, and reconnect with nature by exploring leading brands in the outdoor industry.


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