About this tiny home:

Boho Industrial was the theme of this tiny house. Bright tile, arches and light wood accents bring the boho style to life while combining metal and glass from the garage door and concrete countertops bring the industrial side of the design to the table.

The full spa bathroom is one of our favorites to date. With a corner tub with jacuzzi jets, sliding archway door with Moroccan tile trim, walk-in closet, handmade teak vanity, and a soothing color scheme brings the tiny home spa to the next level.

A custom chandelier with hanging lights, glass garage door, split living space with office above and dining nook below makes up the living room. An automated dining nook that functions as a dining table when raised and, with a push of a button, lowers to become a king-size bed. Outfitted with a full solar system with A/C and a rooftop deck this house is ready for adventure wherever you decide to go.

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