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10 Tips for Staging a Tiny House in 2023

Updated on:
June 6, 2023
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Owning a tiny home in 2022 is becoming increasingly popular in the United States. Many people choose to downsize their living space due to personal preferences, financial restrictions, or environmental concerns. Despite what one's reason for downsizing might be, it can be difficult when trying to maintain a well-staged tiny home. We reached out to real estate expert Brian Burke of Kenna Real Estate for the ideas and he shared following 10 tips that you should follow in order to make your tiny house look fabulous and to get a higher resale value!

Keep it clutter-free

This is probably the most important tip of all. Clutter can make any space look and feel smaller than it actually is as well as cause stress when items cannot be located. Be sure to declutter on a regular basis and only keep what you need in your home. This may mean opting for minimalist furniture and storage solutions as well as multifunctional appliances. When living in a tiny home, less truly is more.

Use light colors

Dark colors make a space feel smaller than it actually is, so be sure to use light, neutral tones to make your home appear more spacious. This goes for paint colors as well as furniture and decor. Features such as heavy blinds or rugs tend to make a small space look dark and closed-in, so be sure to avoid these opting for light, airy choices instead.

Use mirrors

Mirrors are an excellent way to expand the look of your tiny house. Place them on walls that don't have windows or where you think they might make the room look bigger. Mirrors are also very inexpensive and can be easily hung in virtually any room to add an illusion of additional space.

Use framed art

Framed pieces of art that are hung horizontally make the room appear taller than it is. This is perfect for tiny homes that want to give off spacious vibes. Be sure to use neutral colors with your artwork in order to maintain the overall cohesive look of your home.

Maximize your storage

Storage is key in a tiny home. Be sure to use all of the nooks and crannies in your space to store away your belongings. Utilize under-the-bed storage containers, ceiling racks, and even hanging baskets to get the most out of your storage space.

Make use of vertical space

Just because your home is tiny, doesn't mean you can't use all the space you have! Utilize wall space by hanging shelves, cabinets, or other storage solutions. Whether you're using open shelving or cabinets with doors, be sure to take advantage of all the vertical space your home has to offer.

Vertical Storage

Invest in multi-purpose furniture

Furniture that serves more than one purpose is key when trying to conserve space in a tiny home. Look for pieces that can double as storage, seating, or even a bed. This will help you to use every square inch of your home to its fullest potential.

Don't be afraid to use your floor space

Floor space is commonly overlooked in tiny houses, but if you have it you should definitely utilize it! Try installing a seating area, building a desk area at the foot of your bed, or laying out a plush rug to make things homier.

Make sure your furniture fits

Also that it doesn't overstuff the room. It's better for the furniture in your space to be too small than too big, so be sure to measure everything before you buy it. If you have large pieces of furniture that are too big for your space, consider repurposing them.

Use Lighting

Lighting is also very important in a tiny house. Be sure to use multiple lights throughout your space, especially if you have darker decor or appliances. If you're using dark colors on the walls, it's best to install overhead lighting instead of lamps next to seating areas. Overhead lighting gives off less heat than lamps, making your home feel more comfortable.

Be creative!

When decorating the interiors of a tiny house, be creative and think outside the box! It's easy to fall into a "trying too hard" trap when you're dealing with such a small area. But, if you let your personality show through in your decor choices, your home will feel more like a true reflection of you.

If you follow the tips listed above, you should be able to make your tiny house look even more spacious! It may not seem like a lot of work to do some light renovations and add in storage solutions, but it can make all the difference in how your home feels. Whether you're trying to save space or just want to fix up an old abode, these simple tricks will help transform any small living area into a cozy haven that's perfect for relaxing at home.

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