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The tiny homes that have been designed and built have broke the barriers and pushed the limits of innovation in many ways. Check out the top 5 best tiny houses in the world.

2022's Top Tiny Homes

The Worlds Top Tiny Homes of 2022

When it comes to the top tiny homes around the world you'll find that it naturally comes down to each preference as they are all so unique and custom. We've put together our favorite tiny homes from all around the world including Canada, France, Unite States, and Norway.

Check them out below!

01. Fritz

Fritz Tiny House interior

The Fritz tiny home brings big living to a tiny space! With large windows, a spacious open floor plan and modern Scandinavian style threaded throughout, this new tiny house will surely make you swoon.

02. Haven

Rustic Tiny House Interior

The Haven is a 38′ foot, gooseneck tiny home on wheels. With 354 square feet of efficient living space, pure joy is waiting for you to experience.

03. Jupe

Modern small dwelling overlooking city

Jupe is a shelter dwelling unit inspired by the stars, designed for new frontiers beyond the city and off the grid. It isn’t just a quick place to stay. It’s a gateway to the outside world.

04. Noyer

Tiny House parked near a beach

With only a limited amount of space, tiny homes begin to look rather similar. But not the Noyer. It’s entirely unique and designed to handle weather from sunny California to freezing temperatures in Quebec, this tiny home has been engineered and designed to handle anything you throw at it.

05. Nordic

Small tiny house on wheels near lake

A Norwegian designed and built tiny house, Nordic, is made to withstand the harsh elements. Place it near the ocean during the summer months, in the mountains for the skiing season, in the forest to create a lovely escape away from the city, or near a lake for some much needed R&R.


These stunning tiny homes are just the tip of the iceberg of all the amazing innovation and craftsmanship that designers and builders from around the world have accomplished.

Stay tuned for more incredible homes being added to our Tiny House Database weekly!

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