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3 Bedroom Tiny Home Plans, Floor Plans & Designs

Updated on:
May 31, 2024
3 Bedroom Tiny Home

You've probably considered the concept of tiny homes, but have you ever thought about fitting three bedrooms into such a compact space?

Imagine the Trove, a model that encapsulates minimalist luxury within a snug 320 sq ft. area, complete with sleeping lofts. 

Or perhaps the Cabana on Wheels, a 360 sq ft. design that boasts three bedrooms and a sleek kitchen. Then there's the Polaris Tiny House, another gem in the world of tiny home designs. 

As you delve into these plans, you'll start to see how they defy the conventional understanding of comfort in a compact footprint. Isn't it intriguing how far creative space utilization can take us?

Can 3 Bedrooms Fit a Tiny House?

Believe it or not, you can indeed fit three bedrooms into a tiny house, as proven by designs like The Trove and Cabana on Wheels. With their clever use of space, these designs show that you don't need a sprawling mansion to accommodate a comfortable living area and three cozy bedrooms.

Take the Trove, for instance. It's a treasure trove of minimalist luxury and functional design, with 306 sq. ft. of well-utilized space. This tiny house surprises with two sleeping lofts and a main floor bedroom, each offering unique perspectives of your tranquil abode. It's a testament to how imaginative design can transform a compact space into a functional, beautiful dwelling.

Then there's the Cabana on Wheels, a whimsical testament to ingenious design and cozy living. Within its 360 sq. ft., you'll find three snug bedrooms, a fully equipped bathroom, and a sleek full kitchen. Plus, it features two large sliding doors that open to embrace the great outdoors, effortlessly blending indoor comfort with natural beauty.

3 Bedroom Tiny House Plan

Ready to explore some bedroom tiny house plans? Let's take a look at three unique models:

Each offers a unique spin on compact living, expertly balancing style, function, and comfort.

The Trove

Embrace the minimalist luxury of The Trove, a tiny house plan that masterfully combines functionality with sophistication in a compact 320 sq ft. space. This tiny home's exterior may appear simple, but it's a facade for the modern elegance that lies within. The Trove boasts two sleeping lofts, a main floor bedroom, a well-appointed bathroom, and a full kitchen.

Despite its petite size, The Trove doesn't skimp on space. It offers two sleeping lofts that provide cozy retreats beneath high ceilings. The main floor bedroom offers versatility, easily transforming into an office or a studio according to your needs. The kitchen is equipped for your culinary exploits, and the bathroom doesn't compromise your comfort.

Climb the stairs to the primary loft or take the ladder to the secondary loft to change your perspective of this tranquil abode. The living room is more than just a space to unwind — it's a perfect spot for intimate gatherings.

The Trove isn't just a home; it's a treasure trove of minimalist luxury and functional design.

Cabana on Wheels

Step into the whimsical world of the Cabana on Wheels, a tiny house plan that ingeniously maximizes every square foot to create a cozy, magical living space. With its 360 sq. ft. of space divided into three comfortable bedrooms, a full bathroom, and a sleek kitchen, you'll have everything you need at your fingertips.

Two large sliding doors not only provide access, but also invite the outdoors in, creating a breathtaking vista that seamlessly merges indoor comfort with the natural beauty outside. Imagine sipping your morning coffee or hosting intimate gatherings in a space where style, serenity, and space converge in perfect harmony.

This enchanting Cabana on Wheels isn't just about space efficiency, it's about crafting a lifestyle that embraces simplicity without compromising on comfort or style. It's a testament to ingenious design, an embodiment of the tiny house movement that combines functionality, mobility, and an intimate connection with nature.

Polaris Tiny House

Shifting gears from the whimsical Cabana on Wheels, let's now explore the Polaris Tiny House, a unique bedroom plan that exemplifies the perfect blend of practicality and charm in compact living. This 20' Craftsman home is a marvel of functional design, squeezing comfort and style into a compact 178 square feet (271 square feet with lofts).

The Polaris, designed and built by a North Carolina couple, features two lofts, a custom transforming sofa with diner seating, and a cleverly designed half-spiral staircase. With a stacked washer/dryer, plenty of storage, radiant floor heating, and a four-burner gas range, you won't miss the conveniences of a larger home. And for those days when you need to dress up, there's even separate clothes closets with hanging rods.

The second loft is a versatile space, perfect as an office, guest bed, or study nook. And, if you're a dog lover, you'll appreciate the dog-friendly design. With understated luxury finishes and a flexible layout, the Polaris is more than a tiny home—it's a testament to the possibilities of compact, stylish living.


So, you see, a tiny home doesn't mean you have to sacrifice comfort or style. With smart designs like The Trove, Cabana on Wheels, and Polaris Tiny House, you can enjoy a 3 bedroom layout in a compact space.

These innovative plans redefine what it means to live large, offering a unique blend of function, style, and luxury.

So why not challenge traditional living norms and explore the possibility of a 3 bedroom tiny home today?

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