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6 Considerations when Choosing Your Foundation System

Updated on:
June 9, 2023
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Whether you’re building or buying your tiny home, it’s important to have a thorough understanding of where and how it’ll be set up. There are many options to choose from, but some aren’t as eco friendly as others!

Here, I’m going to show you the most eco-friendly option for a solid foundation system, what the perks are, and how it’ll replace concrete for good!

CORE Landscape Products is a Unique, one of a kind product that allows you to have a firm Foundation System

Critical considerations of selecting your Foundation System for your driveway, tiny home, or walkway.

1. Water Permeability

CORE Landscape Products are 100% permeable, which means you don’t have to worry about water displacement. The cool part about this means that in cold locations, you don’t have to worry about ice build up!

What most people don’t realize, is while developing and building on properties, a huge concern is water permeability. Each lot only allows a certain amount of water displacement. This is any ground space that is covered by something that won’t allow water to seep through, like a roof, concrete or asphalt, etc. With CORE Landscape products, you don’t have to worry about using up any water displacement space, which is huge for the environment!

In fact, many places will even have a Storm Water Rebate Program set up. This means that if you install the CORE Landscape product, you can get some or all of it paid for by this rebate! Make sure to check with your local area before installing.

If you are working on a project, and seaking grants or municipal funding, reach out to CORE Landscape Products, as they are more than willing to help you work toward achieving the grant!

2. Durability, Mobility and Solidity

CORE Landscape Products are extremely durable. In fact, it’s even designed so you can drive on them! Consider it 3x more durable than stand alone gravel! It allows the gravel or pea rock to stay put in one place, while ensuring a solid base that doesn’t slip out. You can say goodbye to the endless disappearance of your gravel!

The incredible design of the product allows for mobility of almost any kind. You can easily walk on it, it's accessible for wheelchairs, walkers and strollers, so it’s extremely versatile.

This increases accessibility around your tiny home, as you’ll be able to get anywhere, anytime, with the grippy foundation system that is stable.

Driveway after a heavy rainfall
Driveway after a heavy rainfall

3. Easy to install

Designed in a modular fashion, simply lock in each sheet with the next one. Easier than a puzzle, since each piece fits perfectly together. Gently mallet them together, and it’s connected. Cut around any shapes and obstacles and follow any border to seamlessly create paths, driveways and foundation pads.

It can even be installed on slopes! Slopes above 20 degrees, just use some metal stakes to hold it into place, and you’ll never have your gravel slip away again.

Once the CORE Landscape Product is in place, simply pour your gravel into it and rack it level. That’s it!

4. Superior Looks

Many people prefer a smaller pea gravel in looks as it brings a more Zen feel to the property. But, because of the nature of it not compacting well, it is never used for driveways, and rarely used for walkways. Generally the gravel that is 3/4- (Three quarter minus) is used as it packs extremely well.

However, with the CORE Landscaping Product, you don’t need to worry about compacting the gravel as the CORE Landscaping Product holds it all together itself. This means that you can use extremely attractive looking ground cover options like decorative pea gravel in your driveway.

They even have a product specifically designed for growing grass, which looks incredible.

5. Sustainability & Recyclability

Every year tons and tons of concrete and asphalt are torn up and thrown in landfills, which will not break down nor be used again. It’s a concern that not enough people are actually talking about, or doing anything about.

CORE Landscape Products solves this problem by achieving the same goal without compromising on eco-harmful products like concrete.

In fact, part of the CORE Landscape Sheet is made from recycled materials, and then the entire product is recyclable!

This is perfect for a tiny home on wheels, as the fact that you might not be in one location forever, you don’t want a non eco-friendly concrete slab somewhere that will never be used again.

6. The Company

CORE Landscape Products is dedicated to sustainability, giving back, and doing amazing things. The product is well rated, and it even has highly regarded certifications like LEED, ISO, ADA and SUDs. It is Canadian Woman owned, and they are in the process of becoming a B certified company, which speaks highly to their dedication to sustainability, and quality, while being an upstanding company.

If you are looking for the right foundation system for a pad to put your tiny home on, a driveway, walkway or anything else, it’s important that you consider all the pros and cons, and really compare apples to apples. We are able to stand by CORE Landscape Products because their goals are in line with ours, solving a problem sustainably, while maintaining quality and doing it with a smile!

And if nothing else, at least reach out to them. They are extremely helpful and even have sample kits! Plus, they have some incredible additional eco-friendly products like privacy screens and glow in the dark pebbles!

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