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8 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Tiny Home Rental on Vacation

Updated on:
June 9, 2023
Lady reading book near fire and Getaway Tiny House

Many people are selling their homes in favor of the minimalist lifestyle of a tiny home. But you don't have to give up your square footage permanently to experience tiny home living.

If you're like one of the 100 million Americans who plan vacations each year, a tiny home rental is a unique solution to your accommodation needs. Vacations are all about the experiences, and there's nothing quite as unique as a tiny home. It can help you enjoy time with your family and result in many unique memorable experiences.

Keep reading to learn the reasons why you should consider a tiny home rental for your next trip.

1. Quality Time Together

The idea of tiny home living is based on a minimalist lifestyle and focusing on the important things in life. There's nothing more important than your family. If your ideal vacation involves getting away and spending quality time with your family, a tiny home can help you achieve that.

Tiny homes have an open floor plan, which keeps everyone connected. The smaller space also encourages you to spend time together. In a large vacation rental with endless rooms, your family is more likely to scatter and spend less time together.

Even though the space is smaller, it usually gives you more space to spread out than a hotel room. You have well-appointed areas for different purposes to keep everyone happy.

If you're planning a solo vacation, a tiny home gives you a cozy spot to recharge after your days of exploring. Tiny homes encourage you to unplug from the hustle and bustle of life, which can make it a good place to explore your interests and get away from everyday stress.

Couple enjoying a camp fire near a Getaway tiny house
Getaway Tiny House made to unplug and rest.

2. More Privacy Than a Hotel

While a tiny home might be about the same size as a hotel, you get more privacy since it's an individual structure. You don't have to pass lots of other vacationers in the hallway. You have no shared walls, so you don't have to listen to your neighbor's arguments or loud TV shows.

You also don't have a front desk staff watching you come and go whenever you leave. You have the freedom and privacy of staying in a single-family home with a smaller, more manageable footprint.

The privacy can also make it easier to sleep at night. Without noisy neighbors, you can drift off to sleep peacefully and rest up for your next day of adventures.

3. Less to Pack

A tiny home vacation rental typically comes furnished with everything you'll need for your experience. You get access to the kitchen with the pots, pans, dinnerware, and utensils provided, for example. You just need to pack your personal belongings and swing by the grocery store to pick up food for your vacation.

Tiny home living naturally encourages minimalism due to the smaller square footage. If you tend to overpack for vacations, it can help you go minimal and save room in your luggage.

It's also a good alternative to camping with less to pack. When you choose a tiny home located in nature, you get the camping experience with no need for tents, camp stoves, cookware, and tools that you have to pack for traditional camping.

It's also much easier to start enjoying your vacation. When you arrive, everything is set up and ready to go. At the end of your trip, you simply need to straighten up and leave instead of taking down and packing up tons of gear.

4. Variety of Options

Hotel rooms often look very similar with nothing special about them. Tiny homes offer a lot more variety. Tiny homes come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and styles, giving you plenty of options for your vacation accommodations.

Some are pre-made tiny homes with a range of unique floor plans. Others start with something unique, such as a shipping container or train car, which gets transformed into a one-of-a-kind home. Still others are built from scratch using found and recycled materials.

The locations range from tiny home communities to remote locations surrounded by wilderness to make the experience just what you want. You can stay close to a large city or miles from the nearest town.

Various size options also make the experience unique. The smallest tiny homes are often under 200 square feet. If you want a little more space, you can find accommodations that are 400 square feet or more.

5. Lower Price Tag

When compared to larger vacation rental homes, a tiny home rental often comes with a much smaller price tag. You still get the privacy of an individual home without the high cost.

The rental fees for tiny homes vary significantly, but it's often possible to find some that are the same price or cheaper than a hotel room. For a similar price, you can have a kitchen and other extra amenities.

6. Unique Experience

Tiny homes are a completely different experience than hotel rooms or traditional vacation rentals. If all of your vacations are starting to feel the same, switching it up with a tiny home can keep things interesting.

Even though tiny homes are a growing trend, they're still unique. You'll have lots of Instagram-worthy shots available without ever leaving your tiny home rental.

A tiny house with round door at WeeCasa Resort
WeeCasa Unique Tiny House

Often times Tiny Homes are placed around destination locations that have other experiential activities to take part in. This could be near a mountain that has plenty of snow to ski, snowboard, sled, or snow shoe! There are many in the forests with hiking trails and lakes to explore. Or like WeeCasa, near a river and the Rocky Mountains that hold plenty of adventures to keep you busy.

7. Try Out Tiny Home Living

If you've ever considered owning a tiny home, renting one for vacation lets you do a test run. You get to experience tiny home living without the commitment.

The median size of new single-family homes has grown to 2,301 square feet in 2019. Tiny homes are only a fraction of that, often a few hundred square feet. Going from a traditional single-family home to a tiny home can be a huge change.

Before you sell your home and go tiny, you want to make sure it fits your lifestyle. Renting a tiny home for at least a week lets you immerse yourself in the lifestyle to see what it's really like. If you decide to turn one into a rental property, the experience will also give you a chance to speak with the landlord regarding the best ways to screen tenants and collect rent.

8. Unplug and Rest

Staying in a tiny house can provide an amazing chance to disconnect. Many tiny homes for rent, like the Getaway Tiny Homes, are specifically built and parked in locations that allow you to escape. It gives you the opportunity to rest and unplug.

Getaway Tiny House with incredible view of natural forrest
Getaway Tiny House made to unplug and rest.

Staying healthy is a balance and being able to shut off from the modern life of always being on the go can do wonders for your health both physically and mentally.

By staying in a tiny house designed to escape the modern go-go-go life, you'll be able to get out in nature and take some deep breaths of fresh air. Or turn your phone off and grab a good book to read by a small fireplace. Sometimes, that's exactly what we need!

Consider a Tiny Home Rental

Whether you're thinking of buying one or just want a unique experience, a tiny home rental is a good option for your next vacation. It's perfect for quality time as a family or solitude for a solo trip.

If you decide you want to buy a tiny home, either as your main residence or as a rental property, check out our selection of tiny homes for sale.

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