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A Comprehensive Guide to Selling to A Fast House Buyer

Updated on:
February 19, 2024
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With the change in everyone’s lifestyles and priorities, along with technological innovation and other factors, the real estate market has witnessed significant evolution in recent years. One of the most notable trends is the high popularity of selling to fast house buyers which has changed how people choose to sell their houses.

These sellers offer a quick solution to homeowners seeking a quick and hassle-free way to cash out on the investment they made in their homes. Therefore, as a property owner considering selling your home, you need to understand the ins and outs of selling to a fast house buyer so that you can be well-informed as you make any decision to sell.

Understanding a Fast House Buyer

So, what is a fast house buyer? This is typically an individual or a company that specializes in buying homes quickly and with minimal hassle. The key characteristic of these buyers is that they have cash on hand so they can close deals within a short timeframe, usually in as little as a few days to a few weeks.

Some of the common types of fast-house buyers include:

· Companies that purchase properties for cash

· Real estate investors

· Buyers who focus on buying distressed homes or properties that need repairs

The primary advantage of selling to a fast house buyer is that they can offer the homeowner a convenient solution. Thus, they are not compelled to go through the conventional selling route that involves listing the property with a real estate agent.

Tips for Finding a Fast House Buyer

Are you asking yourself, “How do I find a fast house buyer?” You don’t have to worry because you can find a fast house buyer through one of the following ways:

Reaching out to real estate investors

In most cases, real estate investors happen to also be fast house buyers. So, you can link up with investors through networking events, real estate investment clubs, or even by directly contacting a real estate agent with connections in the industry. You could also attend foreclosure sales or property auctions to meet and connect with potential investors who are cash buyers.

Doing online research

As for most other things, the internet is a rich resource that can help you to find a fast house buyer. First of all, you can search by using search engines such as Google as well as explore directories and websites with a focus on real estate investors or companies that buy houses. You should try to verify the credibility of any potential investors that you find online by looking for the reviews, references and testimonials, from past clients.

Contacting local real estate companies

Another way to find a fast house buyer to whom you can sell your home without hassle is to reach out to local companies in the real estate space. Do your research and find info on estate agents so you can compare and choose who to contact.

Most of the real estate companies either have partners or divisions that deal with fast property sales and if not, they may be able to link you with such buyers. Thus, contact the companies in your area to find information related to their fast house buyer services.

Seek referrals

You may ask people you know and trust such as work colleagues, family members, friends and acquaintances if they have ever sold their proper toes to fast cash buyers. They may be able to recommend buyers that they have dealt with before to you, especially if they have had a good experience selling to them. The good thing is that the people recommending such buyers have had first-hand experience with them and can help you get a reliable buyer.

tiny house a frame park model home fast house buyer
View A-Frame Park Model Home by Zook Cabins 

Benefits of selling to a fast house buyer

If you're looking to sell your home to a cash buyer but you're not sure if it is a good idea, you can read more about these buyers. Below are some of the benefits of taking this route:


The most significant benefit of selling your property to a fast house buyer is that you can close the sale in the shortest time possible. The speed of the transaction may seem unbelievable when you compare it with the traditional selling process—which can be a lengthy one and take several months. It involves several steps including listing, conducting house showings, inspections, negotiations, and getting the financing, say loans and mortgages approved. Cash buyers are best known for closing the deal within days or weeks, offering a quick and hassle-free solution to sellers seeking to liquidate their houses urgently.

No commissions and fees

Selling your house, the conventional way that involves real estate agents means you must pay commission fees to the realtors involved, and there could also be other costs. Luckily, you can avoid such costs by selling to a fast house buyer, and so you get to keep a bigger portion of the property sale proceeds.


If you want to enjoy convenience as you sell your home, then deal with a fast house buyer. The majority of them buy your house as-is, meaning you don't need to do any repairs, deep cleaning or make other improvements. Besides relieving you of the stress of improving your house to get it ready for sale, the fast buyers also save you the costs of repairs and cleaning. Thus, you save time and money.

Guaranteed sale

When you deal with a reputable and reliable fast house buyer, you're usually guaranteed that they will close the sale. Unlike with the traditional selling approach, you need not have any doubts and fears that the sale may fall through.

Buyers who purchase the traditional way usually rely on financing, and there's always a risk that their mortgage applications may be rejected. The length of time that it takes before closing the sale also increases the risk of the buyer changing their minds, finding better properties or anything else happening that may make the sale fall through midway.

Help to sell problematic houses

Some homeowners may not find buyers easily if they are selling their homes the traditional way because their properties are not in the best of condition. Locality, fast house buyers deal with buying properties in any condition, homes with structural issues and distressed properties. Thus, these buyers are a lifeline to homeowners struggling to liquidate problematic homes.

tiny house a frame park model home fast house buyer
View A-Frame Park Model Home by Zook Cabins 

Possible downsides of selling to fast house buyers

While selling to fast house buyers has so many benefits, it still has a few downsides, including:

Likelihood of dealing with scammers

Many scammers are out there masquerading as fast house buyers so you must do your homework well or else you could lose your property and money to con artists. You must research extensively and only deal with reputable cash buyers to avoid being swindled.

Lower sale price

Typically, a fast house buyer makes you an offer that is lower than the market price of your property. These buyers buy at a discount, and even if you avoid paying a realtor's commission and other fees, you may still end up with a lower figure than if you sold the property through the conventional method. However, many homeowners who need cash urgently see the convenience, and speed of transaction as the cost they must pay when they receive less than the market value of their property.


So, is selling to a fast house buyer a good deal? Yes, it could be if you need cash urgently and want to avoid the hassles of conventional selling. On the other hand, it is prone to scams and you will most likely get less than the market value of your home. Thus, you should do your homework well and only sell to reputable buyers. Also, weigh your options and see if the speed and convenience are worth the amount you forego had you sold through the traditional route.

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