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Acorn Tiny Homes' Latest Creation: Sakura

Updated on:
November 23, 2023
tiny house acorn tiny home sakura

View Sakura by Acorn Tiny Homes

Acorn Tiny Homes, a premier name in the tiny house movement, have etched their name in the industry through their unwavering commitment to innovative housing and sustainable architecture. They infuse their designs with their deep seated passion for sustainability, resulting in custom designed tiny homes that are not just compact, but also a testament to sytlish, minimalist living.

They recently introduced their latest creation - Sakura. It was said to be “Named after the Japanese Cherry Blossom, Sakura embodies the essence of Japanese-inspired living, offering a compact yet comfortably livable space for individuals seeking eco-friendly, compact, and versatile living options.” It has a starting price of $149,000 CAD for a Garden Suite which presents a turn-key home that could easily match the needs of different lifestyles.

tiny house acorn tiny homes sakura interior
View Sakura by Acorn Tiny Homes

Sakura boasts an efficient and functional design with a livable space of 225 square feet, spanning 21.5' x 10.5'. It has the fundamental elements of tiny home living - downsizing, sustainability, settling down, and rent options while studying.

According to Acorn Tiny Homes, their recent creation has an outstanding set of features such as:

“Energy Efficiency: Equipped with 4 triple-glazed windows, bathroom skylight, and a craftsman door. R29 walls, R31 floors, and ceiling promote superior insulation.

Durable and Low-Maintenance: All-metal roofing and exterior with a 50-year lifespan. Siding options include faux stone, true wood, or premium metal finishes.

All-Electric Design: Featuring a tankless water heater, ductless Mini-split with a heat pump, and inclusive of all millwork and appliances, making it move-in ready.

Innovative Storage Solutions: Wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling built-in cabinetry, providing over 290 cubic feet of storage space. The invisible kitchen hides behind cabinetry when not in use. We are the first builders in Canada to feature the new Revego pocket system from Blum!

tiny house acorn tiny home sakura bedroom
View Sakura by Acorn Tiny Homes

Modern Kitchen Amenities: Quartz countertops, induction cook stove, dishwasher, built-in oven/microwave, 24” fridge, and washer/dryer combo. An extendable, pull-out kitchen counter offers additional prep space.

tiny house acorn tiny homes living room
View Sakura by Acorn Tiny Homes

Versatile Living Space: Built-in entertainment unit with a 5' modular workstation that can be tucked away when not in use.

Spa-Like "Wet Bathroom": Fully tiled walls and floor, 9' ceiling, and skylight overlooking the shower. It features an energy and space-efficient over-the-toilet sink - this feature uses sink gray water to fill the toilet tank!

Flexible Sleeping Arrangement: The bed slides away under the living room floor when not in use, offering over 100 square feet of open floor space.

tiny house acorn tiny home top view
View Sakura by Acorn Tiny Homes

Additional Loft Space: 17 square feet of loft space available for storage needs.

Health and Energy Efficiency: Equipped with an ERV (Energy Recovery Ventilator) ensuring healthy air and a healthy home.

Certifications and Options: CSA Z240 MH certified as a permanent dwelling for Canada, with USA options available. Solar system and fully off-grid packages, along with home automation, are available.”

D’Arcy McNaughton, co-owner of Acorn Tiny Homes, also shared their excitement in introducing Sakura to their vast collection of innovative tiny homes. “With its thoughtful design and emphasis on sustainability, efficiency, and comfort, Sakura represents a new era of compact living. We believe it’s the perfect embodiment of sophistication and functionality for those seeking a high-quality, eco-conscious lifestyle.", McNaughton stated.

With Acorn's innovative designs, the future of sustainable, affordable, and innovative housing is not a distant dream, but a reality we can live in today. Their cutting edge, energy efficient homes are transforming how we view sustainable living, one tiny home at a time.

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