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Best Cabins in Texas (for Couples, Families, Near Lakes)

Updated on:
November 14, 2023
small cabin in the woods

The best cabins in Texas have a rustic touch, a range of modern amenities, and many outdoor activities.

This article will group cabin rentals into different categories and tell you more about each. 

Best cabins for couples in Texas

The best cabins rentals for couples are secluded and tucked away deep within the Texas Hill Country. 

Here's a list of some of Texas's best luxury cabin rentals for a romantic getaway. 

Emerald Cabin in Winberley

The Emerald Cabin is one of the best-secluded cabin rentals in Texas with a private hot tub. 

This luxurious cabin is great for lovers who want to get away from the city and breathe in the fresh air of the woods. It's located right outside Wimberley and nestled within nature trails.

For acres, there are woods with so much charm that you feel like you are in a movie. The outdoor hot tub lets you bathe in natural light, making it one of Texas's most romantic cabin rentals.

The rental comes with hardwood floors, exposed beams of wood, and a king-size bed to make your sleeping arrangements even more romantic. 

You also get a huge walk-in shower for a steamy hot shower. But if you don't want to shower indoors, you also get an outdoor shower. It's just like a medieval house in a quaint town in Southern Italy. 

Enjoy a cute hike on nearby trails with your partner or outside your cozy cabin during sunset. 

To end your day, you can relax in the outdoor hot tub, which makes it the perfect vacation rental for people looking for a romantic getaway. 

It's just one of those places where you form core memories and create everlasting bonds with your significant other. 


$368 per night 

The Bird Cabin 

What's more magical than spending time with your lover in a literal tree house? It's straight out of a fairy tale!

This little cabin is close to Canyon Lake and the New Braunfels in the Texas Hill Country. 

It's the most beautiful cabin made of natural wood you will ever see. It's attached to hardwood trees that line a creek - how romantic is that?

If you want to escape your hectic routine and have a cute little getaway, this is the perfect Texas cabin rental. 

But don't let the word "Treehouse" fool you. It's a modern cabin with all the modern amenities. You get WiFi, a great TV, your walk-in shower, and a private deck.  

To go inside the house, you have a little boardwalk. It gives you a sense of authenticity in your little tree house. And if you want to go to the loft, you need to use a tiny spiral staircase. 

It's one of the best cozy cabins for a family vacation too. You can make your kids' dreams come true by making them stay in an actual treehouse. 


$530 per night

The Lazy Squirrel Cabin

The Lazy Squirrel luxury cabin is perfect for couples looking to breathe and slow things down. 

This cabin is near Tyler, Texas, and comes with beautiful walking trails and a real pond. Plus you get a cookhouse with a BBQ grill. So you can invite people over, lay down some picnic tables, and have a nice BBQ party.

The stylish cabin also comes with a gas grill and a fire pit. Plus, you get around 16 acres of private woods that you can take a walk through. It's great for people who enjoy a nice hike through the woods. 

But these aren't even its best features. Our award for that goes to the covered patio, where you can enjoy beautiful views of the East Texas Pines. And the interior details seamlessly blend modernity with rustic elements for a touch of ancient elegance. 

In the mornings, you can enjoy breakfast in your comfortable king-sized bed. And in the evening, you can take a stroll through the woods. It's dreamy!


$100 per night 

Eleven Eleven Ranch

This romantic cabin is perfect for couples who want to hide in the beautiful Texas Hill Country for a few days. It's right outside Fischer, around three miles north of Canyon Lake.

It's one of those cabin rentals in Texas that are close to shops and restaurants. So you can easily go on food runs while on vacation. 

The outside of the house is over 100 acres of a private ranch. You get beautiful views with the floor-to-ceiling window, which makes you feel one with your surroundings. 

And like other modern cabins, it has all the amenities you need to stay comfortable and homey. You get a queen-sized bed, a walk-in shower, and a fully equipped kitchen. 

After a long day exploring the great outdoors, you can relax in your private hot tub. How perfect does that sound?


$235 per night

The Dallas Treehouse

This gorgeous cabin is deep within an enchanted forest. Well, not enchanted, but it feels that way. It will make you feel like you're living in Tarzan and Jane's abode. 

It's cozily tucked away deep within the Little Forest Hills. This is one of those luxury cabin rentals in Texas that you can't miss out on. 

Before entering this luxury cabin, you get gravel footpaths that beautifully lead you to a bridge. Yes, that's right! You need to cross a bridge to enter this beautiful home. 

The design of this luxury cabin is Bauhaus contemporary. Plus, it has a warm, elegant touch of rustic. 

The walls are entirely glass windows that remove barriers between you and the Japanese Maples outside. You can be one with the forest from the comfort of your home. 

The decor places a heavy emphasis on the rustic forest theme. You get plants and greenery practically everywhere. Even hanging on top of the private hot tub that comes with a water jet. 

The patio out front offers gorgeous views with a huge porch. This romantic getaway will be perfect for you and your partner. 

The luxury cabin is located near White Rock Lake in Dallas. 


$115 per night

Best family-friendly cabins in Texas 

With these cabin rentals, you can make your family vacation in the Texas Hill Country perfect. 

Let's look at some of the best cabins in Texas for a family getaway.

Rustic Cabin in Fredericksburg

This rustic cabin is great if you are looking for Texas cabin rentals that can accommodate a large family. 

It has spacious main living spaces and two bedrooms. One bedroom can sleep up to three people. This means that a family of up to six people can stay here. 

It has a private hot tub, and you get a dog-friendly house, so you don't need to leave your furry friends behind. You also get various amenities like TV, WiFi, and a tiny kitchenette. 

If all of this isn't enough, you can go to Fredericksburg Herb Farm across the road for a delicious meal or to hit the spa.


$149 per night

Boho Cottage in Houston

If you are looking for a great place to stay while you explore Houston, this cottage is perfect! It's one of the best log cabins in the Texas Hill Country.

You can sleep over six people here across the two different bedrooms. In addition to that, you get Moroccan decor and a well-equipped living room.

If that isn't enough, you can dive into your private luxurious swimming pool. It's one of the best cabins to beat the Texas heat. 


$392 per night

Hillside Retreat Cabin

The Hillside Retreat cabin is great for families that want many activities on the site. 

It can sleep up to four people in two bedrooms and has a huge range of amenities. You get a private swimming pool and a generous porch area. But that's not all of it.

You also get onsite frisbees, a fire pit, golf courts, volleyball, and a BBQ grill. And, of course, you get free WiFi. And if you want to come with your friends or have a huge family, you can book six similar cabin rentals onsite. There's room for everyone!

Your cabin rentals are nestled deep within the shade of plunging oak trees. It's a perfect campsite for roasting marshmallows by the bonfire or stargazing at night.


$206 per night

Best cabins near lakes in Texas

These are some of the best luxury cabins in the Texas Hill Country by a lake! Let's take a look at them. 

If you want to learn more about the different cabin types, you can check out this article.

Private Lake-Front Suite on Lake Granbury

This cabin is perfect for a relaxing stay where all you want is peace. 

The beautiful Lake Granbury enhances the experience. If you are on a romantic getaway, you can enjoy the views by the deck with your partner. 

We suggest going there on a clear night. It's truly magnificent at night, with the moonlight shimmering in the lake. 

Besides that, you can use the lake for a lot of outdoor fun. You can go kayaking, play games, go fishing, and more! You can even put out a picnic table and a grill for BBQ by the lake. Doesn't that sound just perfect?

The cabin is cozy on the inside and perfect for couples. However, you might struggle a bit if you want to have a big friend or family getaway here. But while that may seem like a downside, it can bring you closer to your partner - both emotionally and literally. 


$149 per night

The Treehouse on Lake Travis

This surreal cabin hangs from a cliff and looks down on Lake Travis. It's magical and beautiful for cabin rentals by the lake. 

You get a unique architectural design in the form of a decagon. The cabin has panoramic windows, wooden floors, and vaulted ceilings.

You get a deck that wraps around the house with incredible views that will blow your mind. 

The interior is designed with natural light in mind. You get spacious rooms that are full of light. 

You even have a fire pit that you can use to cuddle or swim in your private pool! You can even have a live BBQ by the lake. It's one of the Texas cabin rentals with a huge range of activities for everyone. 

You can head to Lake Marina too. Over there, you will find jet skis, boats, and kayaking. It truly lets you make the most of your downtime. 


$245 per night

Cabin On The Lake

This lakefront cabin has the perfect view for a romantic getaway with someone special. It's calm and relaxing, and you have plenty of activities to bond over.

You can go hiking, fishing, swimming, or just kick back and relax. You can even bring your kids along. It's a family-friendly cabin. 

You get three bedrooms, a large private hot tub, a fireplace, and two baths. It's one of the best log cabins. 


$202 per night

Best cabins for a country getaway in Texas

These are some of the best cabins in the Texas Hill Country for a cozy getaway. 

Paper Moon

This cabin is great for couples who want to romanticize an evening nestled deep within the woods. 

You will find this cabin surrounded by oaks and elms. It's practically a part of the forest itself. It was handbuilt by a couple in 1985 and has since been renovated. However, it maintains its rustic charm because the current owners did not take that away from the place. 

You get an outdoor hot tub and fireplace. You also have a great view while you dine in the outdoor dining area. It's the perfect place to take in all the views while you relax on a rocking chair and watch the deers graze. 

You get three bedrooms and two baths in this place. And one of the best things about this cabin is that the owners focus on sustainability. 

You have many recycling options, and they provide you with many eco-friendly amenities. These include dishes, soap, paper products, and a water filtration pitcher, which means you don't need bottled water. And for a small fee, they even let you bring your furry friends!

The landscape has cute water plants and is very serene. 


$255 per night

Dub’s Barn

If you want the full countryside experience, this cabin is perfect. It's right on a farm!

You have different farm animals all around. You can see cows, horses, and donkeys grazing. You will also see a lot of poultry, like chickens, ducks, and roosters. They even have goats and sheepdogs!

You will also be able to collect fresh farm eggs, which you can use for a romantic, fresh breakfast. And you can even get fresh milk, cheese, and other dairy products like yogurt. It's perfect for someone who wants to experience The Little House on the Prairie in real life.

The cabin is rustic on the inside and filled with decorations. You get one bedroom with a king-sized bed. And a foam mattress with Egyptian cotton sheets with a thread count of 650.

The outdoor dining area is enchanting, with string lights elevating the whole experience. 


$112 per night

Best budget-friendly cabins in Texas

Because of their popularity, some of the other listings on this list are pricey. But the Oasis at Onion Creek has some of Texas's best budget rental cabins.

Oasis at Onion Creek

These log cabins are located close to Dripping Springs. It's a short drive from downtown Austin.

The cabins can sleep up to four people and offer some of the best modern amenities with a rustic touch.

And because they are so close to Austin, you have many shopping and dining options. 


$169 per night

Takeaway: Best cabin rentals in Texas Hill Country

This was the list of some of the best cabins in Texas. Make your booking quickly because these places are very popular, and if you wait too long, you might not get an opening. 

You can find more details about how cabins appreciate in value in this article if you want to build your cabin rentals.

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