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Best Eco-friendly: Azure D-120 by Azure Printed Homes | Tiny Home Awards 2023

Updated on:
February 23, 2024
Azure D-120 by Azure Printed Homes

Disclosure: All images were provided by Azure D-120 by Azure Printed Homes

So, you thought eco-friendly meant compromising luxury? Well, Azure Printed Homes is here to shatter that misconception with their Azure D-120, a winner of the Tiny Home Awards 2023.

This home, built entirely from recycled materials using a revolutionary 3D-printing process, defines a new standard for eco-friendly living. Surprisingly, it's not just about being green; it's also about indulging in modern comfort at its finest.

But there's more to this sustainable marvel than meets the eye. Would you like to uncover the rest?

A Look Inside

Step inside the Cove Tiny House, and you'll be greeted by an array of modern luxuries nestled within its eco-friendly structure. Its interior design combines simplicity with comfort, making it an ideal space for relaxation and escapism. The house features a queen-size bed, perfect for a restful night's sleep.

You're sure to appreciate the full en suite bathroom, complete with a walk-in shower that's a delight after a day of exploring.

The kitchenette, though compact, is fully equipped for your basic cooking needs. You won't lack for modern amenities, despite the house's tiny size. Adjacent to the kitchenette, there's a cozy lounging area where you can unwind and enjoy panoramic views of the stunning surroundings.

Stepping outside, you're welcomed by a private deck with a lounging area and fire pit. Here, you can spend evenings under the stars, warmed by the crackling fire. The deck also features a private soaking tub, allowing you to soak your cares away while you revel in the views of the vast ocean.

The Cove Tiny House isn't just a dwelling; it's a unique experience. From the inside out, every detail has been thoughtfully designed to offer comfort, luxury, and an intimate connection with nature. All this, and it's eco-friendly too. This beautiful, tiny house proves that size doesn't matter when it comes to luxury and sustainability. So take a step inside; you mightn't want to leave.

What made it shine?

The Cove Tiny House by Azure Printed Homes stands out for its eco-friendly and sustainable design, utilizing a revolutionary 3D printing process that reduces waste and uses recycled plastics, significantly lowering its environmental impact and carbon footprint. Powered by solar energy and located to offer stunning ocean views, the home exemplifies sustainable luxury, blending eco-conscious living with comfort and style. Azure's commitment to using over 60% recycled materials in their construction process and their innovative approach to building has earned the Cove Tiny House the title of 'Best Eco-friendly,' highlighting their role in pioneering a more sustainable future in construction.

If you want to check more of their builds and models, head over to their website.

If you're interested to join the tiny home awards this year, please email us at with the subject line - “Tiny Home Awards 2024”.

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