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Best Interiors: Designer Kootenay by Tru Form Tiny | Tiny Home Awards 2023

Updated on:
February 23, 2024
Designer Kootenay by Tru Form Tiny

The Designer Kootenay by Tru Form Tiny won the Best Interiors Award at the Tiny Home Awards, highlighting its superior design and craftsmanship. This recognition marks a notable achievement for Tru Form Tiny, emphasizing the innovative features and attention to detail that set the Designer Kootenay apart in the tiny home market.

In this article, we explore what makes this tiny home stand out and the qualities that led to its award-winning status.

A Look Inside

Nestled inside the Designer Kootenay by Tru Form Tiny is a world of exquisite interiors that seamlessly blend sophistication with practicality. 

The luxurious five-foot bathroom is a standout feature in the tiny home community, boasting a custom hickory vanity and stunning quartz countertops in Calacatta Gold. This blend of elegance and utility sets the tone for the entire interior, creating a harmonious balance between luxury and convenience.

The Designer Kootenay pays meticulous attention to detail throughout. The modern slab style kitchen cabinets painted in Snowbound White are complemented by rich dark stained hickory floors and reclaimed wood accent walls, adding warmth and character to the contemporary elements in the home.

The clever use of space is a defining feature of the Designer Kootenay. Features like the closet landing with open hybrid stairs maximize functionality while enhancing visual appeal. The modern free-standing bathtub, accented with black stone tiles in a fishbone layout, beautifully combines luxury and innovative design.

The home also features custom-built hickory bench seating, a designer-selected walnut tripod table, and dimmable surface lights, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere for relaxation and socializing. High-end amenities like the Splendide washer/dryer combo and professional propane range with stainless steel range hood showcase the fusion of luxury and functionality.

Tru Form Tiny's Designer Kootenay embodies luxurious tiny home living with its meticulous design, opulent features, and functional layout. This tiny home sets a new standard for sophistication and comfort within the realm of tiny homes, redefining expectations with its innovative design and unparalleled craftsmanship. Experience a world of elegance and luxury in this compact and thoughtfully curated space.

What made it shine?

The winning edge of Designer Kootenay's Tru Form Tiny home lies in its clever fusion of luxury and functionality, setting it apart in the realm of tiny home interiors. It's the thoughtful attention to detail that clinches its victory. 

Imagine yourself stepping onto solid dark stained hickory floors, your eyes drawn to the reclaimed wood accent walls that add rustic charm to the modern, Snowbound White kitchen cabinets.

You'll appreciate the practicality of the five-foot bathroom, complete with a solid custom hickory vanity and quartz countertops in Calacatta Gold. The free-standing bathtub, paired with black stone tile in a fishbone layout, is the epitome of luxury and innovative design.

The space utilization is ingenious - take the closet landing with open hybrid stairs, a blend of steel and hickory, or the custom-built hickory bench seating opposite the kitchen peninsula. Picture yourself relaxing or socializing around the designer-selected walnut tripod table. 

High-end amenities like dimmable surface lights, a washer/dryer combo, and a professional propane range, combined with an energy-efficient retro refrigerator/freezer, show you why this tiny home is a winner.

Other Awards Won: Their Seymour Duncan tiny house won the Most Innovative Design award while the team won Builder of the Year at the Tiny Home Awards.

Tru Form Tiny is also the team behind:

If you want to check more of their builds and models, head over to their website.

If you're interested in joining the tiny home awards this year, please email us at with the subject line - “Tiny Home Awards 2024”.

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