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Builder Review: Forever Tiny Homes

Updated on:
June 9, 2023
Forever tiny home cabin on wheels

In Northern California, located in a quaint little town of Cottonwood, sits a sprawling 24,000 square foot facility. Inside you’ll find tiny homes being built in all stages of construction. This is Forever Tiny Homes HQ where they create some of the most unique and budget-friendly tiny homes on the market. If you’re looking for a tiny home builder, this is one company you surely do not want to miss.

“It’s been quite the journey” says CEO Arline Mendoza. “This is our third move of expansion, with no plans of stopping.” Forever Tiny Homes has been building tiny houses for longer than most other companies out there which is something to take note of.

First off, it tells you that they continue to innovate and have built a great reputation that keeps them in business for almost 10 years and counting. With reviews like the following, it’s easy to see why they continue to grow! “(They) were amazing to work with, they delivered an amazingly well-built house, for a fraction of the cost of other builders. They were incredibly friendly and went out of their way to take care of us as customers. I couldn't be any happier with my experience!” - Jared A

Secondly, it means they have their systems down after years and years of building. From construction methods to safety protocols they are dialed in. In fact, they are a State Licensed RV Manufacture, approved through the NADA guide, NHTSA compliant, and are RVIA & PWA certified. As we discuss in our Buying a Tiny House guide, having a builder who is certified and licensed is soooo important! Forever Tiny Homes has clearly gone above and beyond to ensure they are building quality tiny houses that are as safe as they are functional.

As a state-licensed RV manufacturer, they operate through their in-house state-licensed dealership. This gives their clients peace of mind with a completed DMV registration of their new tiny home upon completion. Once purchased, their clients receive a conditional sales agreement, DMV paperwork, and temporary registration for a Recreational Vehicle. Arline highlights that being registered as an RV is important for parking in Tiny Home Villages, RV Parks, and other municipalities.

Their new and easy-to-use website can give you a quote in seconds after completing a simple form. It also gives DIY'ers the ability to save money by selecting cost-saving options like DIY painting, DIY flooring, and much more, all while retaining a certification. This is a huge advantage for DIY folks and something not many other builders offer. This allows Forever Tiny Homes to build the majority of the tiny house to get the certifications and allows their clients to choose where they’d like to take on some DIY projects to save money and put their personal touch on their new tiny home.

From chassis, shells, to custom designs, they are always serving their clients with dedication and attention to detail. “Whatever your goals and general questions may be, we are here to help you on your journey", says CEO Arline Mendoza.

"I feel that being one of the few female owned and operated Tiny Home Builders out there gives me a different perspective on the builds and designs. Whether it’s child-safe designs, open kitchen layouts, as well as budget-friendly pricing, our clients cannot wait for the arrival of their Forever Tiny Home.”

Here are a few highlights we think are worth noting about Forever Tiny Homes:

Their facility, located minutes off the HWY I5, is convenient for clients to stop by and suitable for transportation of their finished home to the new owner’s home site. If you’re looking for a tiny home builder for your custom tiny home or looking to buy a model, shell, or even a combo DIY tiny house then we highly recommend checking out Forever Tiny Homes and their impressive operation!

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