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Builder Review: New Creation Tiny Homes

Updated on:
June 9, 2023
New Creation tiny home outside in green grass

Located in central Oregon, in Madras, a country filled with deep desert canyons, river gorges and other unexpected delights, sits the HQ for New Creation Tiny Homes.

Certified by 3 different agencies, they create tiny homes that are meant to last. They want all of their clients to feel at home in their tiny houses, so they take extra time to focus on those small details that make a big difference. The best part is you’ll be working directly hand in hand with some really great people.

Sherree & Charlie Colindres are wonderful to work with. They have a heart for helping people. They’ve spent 10 years with Habitat For Humanity as International Build Team Leaders. Sherree & Charlie are passionate about changing lives through providing a hands-on instruction and quality built tiny homes.

The Colindres' have been in business for themselves for the better part of 30 years, building, managing, and growing small independent business'. It is these strengths partnered with their expert knowledge of tiny home building that make them an excellent tiny home builder and educators.

Tiny living enthusiasts and build instructors Sherree & Charlie Colindres have helped folks all around the world call a tiny space home for 18 years!

They will build you a shell, one of their models, or a fully custom tiny home. They do a great job of really gathering all the information about you and your wants and dreams to create the perfect home for you.

And best of all, their tiny home pricing is very affordable, and beats most other models on the market.

They have three different models to choose from:


A gorgeous modern minimalist tiny home. It includes a full kitchen, bathroom, and boasts of a king size sleeping loft.  Available in 20’, 26’ and 30’. The 20’ is extremely towable, and could make the perfect home away from home.


Setup to have ample open space, it would make a grea ADU, Dorm, or AirBnB. Large windows to live outdoors while inside, makes it feel even bigger than it is.

Stunning exterior that will definitely make an entrance!


A very functional and attractive home. The window placements with the french door entry says it all from the outside. Shed style roof really opens up the space on the inside with 11’ ceilings.


Two extra large lofts, bathroom with laundry, and exterior storage. Easy to tow, and sleeps up to 8! Makes a great Airbnb, or full time or get away home!


I’m super excited to hear more about this next tiny home. It’s coming in 2021, and if you talk to them now, they might be able to get one started for you early!


Amari boasts of extra space at 10’ wide by 30’ long, it would make the perfect place to call home.

Very farmhouse modern style, spacious, and a lot of windows and doors to make you feel like you’re living outside.

Full tub, Massive loft, kitchen island are some of the features that make me excited to hear more about this home!

Overall, New Creation Tiny Homes are great quality for the price and definitely worth considering. Reach out to them to at least discuss your options.

Here are a couple of the highlights:

-RVIA, NOAH & PWA Certified to offer RV certifications for NFPA 1192 and ANSI 119.5

-Small business Owned and Operated

-DIY Shell options to start off with a solid foundation

-Easy to finance!

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