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Can Boxabl Homes Be Moved? (Complete Guide)

Updated on:
April 25, 2024
boxabl home interior with furniture

Boxabl provides ultra-modern everything-proof folding homes manufactured using cutting-edge materials and the newest technologies!

Owning a home is expensive and often requires you to apply for a 30-year mortgage which you spend years working to pay.

But what if you want to experience life adventures before ultimately settling down and still have a home to your name? Or you may want to be a homeowner but are still figuring out how long you will be in a particular city.

Does this mean you must sacrifice owning a home for your traveling passion? Or do you have to sell your home if you need to change location?

If you are in such a dilemma, Boxable provides cutting-edge solutions for your situation.

The Boxabl home offers a fantastic option for people likely to often change their location. Unlike conventional homes, where you may have to sell your cherished home in such a situation, with Boxabl, you can uninstall your home, fold it up, and move it to your next desired location.

Here we will discuss a few details about Boxabl homes, especially for those who want to know if they can be moved.

With that said, let's begin!

How large is a Boxabl home?

A backyard Boxabl Casita
A backyard Boxabl Casita

The company's flagship product, the Casita tiny home, was released in 2020. It is a 19.5'x19.5' 361-square foot prefab studio apartment and only costs $60,000.

Since its release, up to one hundred thousand people have joined the waitlist of potential Boxabl homeowners.

Once you make an order and it's ready to be shipped, your Boxabl home can be folded down to 8'6" wide and 13'6" so that it fits into the shipping container. But its actual size, once it unfolds, is 20' wide with tall 9'6" ceilings.

The Boxabl home ships ready with kitchen appliances, bathrooms, utilities, corridors, closets, and even fireplaces.

They are built tough with precision using high-quality materials, including steel and concrete. They are designed to be wind-resistant and fire-resistant, and they are less likely to be damaged by water, according to answers on their FAQ page.

It is also designed to be installation ready on a foundation and comes preinstalled with plumbing, electricity, and HVAC utilities ready to be hooked to connected services.

Just like Henry Ford, the founder of Boxabl wants to democratize home ownership by making owning a home affordable. 

To fulfill its mission: "to significantly lower the cost of homeownership for everyone…," Boxabl has built systems to enable it to produce a mass volume of homes in its North Las Vegas production facility. Boxabl reported that it could make a new home every 90 minutes, similar to the likes of Tesla and Ford motors.

When we talk about designing and constructing a modular home, it is essential to factor in the weight of the end product, as it can contribute to the final cost of owning a modular home. 

For most companies building modular homes, shipping cost becomes a challenge if they have to ship the home to a location that is more than 200 miles away. However, for Boxabl, a unit can weigh only 8,000 to 12,000 pounds.

This low cost and ease of shipping can benefit people in areas where natural disasters have decimated housing.

What is the largest Boxabl?

"If a house is really just a collection of rooms, then Boxabl ostensibly is in the business of building rooms, ones that can stand alone or be mixed and matched, says Galiano Tiramami, one of the founders of Boxabl."

Each room that will come off the Boxabl production line will be 20 feet by 40 feet in dimension with a 9.5-foot ceiling, at least one door cutout, and electrical wiring. 

At this moment, the largest Boxabl home you can expect to receive from the company is a 40 x 20 ft unit.

And to achieve this, as mentioned earlier, Boxabl is putting a system in place that will enable them to build almost any home style, including multifamily and suburban mansion designs. 

The dimension of new releases will likely be 20 ft by 20 ft, 20 ft by 30 ft, 20 ft by 40 ft, and 20 ft by 60 ft, as stated on their website.

Furthermore, these different models will be designed in a way that they can be stacked and arranged in multiple ways.

The company will announce these new room modules with different floor plans as soon as they are ready.

Can you move a Boxabl home once installed?

BOXABL home installation
An  overview of a BOXABL Casita

Can I move my Boxabl home once it is installed is a common question asked by those planning to invest in a modular home. And while it might be possible, Boxabl is yet to mention if it should be done.

Even while conventional homes built from the ground up can be taken apart and moved, the type of homes most easily moved are mobile tiny homes. 

Although many people confuse Boxabl homes with mobile homes, the difference between the two is enormous. First, how they are designed and constructed is different, and second, how financial institutions view them also differs

Unlike tiny homes that can be moved several times and are never a truly permanent structure, Boxabl homes are modular structures designed and built to be permanent. As a result, they require a permanent placement, meaning you need to own the piece of land where you plan to install your Boxabl home.

The movability of tiny homes is a reason banks are often reluctant to provide financing for mobile homes. If the possibility of relocation is something you have in mind and is a decision factor for investing in Boxabl homes, then, easier moveable tiny homes might be the best option for you. 

You can find easier moveable tiny home options right here.

Since Boxable homes are built in modules and delivered by truck, they can be dismantled and moved if you have to. This makes Boxabl a great solution in situations where you are looking for a quality home to live in for several years to come but still want the option to be able to relocate if things change.

Boxabl homes are also excellent for granny flats, as they meet the requirements of a transportable home while also delivering a stylish, quality, and permanent finish.

Regardless, hopefully, Boxabl will offer a more moveable model soon!

How can you transport a Boxabl home?

Transport a Boxabl home
A side view of a BOXABL Casita

Boxabl homes are designed and constructed in an off-site factory. Once built, the house folds from 20 ft to 8.5 ft in width and can be transported using trucks, trains, ships, and even airplanes to the location where they will be installed.

Boxabl homes can be shipped to anywhere in the world, and the cost involved in transporting the house will depend on access to the site and the distance that needs to be traveled, but as a rough guide, it would cost around $3-$10/mile from Las Vegas.

We mentioned earlier that the homes could be folded down from 20 ft to 8.5 ft in width. This was an intentional design plan by Boxabl to reduce the cost of shipping and to avoid the issues that come with shipping larger consignments (i.e., with a traditional modular or tiny home).

Unlike other manufacturers, modular homes may take a few days to uninstall, a day or so to travel, and then a couple of weeks to install and connect services at the new location. Boxabl, when it is delivered, can be unfolded and installed in less than 2 hours. 

In other words, you could practically leave a vacant space, take a quick visit to a friend you haven't seen in a while, return, and presto, a brand-new home to your name!

However, you have to ensure that the preinstalled utilities are ready to connect.


Tiny homes are becoming prevalent as they offer many options that conventional homes do not. And Boxabl homes seem to be the favorite kid on the real estate market block of tiny homes, and the reason why is not far-fetched. 

  • First, they are affordable. 
  • Secondly, because they are affordable at $60,000, you don't have to apply for a 30-year mortgage. And if you do, banks are more ready to finance such tiny homes because they require a permanent installation site.
  • Thirdly, with its moveability potential, it is an excellent option for people who may want to change location in the future.

With these facts mentioned, you can see why Boxabl homes are an excellent option for most people. If you want to own a home that offers significant financial benefits, time, and flexibility to enjoy life and has relocation potential, Boxable might be for you. What are you still waiting for? Access this tiny house listing and check out all the features Boxabl homes offer!

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