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For many of us, the pandemic offered a whole new perspective on living with intention. Here are some of the best ways to refresh your home post Covid-19.

Clean It Up: How to Refresh Your Home Post-Pandemic

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Clean It Up: How to Refresh Your Home Post-Pandemic

While our homes have been our havens during the pandemic, as we start getting back to a new type of normal, it’s time to revive and refresh our home interiors. Some projects can be fun and simple to do yourself, whereas others are best left to professionals. Here, offers the following tips that will have your home feeling refreshed in no time.

Top-to-Bottom Cleaning

Nothing makes a house feel fresher than a deep cleaning. This can include everything from steam cleaning carpets and tile to washing windows inside and out, scrubbing baseboards, and changing air filters. Also, consider washing down and repainting kitchen and bathroom cabinets and clearing out closets, drawers, and catchall spaces that have been accumulating pandemic-related “stuff” for the past many months. This level of cleaning presents a good opportunity to sell or donate household items and clothing you no longer want or need so you can start with a fresh, clean slate.

Purge the Garage and Basement

Garages and basements can easily become catch-all spaces for personal, business, and household items. If you and your family worked or learned from home during the pandemic, chances are you moved a lot of miscellaneous household items into these spots to make way for remote work and education stations and to give those living in your lockdown home extra room to breathe. Like the rest of your house, get organized, purge these spaces, or repurpose or refinish items. For example, a coat of paint can give new life to a favorite old rocking chair or side table.

Finish Home Improvement Projects

If you thought you’d use the extra time at home working on DIY projects during the pandemic but never got around to finishing things, now’s the time. Whether it’s changing out fixtures in the guest bath, painting the garden shed, or completing the paver path to the backyard, getting ahead on these projects will give you a good sense of accomplishment. According to This Old House, there are dozens of DIY projects that won’t break the bank.

Go With a New Color Scheme

If you've been looking at the same walls and room configurations for the past year, change up your color scheme and start rearranging! A fresh coat of paint, wallpaper, or an attractive new piece of wall art can change the look and feel of a home. You can redecorate with your own things by repositioning your furniture, knickknacks, lamps, and plants. New throw pillows, rugs, and afghans can also give you a fresh look and feel. If you’re trying to let in more light, go with lighter colors, and, where possible, position mirrors on walls opposite windows to reflect the sun.  

Refresh Your Furniture

While you can give upholstered furniture new life with a good deep steam-cleaning, if you have pet damage or wear and tear, consider saving your favorite pieces via reupholstering. While it is possible to do this on your own, it can be a very complex project that might be best handled by a professional.

Before you meet with anyone for a quote, complete a search for “reupholstery near me” to find recommended contractors, and to read reviews from previous customers. Note that the cost to recover a piece of furniture will depend on the type of fabric you're using and whether or not you'll need a custom design.

Liven Up Your Outdoor Space

Power wash your deck or patio and make repairs to chipped concrete or cracked decking around your pool or spa. Consider updating your landscaping with colorful new flowers, plants, and lighting so you can enjoy some quality family-and-friend bonding time. If you’re feeling ambitious, constructing a deck or porch can extend your outdoor living area. According to HGTV, adding “shade spaces” can provide all-weather enjoyment. Adding a fire pit, hot tub, or outdoor speakers (or an excellent multi-room soundbar) are fun ways to get back into safe entertaining mode with people you might not have seen for some time.

Living with Intention

For many of us, the pandemic offered a whole new perspective on the amount of space we have. With many people realizing they no longer needed large homes with multiple bedrooms. Thanks to the rising cost of real estate, more homeowners are looking to either downsize to a smaller property or even convert to renting.

When it comes to a smaller space, you can’t go wrong with a tiny home. This growing movement continues to see an uptick as more people embrace a minimalist lifestyle. Plus, with so many tiny home options on the market, you’re sure to find a great fit when you use a site like

Of course, some people might prefer the option to downsize their home to something with even less maintenance, like an apartment. You get to have the benefits of a fun space without all the headaches of homeownership. And it’s pretty easy to find a rental in Seattle and the surrounding area when you use online search directories to filter for your budget and ideal square footage.  

While our homes have been cozy refuges during the pandemic, as we begin to get back out into the world, it's nice to come home to a familiar yet refreshed surrounding. Consider your budget, your skills, and the ways in which your family lives in your home before making a redesign plan.

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