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Commonly Skipped Cleaning Surfaces You Shouldn't Ignore

Updated on:
June 5, 2024
Commonly Skipped Cleaning Surfaces

Image Source: Canva

Spring cleaning is all about new beginnings and leaving the gloomy season behind us to embrace the new challenges that life is throwing our way. It’s meant to not only revamp our living space but also breathe new energy into our daily routine. 

In today’s post, we will shine a light on areas that see daily use but are usually not cleaned as often as they should. While these areas rarely fall out of sight, they usually serve as a common hiding place for dust, grime, and dirt deposits of all sorts.

What are the typical areas usually neglected in housekeeping?

To answer this question, just think about surfaces that you and your loved ones touch every day but that you can’t remember when you cleaned them the last time. It's time to bring out your spring cleaning tools and tackle dirty, often-used areas that are hiding in plain sight!

Trash can

Talk about hiding in plain sight, let’s start from the obvious—the trash can. Usually located in the kitchen, we use our trash cans several times a day but we rarely give them the proper sprucing up they deserve. 

You may be tempted to use a high-grade sanitizing product, but there’s probably no need to use it unless it’s really grimy. A diluted solution of bleach and water will do the trick. You can also mix vinegar with water if you’re out of bleach; just make sure to never mix bleach with acids like vinegar and lemon juice.

Remember, just because they collect trash doesn’t mean you have to treat them like one, so make sure to clean your trash can at least twice a month. 

Light switches

While technology is slowly eliminating the need to flip the switch with motion detectors, sensors, and smart light switches, most of us still use them every day. Just think about how many times you and other members of your household have flipped the light switch since it was last cleaned.

Feel free to use the same solution of vinegar and water or you can apply rubbing alcohol or a hand sanitizer to wipe down the switch. Don’t forget to clean them at least once a week, just make sure not to spray too much fluid directly since it may seep into the switch.

Door knobs & handles

From door knobs in bathrooms and bedrooms to cabinet knobs and all types of handles and drawer pulls inside your home, these surfaces see heavy use every day and, as such, demand attention. 

Since door knobs, appliance pulls, and handles are made from a variety of materials and come in different shapes and sizes, there is no all-purpose solution that will be equally effective on all of them. Metal can get tarnished or rusty, wood can swell or warp, and plastic can discolor, lose its shine, or leach chemicals if cleaned with the wrong product. 

Tackle your door knobs, handles, and pulls at least twice a month but make sure to use gentle solutions for each material to preserve its original color and texture and prolong its lifespan.

Image Source: Canva

Window blinds

Whether they are made from real or faux wood, vinyl or synthetic, or metal like aluminum, people have been using blinds for centuries and it’s safe to say that they are definitely here to stay. From vertical and horizontal models to cordless and mini-blinds, they are not only made from various materials but also come in different styles and patterns.

The cleaning tool of choice will depend on how often you clean your blinds. It’s advisable to tackle them at least once a month using a microfiber cloth or duster. If your blinds were neglected for a long time, you could use a vacuum cleaner to collect the heavy dust before wiping them by hand. Here, you can simply trust the team of vetted cleaners who are efficient in making your living space dust-free.

Ceiling fans

It may seem counterintuitive since they’re often on the move and suspended high above the ground, but ceiling fans are a true dust magnet. Worse still, once you turn them on, they will shed dust and dirt all over the room and pollute your indoor air. This is especially unhealthy for people who suffer from allergies or other respiratory issues, so it’s recommended that you wipe them once a week.

Just like with knobs, handles, and blinds, fan blades can be made of wood, metal, and plastic polymers, so you’ll have to choose carefully the appropriate cleaning fluid. Be careful not to pressurize the blades too much when wiping them, or they may bend or warp and lose their balance and functionality.

Underneath and Above the Refrigerator

We often stay busy cleaning the fridge inside at home on free days. In fact, we try to remove all the fingerprints from inside the refrigerator. Can you relate to it?

Well, it's common! But what is uncommon is to move your refrigerator while cleaning. Isn't it?

We hardly consider places like the head and underneath the refrigerator while cleaning. But if you judge prominently, you will find crumbs, dust, and pest accumulation in those unattended places.

Well, it's not possible for homeowners to make it a daily habit. So, dont move your fridge daily, but you can consider that once a month. It will help you keep your home surface and the refrigerator completely clean.

Shower wall

The dirty stuff on the shower or grout is not something you are most likely to clean. In fact, most house slippers miss that particular place after doing everything to clean the toilet and bathroom floor. 

However, it's not a choice, but it just happens. We often neglect the shower wall for cleaning purposes, but when we take a shower we often look at the place and think how dirty it is. 

Even if you are on top of your bathroom cleaning process, shower walls attract germs and grime because we lack scrubbing the surface from time to time. 

So, from next time onwards, consider covering these areas as your cleaning strategy!

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