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Compact Workout Equipment Flybird Workout Bench Review

Updated on:
June 17, 2024
Flybird Fitness FB3000 workout bench setup in a home gym

Designing tiny homes is definitely one of my favorite parts of what I get to do. I love bringing a client’s idea to life and making their dreams come true with our custom design services. Guess what one of the primary activities are a part of our custom design clients? Surprise! It’s a space for being able to workout. This is always a challenge in a tiny home, but finding the right equipment is key to making working out tiny home friendly.

Finding fitness equipment that fits my limited space without compromising on functionality is a constant challenge. Enter the Flybird Fitness FB3000, a versatile and robust workout bench that has seamlessly integrated into my compact living space. Here’s my detailed review based on my personal experience.

Flybird Fitness FB3000 Workout Bench Review

Design and Build Quality

The Flybird Fitness FB3000 immediately impressed me with its sleek and modern design. It's not only aesthetically pleasing but also built to last. Constructed from high-quality materials, this bench can support up to 1200 pounds, demonstrating its sturdiness and reliability. Despite its robust build, the bench weighs a manageable 42 pounds and is easy to move around thanks to the built-in wheels and handle—an essential feature for tiny home dwellers.

closeup of workout bench


This workout bench is packed with features that make it incredibly versatile:

  • Backrest Angles: The 12 adjustable backrest angles cater to a wide range of exercises, allowing me to switch between various workout positions effortlessly.
  • Seat Angles: The seat adjusts to 3 different angles, enhancing comfort and versatility.
  • Detachable Headrest: The bench includes a detachable headrest, which is adjustable in a 2-way manner to ensure optimal comfort and support.
  • Detachable Foot Catch: The foot catch is also detachable and adjustable, ensuring stability during workouts.
  • Compact Storage: When set upright, the bench occupies only 2.5 square feet, making it perfect for my tiny home.
shoulder presses on a workout bench

Comfort and Ergonomics

Comfort is a crucial aspect, especially when space is limited, and the Flybird FB3000 does not disappoint. The padding provides excellent support during intense workouts. The detachable headrest and foot catch add to the ergonomic design, allowing me to adjust the bench to fit my body type and workout requirements perfectly.

dual adjustments for angled back and seat on workout bench

Certified and Trustworthy

One of the key aspects that makes the Flybird FB3000 workout bench exceptionally reliable is its adherence to stringent safety and quality standards. The FB3000 has passed ASTM material certification and ISO EN20957 safety certification. These certifications indicate that the bench is made from high-quality materials and meets rigorous safety standards, ensuring its sturdiness and reliability during use. This level of certification gives me great confidence in the bench's durability and safety, making it a trustworthy addition to any home gym, especially in a compact living space like a tiny home.

Assembly and Setup

Setting up the Flybird FB3000 was a breeze. The instructions were clear and easy to follow, and I had the bench ready to use in no time. This hassle-free assembly is a significant advantage for those of us with limited time and space.

close up of Guy holding weights while sitting on workout bench


In terms of performance, the Flybird FB3000 excels across various types of exercises. Whether I'm doing bench presses, leg lifts, or dumbbell exercises, the bench remains stable and secure. Its high weight capacity of 1200 pounds ensures it can handle heavy weights without compromising stability.

Bench with labeled angle settings

Space and Storage

One of the standout features of the Flybird FB3000 workout bench is its compact footprint when stored upright, taking up only 2.5 square feet. This is a game-changer for my tiny home gym setup. The bench’s ability to fold and its lightweight design further contribute to its ease of storage and mobility, allowing me to maximize my limited space efficiently.

Price and Value

The Flybird Fitness FB3000 offers excellent value for its price. It is competitively priced compared to other benches in its category, providing a range of features that justify the investment. The high weight capacity, multiple adjustable settings, and ergonomic design make it a worthy addition to any home gym, especially for those with space constraints.

Easy adjust settings on workout bench

Attention to detail

I definitely appreciate the meticulous attention to detail Flybird put into their bench. Here are some of the subtle yet impactful features that make a significant difference.

  • Individual Foot Levelers: These ensure that the bench remains stable on any surface, preventing wobbling during workouts.
  • Built-in Wheels: Make it easy to move the bench around, allowing for convenient storage and repositioning within your tiny home.
  • Additional Stability Stop: At the maximum decline setting, an extra stop adds stability, enhancing safety during intense exercises.
  • Quick-Remove Threaded Pins: For the foot catch and headrest, these pins make adjustments simple and ensure you never lose a pin again.
  • Smooth Angle Adjustment: The bench adjusts seamlessly between angles, with clearly labeled settings that make it easy to select your desired position.
Flybird Bench headrest

Pros and Cons


  • High weight capacity (1200 lbs)
  • 12 adjustable backrest angles, that are extremely easy and convenient to switch between.
  • Detachable and adjustable headrest and foot catch (again, super easy)
  • Compact storage footprint, ideal for tiny homes
  • Easy to assemble and move
  • Easily the most versatile workout bench while maintaining a compact and lightweight design


  • Some users may find the 1-inch gap between the seat and backrest slightly uncomfortable if you’re positioned wrong. Personally, I just make sure I’ve placed the seat properly prior to laying down, and never even feel it. The Back section of the bench is very long, so you don’t need to lay on top of the crack.
  • If you’re an extreme power lifter consistently lifting over 1,200 lbs, you might want something more sturdy.

Overall Impression

The Flybird Fitness FB3000 is a highly versatile and well-built workout bench that caters to a wide range of fitness enthusiasts. Its combination of durability, adjustable features, and space-saving design make it a top contender in its price range. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned athlete, this bench is designed to enhance your workout experience, even in the smallest of spaces.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Flybird Fitness FB3000 Workout Bench is a fantastic investment for anyone looking to upgrade their home gym setup. Its robust construction, versatile adjustments, and ergonomic design make it a standout choice. For those of us living in tiny homes, it’s a perfect blend of functionality and compact design. Highly recommended for those seeking a reliable and functional workout bench. If you’re interested in trying it out, right now is a great time with the 40% off discount code TH40. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

If you’re looking for more workout ideas for your tiny home, check out 7 Home Gym Design Ideas for the Ultimate Workout!

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