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Construction Companies Need These Tools if They Want to Expand

Updated on:
July 26, 2023
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The construction industry is more profitable than ever. Cities and towns are expanding to accommodate our nation’s rising population. However, the industry is also highly competitive, making it extremely challenging for businesses to secure contracts.

Companies operating without essential tools are less likely to find work than their counterparts who’re prepared, the reason being that clients want to know jobs are going to be completed quickly, and with the right tools being utilized.

This post will tell you what those types of tools and equipment are and why you need them if you want to expand.

Lifting Chains

If you run a construction company, the chances are you oversee the lifting of some very heavy objects. If you are not already using specialized chains for heavy-duty lifting then now’s the time to. Lifting heavy objects without chains of this kind can lead to the ones you are using snapping under pressure, injuring staff members, or damaging anything that is underneath them when they break. You may think that lifting chains are going to be very expensive but this isn’t true at all. It is possible to pick them up for a good price, as long as you buy from a reliable and fair wholesaler.


Forklifts are typically used on construction sites and in warehouses. Depending on the kind of construction site you are managing, forklifts might be inappropriate. Do some research into the prior to purchase so you can assess whether or not you actually need a fleet of them. If your research concludes that you do need forklifts, try and buy the best quality ones you can. To assess a forklift’s quality all you need to do is visit your chosen retailer’s store and see what their product reviews are like.


Cranes are extremely expensive and very large. No matter what kind of construction site you run or projects you are working on, cranes are going to require significant capital to invest in. You will not be able to buy one if you do not have a lot of money set aside for the project you are working on. When searching for cranes you need to find one that is able to lift the amount of weight you plan on lifting. If a crane’s chain snaps then due to its height, the collapse of buildings, vehicles, and even people is a possibility.  One bonus of cranes is that they can be used to lift and move around tiny homes, which is ideal if you are also building tiny homes.

Portable Cabins

In the last part of the previous section, tiny homes were mentioned. Another type of small building that people sometimes convert into tiny homes is the portable cabin. No matter what type of construction site you are managing, you will need a portable cabin. Portable cabins give staff places to sit and unwind. If you do not buy large, office-sized ones then you will at least need to ensure that you have portable toilet cabins.

Basic Tools

Moving away from specialized, expensive equipment for a moment and onto the type of tools your average person has in their garage, your workers are going to need access to things like hammers and drills. If they do not have these things then the most basic of tasks will become extremely time-consuming. These tools are not expensive and can be bought in bulk. Since you are the manager or owner of a construction company, it is your responsibility to ensure that there are abundant tools of this kind immediately available and accessible.

Masonry Equipment

If the construction site you are working on involves working on the façade of a building then you are going to need to invest in masonry equipment. Without these tools, you will not be able to deliver what your client is looking for. Masonry tools can be expensive but are widely available. If you are on a budget, consider buying them already used. Spend some time researching prior to making a purchase so that you can ensure the tools you ultimately invest in are the ones needed for the project your company has been contracted to work on.

Heavy-duty Saws

You are going to need multiple heavy-duty saws. Heavy-duty saws, of this list’s tools, are some of the most expensive. Of course, their cost comes nowhere near the final cost of buying a crane, but they are nonetheless very expensive. If you are interested in buying saws then again, consider used ones. Used ones are only going to be suitable for a small construction site, however. You will need new ones if the site you are working on is very large and involves the construction of new buildings or re-developing old ones. Saws can be purchased on finance.

Cement Breakers

In addition to all of the tools mentioned here so far, you are going to need cement breakers on your construction site. Construction companies often use cement and concrete more than they used wood to construct buildings nowadays. If you do not have cement breakers then you are not going to be able to build the foundation or remove an existing foundation of the building that you are working on. These tools are available in a range of different sizes, although you should buy the biggest one that you can. You may need more than one cement breaker depending upon the size of the construction site that you are working on.

Dump Trucks

Finally, you're going to need dump trucks on your site. You can pay to have skips and dump bins brought to your construction site, although over time this will add up and cost a lot of money. It is much cheaper and much more efficient to have your own dump trucks. That way, you can take the waste that you accumulate through the course of the project down to the skip and get rid of it without having to pay anybody to do it for you. Dump trucks are indeed very expensive and cost tens of thousands of dollars but are a worthwhile investment for the reasons just mentioned.

Additionally, it's also advisable to get construction procurement software to better manage your projects.

Starting a construction company can be one of the most difficult things an entrepreneur can do. At the same time though, it can be one of the most rewarding. You can use this post as a guide if you are interested in starting a construction company so that you will have all of the right tools at your disposal.

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