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Cost to Build a House in Nashville

Updated on:
June 9, 2023
Tiny House on wheels on hill with lots of windows

Nashville has become an incredible place to consider if you are looking for a great place to find a new home. The city has been growing bigger and bigger every day, and new homes have been popping up all over the place. If you have ever thought about building your own home in the area, have a look at this article so you can get a good idea of the cost of building a house in Nashville. 

What is the new home market like in Nashville?

Homes in Nashville are amazing, and there have been plenty of new homes built in the last few years. The building sector has been booming with the considerable rise in new residents coming to the city. There has also been a large rise in new builders who have moved to the area to help with some of the amazing master-planned communities that have developed in Nashville. 

If the area has plenty of new homes for sale, then you know you won't be short on finding a great company to help you build your home. You can also choose to work with one of the great developers in the area to build in one of the fantastic up-and-coming suburbs. "People have started to move into suburbs over the metro areas to take advantage of the quiet neighborhoods and amazing homes," says Nashville real estate broker Wesley Willoughby

What type of home should I choose?

The cost of your home will largely depend on whether or not you choose to go with a custom-built home or a production home that has been placed on a developed lot. Nashville has quite a few different options available in the city, so you can choose between one or the other. Let's look at both options so you can see for yourself where the majority of the costs fall.

Custom Home

If you choose a custom home, you will need to account for quite a bit of extra time. Finding your land, your builder, and your materials can take much longer than they would if you choose a production home. You will also need to take into account the time it takes to design the home and get all of your building permits in place. It will likely cost you a bit more than a production home, but you will be able to make sure the house is built to your specifications.

A custom home is a great idea, but the timeline will likely be much longer than you would get with a production home. If you want to make sure you are getting a home that is unlike anything else on the block and you're willing to wait a bit longer, then it's worth paying the extra for a custom home. It's also great for those who prefer to choose a more secluded area over a subdivision-style neighborhood. 

Costs and Downsides: Most of the costs will go to materials, and labor land, which can be tricky things to predict. When it comes to a production home, all of the costs are factored into one price, so you don't have to worry about sticker shock for your materials. 

Production Home

These homes are ideal for anyone who prefers their home to be high quality and built quickly. Major builders have many different standards to ensure that the homes they are building are perfect. They also have excellent access to different contractors and building materials, so you will never have to worry about pauses in production. 

The only major downside to these homes is the location and the lack of originality. Many people prefer to make customizations to different rooms, but most of these companies just have a few different floor plans available. You can often customize many of the interior details, but it can be nice to have your home show off your creative ideas. It can also be difficult for some people to live in close-knit residential neighborhoods, and they would prefer areas that have a bit more privacy. 

Costs and Downsides: Production homes often cost less due to the streamlined services that the company has created. They have different relationships with major supply companies, so they are able to get a good price and pass those savings on to you. The cost might end up being more for a down payment, but you will end up paying far less overall when you compare it to the unpredictable prices of building a custom home. 

According to reports, building your home in Nashville will cost you about $119 per square foot in 2022, and that price will likely continue to rise with the rising cost of construction materials. When it comes to a home that will be built quickly, smoothly and for less money, look for a housing development in a nearby master-planned community. This is the best option for those who want to make sure their home build goes smoothly, and it's the perfect place to move for those who want to be in a close-knit community. 

Tiny House on wheels on hill with lots of windows
View the Silhouette by Wind River

Tiny House

There are many different types of tiny homes you can choose from when living in Tennessee. There's also multiple tiny home builders who call Tennessee home, so your options are broad! Check out tiny homes in Tennessee here.

Overall, the price you pay will likely depend on the options you choose for building your new home. There are so many different factors that come into play that could end up changing the price of your new build. If you are building a home in Nashville, you should make sure you have more than enough in your budget to cover any extra expenses, or you might find yourself waiting until the costs go back to normal. It's a good idea to do as much research as you can before you start to build your new home in Nashville to make sure you know what you are getting into. 

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