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From Grime to Shine: Deep Cleaning Tips for Every Corner of Your Home

Updated on:
April 29, 2024
Deep Cleaning Tips for Your Home

Image Source: Canva

There’s no place like home until you wake up one day seeing the mess has reached its full potential. You see, and you know, that certain areas of your house clamor for decluttering. But you keep putting it off because you’re just so busy. Like it or not though, all that clutter will eventually catch up with you, leaving you with no choice but to roll up your sleeves and switch to deep cleaning mode.

Why Deep Clean Your Home?

So, basic cleaning isn’t enough? It is. But once or twice a year (spring cleaning included), you should deep clean your home to ascertain that everything is A-okay and avoid unwanted surprises, especially those that thin your wallet. The frequency depends on the size and location of your house, and all the contents inside it. Factor in as well the changing weather, seasons and other external forces.

Deep cleaning your home maintains its beauty and integrity and extends the life of your furniture and appliances. And of course, this removes built-up dirt, grime, and allergens, keeping your family healthy; because again, sickness can be costly.

How Do You Deep Clean a House When Overwhelmed?

Did you know that about 54% of American homeowners find cleaning to be one of the most time-consuming and stressful household chores? That’s not healthy. So here are simple deep cleaning hacks to make the process just a little bit faster and enjoyable.

Divide and Conquer

This only works if you’re not living alone. On roll-your-sleeves-up day, assign each member of the household an area to work on. Better yet, get them to work in pairs. Give them specific instructions and promise to reward them afterward.

Take Two

If you’re all alone, or you simply want to do everything yourself, deep clean specific areas of your house in one day and the remaining parts the next day or the following weekend. 

Move with Music

You’ve seen in the movies a character dancing while cleaning, making the mop or broom an imaginary guitar. Do something like that. Whether you play classical or upbeat rock and roll music, hearing songs always soothes the soul and makes anything you do lighter, including deep cleaning.

Now you have deep-cleaned your home interior. But the music doesn’t stop there. Your home exteriors need tender, loving care, too. This can be more overwhelming if you don’t have a clue how to or if you don’t have the right tools and equipment. What you can do is contact expert pressure washing services. Their solutions include cleaning the gutter, garage, driveway, deck, front porch and sidewalk. When they’re done, you’ll see the cost is worth it.

What is the best way to deep clean your house?

If you choose to do it yourself or with the help of family members, write a checklist for deep cleaning a house before starting so you leave no stone unturned. Note the often-forgotten places like behind appliances and inside light fixtures. Once the checklist is done, do the following so you can deep clean efficiently:


  • Start by decluttering each room. Remove items you no longer use or need. Sell, give or donate them to a local charity. Organize these items into boxes to keep things tidy and manageable.
  • Gather all cleaning supplies, including gloves, mask, cleaning agents (vinegar, dishwashing liquid, etc.), squeegee, floor polish, and furniture conditioner.
  • If you can’t finish deep cleaning your house in a day, create a schedule for when you will clean each section of the house. This ensures that each area gets the attention it deserves without rushing.

The Best Ways to Clean Different Surfaces

Glass, wood, and metal surfaces react differently to various cleaning agents and techniques. 

  • Glass can be easily streaked or scratched.
  • Wood is susceptible to water damage and dulling.
  • Metal can tarnish or rust if not treated with the correct cleaning solutions. 

Therefore, you need different cleaning solutions and methods. Take note of these tips:

Glass Items

The problem when incorrectly cleaning glass items is that you often find yourself left with streaks, smudges, and scratches. 

Using the wrong tools and wiping the glass with abrasive materials like paper towels or rough cloths can leave behind residues that are difficult to remove, plus the scratches can permanently damage the surface, making the glass look worn.

When cleaning glass items, make sure to do the following: 

  • Start with a high-quality microfiber cloth to gently trap dirt and reduce smears.
  • Use a specialized glass cleaner or a homemade mix of water and white vinegar for effective cleaning without residues.
  • Apply rubbing alcohol directly on tough spots before wiping.
  • Clean in a circular motion to prevent streaks.
  • Use a squeegee on larger glass surfaces to efficiently remove excess liquid.
  • Buff with a dry section of the microfiber cloth to enhance shine and remove remaining streaks.

Wooden Furniture 

Wooden furniture can stand the test of time. But that doesn’t mean you can clean it with whatever cleaning agent. Use appropriate cleaning solutions and methods to avoid damage from overly abrasive materials or cleaners that can strip away finishes and essential oils.

To clean wooden furniture, start by gently dusting it with a soft microfiber cloth to avoid scratching. For deeper cleaning, mix a few drops of dishwashing liquid and water to create a solution.  Use a soft cloth to apply this solution, wiping in line with the wood grain to minimize scratching.

Got stubborn stains or residues? Use a modest amount of baking soda and water paste, rubbing it in gently. This next simple tip is very important: After cleaning, dry the wood completely using a soft cloth to avoid moisture damage. Optionally, apply a high-quality furniture polish or conditioner to enhance the furniture's shine and provide added protection.

Metal Fixtures 

Applying the wrong cleaning products, especially those containing chlorine, bleach, or other harsh chemicals, can cause corrosion or tarnishing on metal fixtures. Such chemicals can also result in pitting. These are small, crater-like depressions on the metal surface. This damage is often irreversible and can weaken the metal. 

To clean metal fixtures without causing damage, use a gentle soap and water mixture applied with a soft sponge. If you encounter tough stains, opt for a metal-specific cleaner suitable for the fixture's material—such as copper, brass, or stainless steel—to effectively clear away tarnish and oxidation. Clean along the grain of the metal to avoid scratches and preserve the finish. 

After cleaning, apply a gentle metal polish with a microfiber cloth and buff lightly to enhance the fixture's natural shine. Rinse thoroughly and dry with a soft cloth to prevent water spots and keep the metal looking its best. With regular maintenance, your metal fixtures will continue to look like new.

Image Source: Canva

How to Effectively Clean Hard-To-Reach Areas

Hard-to-reach areas, such as ceilings, tops of cabinets, and the back sides of refrigerators, ovens and washing machines, can easily accumulate dust, dirt, and grime. They’re unnoticeable until they cause problems. It can also be intimidating to clean these areas, especially without the right tools and techniques. A simple trick is to use long-handled dusters and vacuum extensions. These can extend your reach without the need for constant bending or stretching.

For high ceilings, use telescoping poles or step ladders. For sliding under furniture, slim, flat dusters would be perfect. If you have the money, invest in a robotic vacuum that can navigate these difficult spots autonomously, ensuring consistent cleaning without the physical strain.

Tools for Deep Cleaning

Here’s a quick rundown of the tools needed for specific areas of your house:


Vacuum cleaner, Bucket, Rag, Water & Dishwashing Detergent


Scrubbing sponges, Microfiber cloths, Multi-purpose cleaner, Oven cleaner, Stainless steel cleaner, Dishwashing Detergent, Baking Soda, White vinegar, Lemons


Toilet brush, Grout brush, Grout & Tile cleaner, Multi-purpose cleaner

Living Area & Bedroom

Spray bottles, Sponge, Cleaning solution (water + dishwashing liquid), Squeegee, Quality lint roller, Extendable duster, Vacuum cleaner, Robotic vacuum (optional), Mop, Bucket

Remember to use rubber gloves when cleaning all areas. Use a mask to avoid inhaling dust and allergens.

After cleaning, store all your cleaning supplies properly and away from children’s and pets’ reach. Air dry the gloves, mop, buckets and brushes, and wipe to dry all the bottles and containers before putting them inside your storage area. Also, check the dustbin or bag of the vacuum cleaner. If it’s almost full, time to empty it by throwing the accumulated dust and dirt in your garbage bin outside the house.

Take a Deep Breath

Finally, the deep cleaning mode is completed! Take a deep breath and smile for a job well done. Oh, and don’t forget to reward your children (and yourself). Order pizza and eat together as a family while watching your favorite movie.

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