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Designing with Entertainment in Mind: ViewSonic Mini Projector

Updated on:
June 9, 2023
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There are so many factors to consider when living in a tiny home—from the big overarching decisions like your floor plan layout and design aesthetic, to where are you going to build in storage, how tall your loft should be, or what small appliances you must create space for in your kitchen.

A factor that is often overlooked is how limited your open wall space ends up being. Since everyone is trying to cram as much as they can into a small space, walls often end up crowded. And when you do find an open wall, let’s be honest, the last thing you really want is a clunky TV starring you in the face no matter where you are in the home.

When we built custom tiny homes, a common request from our clients was a TV cabinet that would allow the TV to be covered up. This adds cost, but more importantly, it takes up a bunch of space.

When going tiny, considering alternative products that will improve your life, declutter your visual space and keep things in order is extremely important.

That’s why, when it comes to entertainment, we generally recommend a mini projector. This solves many of these issues and often provides a better result when you're cuddled up on a couch tuning into your favorite TV show.

The ViewSonic M1 mini Plus (Use the code TINYHOUSE at checkout to save 15%!) is by far our favorite projector for small homes (or big!).

It’s literally so small that it fits in your back pocket, yet it can project a clear picture onto massive surfaces.

Put it away when you’re not using it, bring it out when it’s movie time!

Key features of the ViewSonic Mini Projector:

  • It allows you to keep your walls clean and clear, and only bring out your entertainment when you need it
  • JBL speakers – Built in Bluetooth speakers for convenient sound wherever you are
  • Smart TV enabled – Download and watch Netflix, Amazon Prime and YouTube from the Aptoide app store
  • Wi-Fi screen mirroring – Mirror your devices hassle-free without any cords!
  1. *Copyrighted content from certain streaming services cannot be mirrored or screencast.
  • Compact – Easily stow it away whenever it’s not in use
  • Ultra-portable design – My personal favorite: on a nice evening, bring your entertainment outdoors!

My family has one of these mini projectors, and we love it. It’s our favorite way to enjoy a movie night together. There’s a built-in battery, and for those binge worthy days on the go, it’s power bank compatible!

Watching show on projector

We ensure that movie nights are reserved for extra special occasions. Our portable mini projector helps us to really put the cherry on top when it comes to making it a special night with the family.

With smart TV entertainment enabled, the M1 mini Plus is extremely functional and will outperform any TV out there. It’s ready to stream all of your favorite content natively, while remaining hassle free and cordless.

As a seasoned tiny house designer, finding ways to aesthetically enhance the looks of the interior of your tiny home, while improving your functionality, is key to what makes or breaks a tiny house design.

In addition, any ways to save on costs and time (which always costs you something!) when you’re designing your home is vital. Using a projector to maintain a decluttered aesthetic when not in use, and then easily projecting it onto the wall or pull-down projector screen when you’re ready, will not only visually look great, but it’ll also allow you to save time and money! Plus you will achieve all of this while creating a more homey atmosphere, decluttered visual and high-quality, convenient entertainment.

And do you know what the best part about the M1 mini Plus is? You can easily use it inside your loft too! No more needing to have a TV on swivel built inside of a cabinet, or a TV on a linear actuator that goes from the main floor up into the loft (and yes, we did build tiny houses with each of these design features per the clients’ request prior to the M1 mini Plus hitting the market!). Simply put the projector in your pocket (yup, it fits in your pocket!), climb your stairs / ladder, and project it onto your wall and — voilà!

And besides, it pairs perfectly with popcorn! Need I say more?

Learn more about the ViewSonic M1 mini Plus here! (Use the code TINYHOUSE at checkout to save 15%!)

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