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Drywall Alternatives to Refresh Your Home

Updated on:
June 9, 2023
Pink Brick Wall

Changing the mood of your interior space doesn't need to be complicated. Starting with your walls is the first step. The most common material used for walls is drywall. On its own, it can look very lifeless, but this article gives you a new perspective on drywall alternatives to help refresh your home.

Wooden Planks

Wood is an excellent choice for giving your home a timeless country feel without frequent maintenance or upkeep. Unlike drywall, once you install natural wood planks, you won't need to do much else except keep them dry and possibly coat the planks with a light lacquer to protect them from surface damage.

Wood planks are a fantastic low-cost alternative to drywall that adds a layer of richness and luxury to your home. The one disadvantage of this material is that it will not blend with every style. It has a rustic vibe that may or may not match the overall aesthetic of your home.

They even have super think wood planks that have adhesive on the back that you can simply stick on your walls!

Brick Walls

If you're looking for a classic, you may want to consider brick and masonry. Brick walls, even if left unfinished, can add a lot of aesthetic value to any home. Bricks can be a more affordable alternative to drywall - and sometimes can save you money if you only have to expose pre-existing brick hidden behind layers of plaster. If you purchase for installation, they will likely be more expensive than drywall, but bricks will last you a lifetime. Maintenance is also simple, requiring only a light dusting once in a while.

Textured Wall Panels

Textured wall panels are popular in places where people congregate, such as hotel lobbies and restaurants. Textured wall panels are 3D panels that protrude from the flat surface they are installed on, distinguishing them from traditional wall coverings such as paint and wallpaper. These panels made of thin plastic or dense paperboard are similar to that found in egg cartons. They are attached to an existing wall using heavy-duty adhesives or clips.

Veneer Plaster

Veneer plaster is the most similar alternative to drywall. Veneer plaster has a thin layer of wet plaster used to apply to almost any surface, typically applied to pre-existing plaster-ready gypsum boards. In essence, veneer plaster is a hybrid of drywall and plaster that provides you the best of both worlds. When compared to traditional drywall, veneer plaster adds strength and protection against surface damage and moisture. You won't have to worry about joints as much as you would with conventional drywall.

Lath and Plaster

Old school throw back! Plaster and lath installation is much more labor-intensive and time-consuming than drywall installation, but it has many advantages. This method entails horizontally nailing hundreds of wooden slats known as laths to your wall. Following that, you coat these laths in wet plaster, ensuring that it seeps through the cracks between them. Creating a solid wall that you can shape however you want has numerous advantages in insulation, fire resistance, and ease of repair. Repairs are much easier than with brick because you can patch up a problem area rather than replacing the entire structure.


Many people only imagine tile on the floor, as backsplash or inside of a shower. But tile is way more versatile (pun intended!) than people think. You can use it as an accent wall, you can use it around door ways, and even on the ceiling! With all the amazing tile options out there, this can definitely spice up your home in no time.

Now that you have more choices than using drywall, you can revamp your house with these alternatives. Having a good interior is essential; it lifts the mood and relaxes you in the comforts of your own home. If you’re looking for drywall fire-rated access panels, Best Access Doors can provide you with what you need, plus always make sure to work with a licensed contractor for the best results!

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