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Effective Tips for Creating a Shared Tiny Home Office

Updated on:
June 9, 2023
tiny office desk setup

Are you working from a tiny home with your partner? Creating a dedicated office/workspace where you can both focus is essential for ensuring a productive and frustration-free work environment. When it comes to creating a comfortable workspace in a tiny home, organization and ergonomics are key! From reducing clutter to investing in supportive chairs, check out the following tips from to optimize your productivity when working out of a shared tiny home office.

Running a Business from Home

Are you launching a home business with your spouse? Here are a few things to consider as you get established.

  • Decide how to structure your home business. Will your spouse be a business partner, employee, or co-owner? Think about tax and insurance pros verse cons.
  • If you own a sole proprietorship or partnership, consider forming an LLC. This resource is pretty helpful and explains the steps you’ll need to follow.
  • Talk to your partner about establishing a work-from-home schedule that aligns with both of your needs.

Try Different Office Arrangements

Whether you share a workspace or work in separate areas of your tiny home is entirely dependent on your individual needs. Consider trying different arrangements until you arrive at a home office design that works best for both of you!

  • Try out different two-person desk layouts for small spaces.
  • Don’t want to work in the same space as your partner? Consider using an additional tiny home as your office space.
  • Choose an ergonomic office chair that fits your individual dimensions.

Design Your Office for Optimal Productivity

Work with your partner to design your workspace for maximum productivity. Be prepared to compromise as you come up with an organizational and aesthetic solution that works for both of you.

  • Create a simple office command center to control paper clutter.
  • Organize your desk based on your personal workflow.
  • Try to compromise on your office decorations to create a space that you both love.
  • Personalize your desk with a few décor pieces that make you feel calm, content, and motivated.

Setting up a shared workspace is a great way to improve your work-from-tiny-home experience. Strive to create an organized and comfortable space where you and your partner can focus on individual tasks and work together when needed. Whether you’re working on separate projects or you share a home business together, the right tiny home office design will set you up for success!

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