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Finalist: Hazel by Tiny Topanga | Tiny Home Awards 2023

Updated on:
February 29, 2024
Finalist: Hazel by Tiny Topanga

Disclosure: All photos in this article are provided by Tiny Topanga

Peeling back the curtain of conventional living, you encounter Hazel by Tiny Topanga, a standout nominee in the Most Creative Use of Space category. This innovation in compact living challenges the boundaries of space, cleverly fashioning two bedrooms, a kitchen, and a walkway within a mere 30-foot model.

It's not just a dwelling, but a bold statement in the realm of minimalist living. But what could be the secret behind its ingenious design, and why might it be the game-changer in the tiny home industry? The answer lies just around the corner.

A Look Inside

Going in the Hazel, you'll immediately notice the spacious living area that seamlessly blends modern aesthetics with functional design, showcasing Tiny Topanga's creative use of space. It's not just about squeezing everything in, it's about creating a comfortable, livable space, which Hazel does with aplomb.

The Hazel model notably features two full bedrooms, a rarity in tiny home designs. This consideration makes it an excellent choice for families with kids. The bedrooms are connected by an upstairs walkway, another unique feature that optimizes the use of vertical space and provides an element of fun for the kids.

The kitchen, the heart of any home, doesn't disappoint either. It's fully equipped, ready to take on any culinary challenge you might throw at it. The indoor-outdoor dining space caters for six people comfortably, addressing the constant challenge of entertaining in a tiny home.

Storage stairs lead the way to the upper level, a clever solution that takes care of storage needs without eating into the living space. You can choose between a flush or compost toilet, depending on your preference and commitment to sustainability.

What Makes It Stand Out

The Hazel stands out in the Most Creative Use of Space category with its clever layout featuring two full bedrooms and an upstairs walkway, making it a family-friendly gem in the tiny home universe. Its spacious kitchen and dual indoor-outdoor dining setup defy the cramped expectations of tiny living, making social gatherings a breeze. The cherry on top? Storage stairs and the option for an outdoor office or guest room trailer, showcasing Hazel's knack for blending functionality with a cozy, modern aesthetic.

Awards Won by Tiny Topanga: Their Family Style tiny house won the Most Family Friendly award.

Tiny Topanga is also the brilliant mind behind:

If you want to check more of their builds and models, head over to their website.

If you're interested in joining the tiny home awards this year, please email us at with the subject line - “Tiny Home Awards 2024”.

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