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Finalist: The Sitka by Summit Tiny Homes | Tiny Home Awards 2023

Updated on:
February 29, 2024
Finalist: The Sitka by Summit Tiny Homes

Image Source: Summit Tiny Homes

Imagine stepping into the Sitka, the latest creation by Summit Tiny Homes that's been recognized as a finalist in the People’s Choice category. 

The moment you open the door, you're greeted by an inviting walnut kitchen, a spa-like bathroom, and two cozy sleeping areas. Each detail in this home, from the HRV ventilation system to the extra storage spaces, has been meticulously planned to maximize comfort and functionality.

Now, picture yourself living in this compact yet luxurious space, wouldn't that redefine your perspective on what a tiny home could offer? So, why don't we explore the unique features that make the Sitka stand out among other tiny homes on the market?

A Look Inside

Stepping inside the Sitka by Summit Tiny Homes, you're immediately greeted by a spacious ground floor bedroom that beautifully combines functionality and style. The clean, modern design is perfectly paired with earthy elements that bring a sense of comfort and warmth to the room, making you feel right at home.

As you move further into the Sitka, you'll notice a secondary sleeping area. It's a cozy nook, ideal for those overnight guests or even a little one. It's all about maximizing space without sacrificing comfort.

Now, let's talk about the bathroom. You wouldn't expect a 'spa-like' bathroom in a tiny home, would you? Well, the Sitka delivers just that. It's a luxurious space where you can unwind and relax after a long day. The HRV ventilation system ensures you have fresh air circulating at all times, maintaining a healthy and comfortable living environment.

Your tour wouldn't be complete without a visit to the walnut kitchen. It's not just the solid surface counters that will catch your eye. The attention to detail, the design, the layout - everything has been thoughtfully planned and executed.

And let's not forget the storage space. Under the bed and the couch, you'll find ample room to keep your belongings neatly tucked away. The Sitka goes the extra mile to make every square inch count, giving you a living space that's as efficient as it's beautiful.

The Sitka's superiority is further underpinned by its full spray foam insulation and upgraded window package, adhering to both CSA Z240RV and NFPA1192 standards for Canada and the USA. These aspects create an energy-efficient home that's built to last, solidifying the Sitka's position as a standout in the world of tiny homes.

The Sitka by Summit Tiny Homes is more than just a tiny home. It's a testament to modern, compact living done right.

What Makes It Stand Out

The Sitka by Summit Tiny Homes grabs attention with its spacious and stylish ground floor bedroom, blending modern design with earthy elements for an instantly welcoming vibe. Its thoughtful layout includes a luxurious 'spa-like' bathroom and a cozy secondary sleeping nook, maximizing comfort in minimal space. Standout features like full spray foam insulation, an upgraded window package, and clever storage solutions underpin its finalist status in the People’s Choice category, showcasing energy efficiency and meticulous design in a compact living space.

Awards Won by Summit Tiny Homes: Their Helikon tiny house won the Most Compact award during the 2023 Tiny Home Awards.

Summit Tiny Homes is also the brilliant mind behind:

If you want to check more of their builds and models, head over to their website.

If you're interested in joining the tiny home awards this year, please email us at with the subject line - “Tiny Home Awards 2024”.

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