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Finding the Right Windows for Your Tiny House: Tips & Tricks for the Perfect Fit

Updated on:
May 3, 2024
Finding the Right Windows for Your Tiny House

Image: Canva

With housing prices increasing so much over the past couple of years, more and more homeowners looked to alternative ways to afford their dwellings. This led to people seeking tiny homes, triggering an entire minimalist revolution. They’re practical and easy to maintain, so why wouldn’t people love them?

Many people buy these homes already built, but some may choose to construct them from scratch. This leads to a different question: what window types and which window installation and replacement service should you choose to make your tiny home look like a cozy den? You’ll find the answer in this article.

What to Consider when Choosing the Windows

Choosing windows for your tiny home is not just a matter of selecting the shape and form you like. You need to consider some other factors as well. Here are some aspects to keep in mind:

Home Style

Perhaps you bought a tiny modern home made from stashed containers or created a small one-room cabin in the woods. Regardless, when choosing the perfect window, you should go for something that works best with the style of the house.

While there is nothing wrong with selecting windows with modern frames, they should at least match the vibe you already have going. 

Balance & Symmetry

You should also maintain a balance when picking the right windows for your home. If you have two average-sized windows on one side, you shouldn’t just slap five tiny windows on the other side. It can make your home look cluttered, preventing the appropriate amount of light from coming in.

Go for consistency instead, as balance between windows can help your house look homier.


For the most part, proportion depends on each person’s preferences. For instance, floor-to-ceiling windows are trendy nowadays and are especially useful for small homes since they let the light in. However, things change if they have frames.

The room can appear much smaller if too much space is left between the frame and the ceiling. A too wide frame can make the space seem out of scale.

Best Glass Types for Tiny Homes

If you have a tiny home, certain types of glass may be a better fit for your needs. Make sure to consider your budget, your preferences, and the available space when choosing the glass. Here are the options that usually go well in a small house:

Tempered Glass

Let’s say you live in a very small home that barely has a few square meters, and a kid accidentally sends a ball through your window. If you have regular glass, then it can break into shards, which could cause massive injuries.

Tempered glass is better in this case because, if it breaks, it does so in tiny little pieces. You may get a few scrapes in case of an accident, but you’ll at least be protected from significant wounds.

Double Glazed 

Double-glazed windows are also very common for tiny homes, especially for those built from shipping containers requiring more insulation.

With this type of window, two panes of glass are put together and sealed, with gas between them. The technique is very efficient for creating an energy-efficient home.

They can prevent condensation while being usually soundproof and offering insulation. Double-glazed windows are often more expensive than other types of glass.

Still, there are many financing options available, and you may be eligible for up to £14,000 towards double glazing and other energy-saving home improvements.

Laminated Glass

Unlike double-glazed windows that are separated and have gas going between them, laminated glass involves clear vinyl panes glued to one another. The more of these sheets are stacked, the tougher the final glass becomes.

This means you won’t have to worry much about someone breaking your windows. These can also be double-glazed, so laminated glass can offer more security if your tiny home is in a high-crime area.

Image Source: Canva

Frame Materials to Consider

Aside from the glass used in the window, you also need to consider the frame. These are some options that are popular in tiny houses: 

Vinyl Frames

Vinyl windows are great for tiny, minimalist homes, as they offer effective heat protection while bringing little upkeep. Their low price is also an attractive benefit for those building their home on a budget. 

Wood Frames

Wood frames can be obtained sustainably, and their natural scent makes them a great option for tiny homes. They are also easier to fix than other windows and are generally a great choice for those wishing to obtain a rustic aesthetic. 

Steel Frames

If you are looking for fortitude and resilience, steel is the best type of frame to go for. This material comes in numerous color options, making it great if you have a particular aesthetic in mind. However, it’s rather cold, so it may only be suitable if you install a good heating system. 

Window Types for Tiny Homes

Windows come in different types and shapes, depending on your preferences and goals. If you are on a budget, stock windows are often the primary choice, as they have already been sized and cut for standard needs. On the other hand, if your small house has special sizing requirements, custom windows can offer more desirable results. Regardless of your choice, here are the types you may choose:

Awning Windows

Awning windows are great for tiny homes, as they open on the outside and won’t bother your movement inside. They are hinged in the top area, so opening them creates an awning that keeps rain from coming in.

Casement Windows

Very popular choices for small spaces, these windows have one sash with a vertical hinge, allowing homeowners to open them in one swing. They open outward, making them the perfect choice for tiny homes. They also offer good ventilation with unobstructed views.

Slider Windows

If your tiny home also has a just-as-tiny backyard that doesn’t allow you to swing your windows open, slider windows are an excellent choice. These open with a sliding movement and offer an elegant look, being particularly effective if you want to install floor-to-ceiling windows.

Fixed Picture Windows

Tiny homes often don’t get a lot of light, so to resolve this issue, you could consider getting fixed windows. Since they don’t have to be opened, they are great if you want to have larger windows at a lower cost. The disadvantage is that they don’t let air in since they cannot be opened. This can be fixed by adding a large door or sliding window on the other end of the house. 

Bay Windows

As the owner of a tiny house, you may realize that you don’t have many nooks around. A bay window can visually and physically add more space, as its concave shape creates an alcove outward your home. It lets a lot of light in, offers a modern look, and is also the perfect place to get cozy with a book.

The Bottom Line

A tiny home can be an excellent opportunity to show your style off, and the best way to personalize it is with a set of windows. In the end, the choice you make is up to your needs and preferences, but you should also keep the aesthetics of your house in mind.

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