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Fritz: New Tiny Home Builder Makes a Stunning Entrance

Updated on:
June 9, 2023
Woman standing in beautiful modern tiny house kitchen

When it comes to finding a tiny house builder it can be challenging. With over 200 spread out across just the United States alone it’s difficult to narrow down which one is right for you. Location, price, style, the business owners, quality, certifications, and more, all come into play and it can get overwhelming. 

But as you start identifying your needs, wants and desires, you can start to find builders you identify with more than others. These are the ones you should start conversations with and explore the opportunities together to find out if it’s a good fit for you.

A New Tiny Home Builder to Consider

Newcomer Tiny House Manufacturer Fritz Tiny Homes has just released their first tiny home and it sure made a big splash in the tiny house industry.

I had a chance to hop on a quick call with Co-Owner Heather Fritz to discuss their first tiny home and their mission to lead the way in building tiny homes that are exceptionally high quality, environmentally conscious, and energy efficient.

Intentional living is something that the Fritz Family are passionate about. Together, Heather and Kevin Fritz started their tiny house journey in an up-cycled bus, transitioned to a garden-suite loft, and now live in the country-side in Alberta Canada where they build and deliver tiny homes throughout Canada and the US. In their spare time they run a hobby farm and love to go on adventures with their 4 kids!

Fritz Tiny Home Family

Kevin comes from a high-end custom home background and is bringing his building knowledge, skilled craftsmanship, and his keen knack for design to the tiny home industry. It certainly shows in their first tiny home!

Heather serves on the board of Tiny Home Alliance Canada as Vice-Chair and is passionate about making a difference while they design and build top-notch tiny homes for their clients.

Kevin and Heather Fritz in front of their tiny home

A Tiny Home Design That Lives Large

Their first tiny home certainly made a statement. 

Aesthetically, it competes with the best of the best in the industry. The aesthetic design flows nicely from the exterior to the interior and does not clash. With well thought out materials choices you’ll find each space is full of details that compliment each other and bring a warm and inviting tone to the small home's interior design.

The Fritz Tiny House kitchen and living room

Structurally, the home was built to last and live comfortably even in -40(f) degree Canadian weather. They used only top notch materials throughout and did not compromise in places that are less obvious. In fact, behind the wall cladding, you’ll find building techniques that are not often used in the tiny home industry - like off-set 2x4 framing and a layer of rigid insulation over the sheathing to help eliminate thermal bridging which will keep the homes efficiency to either cool or heat it during any giving season.

The finishes and design details are all 100% custom handcrafted woodwork and millwork done by Kevin and show off his knowledge and experience in wood working. Great details like back lighting and accent beams bring the interior design of this home to the next level.

A Tiny House Builder to Keep an Eye On

Overall, we are very impressed with the first tiny home by Fritz Tiny Homes. The level of quality and craftsmanship is above average. The style and interior design is professional. And most importantly, the team is solid. We love Heather and Kevin’s vision for the future and how they are working together to make a positive impact in the Tiny Home Movement.

Heather shared some exciting top secret ideas and designs they are going to be putting in their next tiny home. They are just wrapping up design and are aiming to begin construction in late January. Keep an eye out for some sneak peeks of the latest tiny house design and make sure to follow along their journey as they leave a substantial mark as a high-quality tiny home builder.

Plus, check out a more pictures and a detailed breakdown of their first tiny home here.

Kevin and Heather in the Tiny House Living Room
Exterior of a modern tiny house with black and wood siding

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