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11 Tips For Full Time RV Living with Kids

Updated on:
February 5, 2024
full time rv living with kids

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Embarking on a full-time RV journey with your family is akin to turning each day into an adventure, with the open road as your guide and the starlit sky as your canopy. But living the dream with kids onboard brings its own set of challenges and rewards.

Here are some essential tips to help you navigate the waters of RV living with your little explorers, ensuring the journey is as memorable as the destinations you seek.

Conserve Water and Electricity on the Road

The nomadic lifestyle of RV living teaches us the art of conservation, transforming every drop of water and spark of electricity into precious commodities. Embrace the eco-friendly mantra by introducing water-saving habits like quick showers and using biodegradable soap. 

Solar panels can be a game-changer, soaking up the sun's bounty to power your life on the go. It's a practical lesson in sustainability for your kids, showing them the importance of preserving resources, even when they're flowing on wheels.

Create a Cozy Outdoor Living Area

Transform the space just outside your RV door into an enchanting retreat, where the air is fresher and the connections deeper. A foldable table, some comfy chairs, and a string of fairy lights can turn any patch of land into your family's favorite gathering spot. 

It's more than just an extension of your living space; it's where stories are told, laughter is shared, and the magic of the great outdoors is woven into the fabric of your family's adventure.

Declutter Your RV Life Essential

In the compact quarters of an RV, every inch is prime real estate. Adopting a minimalist approach not only frees up physical space but also declutters your mind, allowing you to focus on the experiences rather than the possessions. 

Prioritize the essentials and find joy in the simplicity of having just enough. This exercise in minimalism can be liberating, teaching your kids the value of quality over quantity.

Optimize Privacy and Space with a Strategic RV Layout

Crafting a strategic layout in your RV is like solving a puzzle where every piece must fit perfectly. Consider installing curtains or room dividers to carve out personal havens within the shared space. 

Creative storage solutions, like under-the-bed boxes or over-the-door organizers, can keep your belongings out of sight but within reach. This thoughtful arrangement allows you to maximize space while respecting everyone's need for privacy.

Organize Your Space While Embracing a Bit of Chaos

While organization is key in RV living, a sprinkle of chaos adds flavor to the adventure. Embrace a flexible approach to storage, where toys, books, and art supplies are easily accessible, encouraging spontaneous creativity and play. 

Let your RV be a canvas for your children's imagination, accepting that a little mess is part of the creative process and the journey itself.

Image Source: Canva

Slow Down to Enjoy Stress-Free Travel

The beauty of RV living with kids is found in the unhurried days and unexpected stops along the way. Resist the urge to pack every day with activities. Instead, allow the journey to unfold naturally, leaving room for detours and discoveries. 

This slower pace reduces stress and opens up opportunities for learning and connection that you might otherwise zoom past.

Involve Children in Planning Trips and Selecting Toys

Empower your little adventurers by involving them in trip planning and toy selection. Let them choose destinations or activities that spark their interest, and decide which toys or games to bring along. 

This inclusivity fosters a sense of ownership and excitement about the journey, making the adventure a collective family quest.

Choose the Ideal RV for Your Family's Needs

Selecting the right RV is like choosing a home on wheels that caters to your family's unique blueprint. Consider the size, layout, and amenities that will best accommodate your crew. Whether it's bunk beds for the kids or a kitchen that can handle your meal prep marathons, the perfect RV should feel like a snug cocoon, ready to take on the world with you.

Make and Keep Friends on the Move

The nomadic lifestyle doesn't have to be a solitary one. Campgrounds and RV parks are bustling with fellow travelers, offering a tapestry of potential friendships. Encourage your kids to mingle and make friends, and don’t hesitate to connect with other families. These transient ties can blossom into lifelong friendships, enriching your journey with shared experiences and camaraderie.

Combine Roadschooling with Traditional Methods

Merging the freedom of roadschooling with the structure of traditional education methods creates a balanced curriculum that travels with you. Utilize online resources, educational apps, and real-world experiences to cultivate a love of learning that transcends the confines of a classroom. This blend of education turns every destination into a lesson, with history, science, and geography alive in the world around them.

Merge Chores with Meal Planning

Integrate chores and meal planning into the fabric of daily life, turning them into engaging family activities. Assign tasks based on age and ability, and involve everyone in meal prep, from grocery shopping to cooking. This not only eases the workload but also instills a sense of responsibility and teamwork, seasoning the journey with flavors of cooperation and shared achievement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Image Source: Canva

Can you live full time in an RV with kids?

Absolutely, you can! But let's not sugarcoat it—it's an odyssey that requires more than just a spirit of adventure. 

Living full-time in an RV with kids means transforming your approach to daily routines, education, and space management. It's about embracing minimalism, flexibility, and the art of making a compact space feel like home. 

Families across the spectrum are proving it's not only possible but profoundly enriching, turning the great outdoors into their children's classroom and playground. However, it's crucial to go in with eyes wide open, understanding the complexities and joys of RV living.

What is the downside of living in an RV full time?

While the thought of waking up to a new vista each morning is exhilarating, the full-time RV lifestyle comes with its share of challenges. Space constraints are a given; there's the constant juggle of maintaining order and personal space in a confined environment. 

Then there's the matter of connectivity—finding consistent internet access for work and education can be a hurdle. Weather plays a significant role too; extreme conditions can greatly affect your comfort and mobility. 

And let's not forget the logistical aspects of healthcare, mail retrieval, and maintaining relationships with friends and family from afar. These downsides aren't deal-breakers but require thoughtful navigation.

How much money do you need to live full time in an RV?

The financial aspect of RV living is as variable as the lifestyle itself. Budgeting for this nomadic life depends on numerous factors, from the type of RV you choose to the places you plan to visit. Initial costs include the purchase of the RV and any necessary modifications to make it family-friendly. 

Ongoing expenses cover campground fees, fuel, maintenance, insurance, utilities, and food. On average, around $2,000 to $6,000 a month could cover the “needs” of a full-time RV family with kids, with the understanding that this figure can fluctuate based on travel style, frugality, and unexpected expenses. Planning and budget management become paramount in keeping the adventure alive without breaking the bank.

Savor the Journey

Above all, remember to savor each moment of this unparalleled adventure. The challenges, the scenery, the spontaneous detours—it's all part of a rich tapestry that you're weaving together. Let the road teach you about flexibility, resilience, and the joy of discovering the world through your children's eyes.

Embracing full-time RV living with kids is a bold move, one that promises a kaleidoscope of memories and learning opportunities. With a bit of planning, a dash of creativity, and a healthy dose of adventure, your family can navigate this journey, turning every mile into a cherished story.

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