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Fun Gadgets to Equip Your RV With

Updated on:
July 27, 2023
gadgets for your RV

Traveling in a mini camper or RV is always a fun time. For the average American travel enthusiast, an RV is of the utmost importance because it provides them with not just a mobile home but also a place where they can collect snippets of their journey. Whether these are digital or physical, in the form of various trinkets, having a set place to keep a memorable collection is imperative for the restless soul. 

A simple RV without many bells and whistles may seem okay when starting out on your journey but believe us, equipping your ride with gadgets & gizmos that help it stand out is a welcome intention. Now, we realize that aesthetics may matter a lot but we’re here to offer a more holistic approach toward successfully decking out your RV’s deck. This includes all sorts of tech, furniture, and other itty bits to get you well on your journey.

Much of the tech mentioned in our listicle will comprise gadgets that may require an active internet connection to work optimally. In times like these, having a telecommunications provider that remains available even when you’re far out into the wild is necessary. Luckily, WOW! is one such provider that enjoys a dense presence in eight states. If you’re looking to connect with the company, simply click here and get hooked up with a mobile service that won’t fail you. 

Now, without further ado, let’s bite into the meat of our listicle!

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Your RV is mobile only because it has four wheels located at the bottom. Regularly checking its tires is imperative to keep it going. Nasty wheel bursts can happen at any time but you can minimize their possibility by staying up to date on your tire’s health, pressure, and any damage it may pick up as you venture further into the unknown. 

Consider investing in a tire pressure monitoring system that displays digital feedback instead of analog. Doing so will provide you with quicker feedback and help you keep your peace of mind. 

Measuring Cups

These are more useful than you think! Your initial thought may be to have these for kitchen use. Granted, they are utilizable in the kitchen as measuring tools for oil, water, and any substance that needs to be measured before being mixed in. Other than that, these measuring cups can help pour select amounts of medicine or lubricants needed for you or the RV, respectively. 

Be mindful to purchase collapsible versions of measuring cups as their portability is maximized when carrying them around in their containers. Measuring cups typically come in 6-8 sets of varying sizes and we’d recommend keeping them all in one attachable ring so you have all your items stored neatly, together. 

living in an RV

Portable Garbage Can/Bag

Nobody likes a littered RV or a littered space around it. It’s bad for the environment and bad for you too as it attracts insects that’ll be a hassle to deal with. To negate the possibility of such scenarios, invest in a portable garbage can, or better yet, garbage bags that are large but durable enough to store your waste. By storing your waste in the container and closing it up, you help keep your peace from mosquitos, fleas, bugs, and exotic insects that would love to feast on leftovers or any other nasties present in your vicinity. 

Infrared Thermometer Gun

Anything can go south when you’re in the wild. Exploring unchartered lands can often be taxing and you or your loved one might feel under the weather often. To keep yourselves in check, consider having an infrared thermometer gun at the ready on your person or stashed somewhere in the RV. The gun is a quicker solution to measuring your temperature as it displays results instantaneously and has a high accuracy rate. 

Electric Dehumidifier

Your RV is basically an oversized car with a humongous amount of storage. Granted the volume of space is a good thing for lugging various items but this also attracts mold and condensation. To put it simply, you’ll be using air conditioning every now and then. While the car does have a system in place to rapidly cool its innards, it doesn’t have an as effective system to flush out the condensation as well. 

For these reasons, we recommend an electric dehumidifier. These devices are usually super quiet and do their job without uttering much sound. The dehumidifier has the ability to rid your RV of up to 9 ounces of water every day. A must-buy, in our honest opinion. 


Heating up isn’t as hard as cooling your stock when on the road. To heat, all you need to do is light a fire or have a gas cylinder at the ready along with a matchstick to get a cozy fire going. However, for cooling, or keeping beverages cool, a cooler is recommended. A mini fridge like the Yeti cooler helps provide a simple solution for keeping your beer bottles cold, along with any other consumables that may need to be stored in a cool, dry place. 

RV Leveler

Flat, level land isn’t always guaranteed in an area where you intend to park your RV. Sometimes you’ll be at the mercy of slopes while other times you’ll have to make do with bumps and crevices in the land. All this can be sorted with an RV leveler that has the sole purpose of providing a reasonable amount of increment on the side of your vehicle that is uneven from the rest. 

A sturdy, well-made leveler can provide a height boost anywhere from 1.5 inches to 4 inches. Enough to have your vehicle leveled and you not having to worry about it dislodging itself from its parked position all the time. You could have a trailer weighing up to 30k pounds pounce on this gadget and watch it hold its weight without a sweat!

RV living

Espresso Maker

Live those early mornings to the fullest with an espresso maker that’s ready to have you up and going right when your alarm goes off. Espresso is a one-stop solution to getting your mind & body jogged up. Get one of these to stay fresh and on top of your daily schedule!

Shower Head Kit 

One of the most crucial necessities of a home, especially a mobile home, is having a shower or some system in place to wash yourself. Nobody chooses to live in a smelly environment, much less have themselves smell unpleasant. Investing in a handy showerhead kit should be a no-brainer but make sure that you get one that functions “military-style”. 

Meaning, it has an on-off switch for maximum conservation of water. Even if you’re lathering soap onto yourself between your shower sessions, the switch will help stop the flow of water and minimize its wastage. In turn, you can use this extra water for other applications such as cleaning dishes or clothes. 


That’s a wrap on our hand-picked selections for the best gadgets to tag along with you on your RV adventure(s). Get the best of your outdoor escapades with a smart, sustainable way of living through the wondrous utility of technology!

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