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Get a Personalized Tiny Housing Experience with California Tiny House Company

Updated on:
June 9, 2023
Tiny Home with Palm trees and sunset

California Tiny House is on the Forefront of the Movement

California Tiny House Company is a certified tiny house builder specializing in building and designing state-of-the-art tiny homes. The business is family-owned, and members of this company enthusiastically advocate the idea of minimalist houses rather than residing in a typically enormous American house.

Award Winning Tiny Homes

After seeing their quality, there's no shock about them building award winning tiny homes. They are extremely creative, custom and put their clients first. They have been setting the standard for quality tiny homes since they started and are highly respected in the community. They have models that have been designed and meticulously designed and built with extreme attention to detail. And if you're looking for something completely custom, they'll blow your mind with how they can make your dreams come to life.

Models they've perfected

On a budget, or prefer to buy a model? They have a few tiny home models they've designed that will take your breath away.

  • Element House Model
  • Studio Model
  • Gallery Tiny House Model

Each of their models are completely customizable and are the perfect starting point for a budget friendly tiny home.

Family Owned & Ready to Serve

The core team is comprised of all family members, which entails a very lively and fun group of people. I guarantee they'll make you laugh more than you imagine, and they'll make the entire process an enjoyable experience.

They're partnered with Hearth financing, so you'll be able to quickly get financing, and have no issues with finding a lender that will be willing to work with California Tiny House.


Not only are they part of the founding group of THIA, they also have been on the forefront of changing the discriminatory laws against tiny homes. They're experts on what is and isn't legal in the tiny house world, and they are on many boards and advisory positions to help further the cause of making tiny homes legal.

They're experts on ADUs, and they'll help you get your tiny home on wheels approved for an ADU in your back yard!

DIY leaders? Yes!

Even if you're looking to go DIY for your tiny home, after you've checked out their tiny home builds, you'll quickly realize you have a lot to learn from them. The good news? They're creating an in-depth course that will take you step by step through the process. It's largely going to be used for schools to help their students learn how to build a tiny home!

The Takeaway!

The new-era minimalist dwelling unit— the tiny house, has replaced the demand for typically bigger and dreamy American houses. Now is the time for residing in downsized yet equivalent to the standard housing units. To top it all, you can move with the place you reside in anywhere you go.

California Tiny House Company brings you the opportunity to have a tiny housing unit for you that's not only budget-friendly but also the perfect picture of your dream house— small, classy, and fabulous.

Join hands with California Tiny House to have a house built based entirely custom by the hands of certified builders that are utterly devoted to their work and business that is their family legacy.

And don't think they only serve California. They are a nationally recognized company, and they'll gladly ship anywhere in North America!

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