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Home Value Estimator: A Legitimate Tool That Works

Updated on:
June 19, 2024
Home Value Estimator

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With the constant fluctuation of the price of real estate properties and landscapes, keeping track of your net worth or the value of a house can be challenging. It is where the home value estimator tool comes in handy.

When you are planning to sell a housing property, get a mortgage loan, or simply want to know the value of your possessions, an estimation of the value is necessary.

Unfortunately, since the market value of real houses can be like a roller coaster, your final guess can be pretty far from the actual value. However, when you utilize a tool that can show the result with precise accuracy, the process will be smoother.

In this article, we will introduce you to our home value estimator tool, which, with its features, will surely make your life easier.

Factors That Influence Your Home’s Value

To calculate your house’s value yourself, you must first know which points to consider. Certain factors will directly affect the overall worth of your properties. Here are some of them:


We can all guess why a house in an urban area costs more than one in a suburban or rural place. The answer is simple- the cost of the improved lifestyle and availability.

In a developed area, there are more income opportunities, better utilities, and other amenities, which also affect the house’s cost.

This price can vary significantly even among different cities, depending on their popularity, utilities, and government facilities.

Size of Property

It goes without saying that a larger property will generally cost more than a smaller one. Realtors calculate the exterior and interior size of the house separately when estimating the property’s worth. Some size factors to consider when guessing a house’s value are-

  • The number of bedrooms and bathrooms
  • The length and width of the house (in square feet)
  • The length and width of the yard, pond, or other landscape features (in square feet)

Type of Property

Detached homes generally cost more in comparison to attached ones. There are so many house types that can influence the value.

Luxurious houses like apartments, bungalows, or duplexes come at a greater price than townhouses or similar ones.

Condition or Facilities of the House

While many of us long for classic or traditional features in a home, the demand for modern facilities is always higher. As such, the latter also has a higher cost.

If you estimate your house's value is lower than expected, a simple renovation can increase it.

When considering a renovation, it is also mandatory to know where to focus. Kitchen or bathroom upgrades should be your first go-to for an instant rise in home price.

Age of the House

An old house may have various issues with its built quality or current condition. Yes, old houses often used to have stronger materials, but that doesn’t mean they hold that same integrity decades later.

Their structure may have survived the test of time, but the buyers often find these houses unreliable. One doesn’t simply want to purchase a house that may not last for their lifetime.

A newly built house will sell for more in comparison.

Image Source: Canva

How Can Home Value Estimator Help You

Wahi’s home value estimator considers all the abovementioned factors when estimating a property's value. As such, its results are nearly 90% accurate.

As you can guess, it is not easy to estimate the cost of a home yourself, especially if it is a bungalow or duplex. Yes, you may hire a professional, but it will be expensive and time-consuming.

However, with the help of Wahi’s tool, you may complete the process within minutes. Here are some reasons why this tool is better than many other similar ones online.

User Friendly

Wahi's home value estimator is very easy to use. You only need to input some simple information, like your home’s address and size to get the outcome.

There is no necessity for additional knowledge or to provide the tool with unnecessary data. You can edit the inputs even after the tool has shown a possible cost to get an updated result.


As we mentioned, Wahi’s tool is accurate, up to around 90%. It keeps track of the latest market trends and prices to set its results right.

Aside from the real-time market data, the tool also considers the features and traits of your house. So, if you have anything unique to your house that most others don’t, the estimator will also take that into account.

On top of that, the tool also considers the property’s age. So, despite the house being a duplex type in a luxurious area, the estimator may still show a low price if it is very old and has not undergone recent renovations.

Free Usage

Unlike many such tools, you can use the Wahi’s estimator without having to pay anything. It will be a great deal if you have to constantly check the price to understand the price fluctuation of real estate properties.

Estimated Range

Wahi’s Home Value Estimator will not only give you one rough estimate but also a range of possible rates from the lowest to the highest.

So, you can plan better and ask for a slightly higher price than the middle point from any buyer if you want to have a better profit. Moreover, if you want a mortgage loan, you know how much you can aim for.

Advanced Features

Wahi's tool contains useful features like the saving option, where you can save an estimation result as ‘my home’. It allows you to run the calculations again later and compare the previous and current price ranges.

It lets you know whether the cost of real estate properties is rising or dropping in the area and allows you to predict the future market trend.

Another feature worth mentioning is the monthly update feature. It allows the website to update your house’s current price each month based on your previously input data.

So you can keep track of the house’s value monthly, saving you the trouble of manually running another calculation using the tool.


If you are in the real estate business or a homeowner who is planning to mortgage or sell your property, you can’t deny the benefit of a good home value estimator tool. Wahi excels in this niche as it has all the features needed to provide highly accurate outcomes.

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