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How Big Are Boxabl Homes?

Updated on:
April 25, 2024
Boxabl Tropical Casita

Boxable released its first Casita model at a 361 square feet size. These homes contain a living area, a bedroom, and a kitchen area. They are manufactured with high R-value insulation, making them extremely energy efficient.

Boxabl homes are the next big thing, changing how we view home ownership and housing. These homes are designed to be flexible and suit your regular home needs. These stackable homes come pre-installed with all the housing amenities required for daily activities. 

These homes are perfect lifestyle solutions to simplify your housing choices. They are cost-effective and offer more time to enjoy living and traveling. As ultra-modern housing solutions, these boxes are designed in factories with great precision using high-tech building materials. 

The company's building system is designed to produce high-value, efficient homes constantly. Let’s examine the core questions you may have about Boxabl homes. This guide will provide you with all you need to know. 

What are the dimensions of a Boxabl home? 

Boxable is on a mission to create a system that can offer customers houses of various sizes. The company builds stackable houses that can connect to anything. Although the available dimension is a 361 feet square house, new dimensions may appear soon.

Some dimensions you can expect include 20x60, 20x40, 20x30, and 20x20. When room modules with these dimensions are ready, the company will make an announcement.

Boxabl aims to address housing issues by mass-producing box houses. Although this can’t happen overnight, the company intends to ultimately produce buildings designed to meet the customers’ needs. 

By producing these houses in various dimensions, customers can choose and customize their houses as they desire. These houses are perfect tiny house options in a backyard

Is the Boxabl house available in different sizes and floor plans?

Boxabl has a blueprint for mass-producing buildings in different dimensions. However, The company doesn’t have other sizes and floor plans available yet. Interested customers can always join the waiting list. 

A unique feature of Boxabl homes is that they are highly customizable. When new sizes and floor plans are available, you can specify your choice and how you’d like the Boxabl Casita to look. This allows you to have input in your home. 

Can you stack and connect multiple Boxabl units?

Boxabl utilizes advanced technology to offer cutting-edge housing solutions. You can stack these housing units on each other and connect multiple Boxabl units. This is because the company provides modular housing solutions, offering customers much flexibility. 

The housing structure has an excellent exterior corner where you can place your HVAC, plumbing, and electrical equipment. 

Another highlight of the housing design is its ease of use and sustainability. You can set it up conveniently in under an hour using state-licensed experts. 

Boxable connects customers with professional Boxabl-certified installers in their local area. The Boxabl houses can also fold from 20 ft to 8.5 ft wide, making them compact for shipping to different places. This also means you don’t incur additional fees when transporting the house across any means of transportation.

The size of a Boxabl home can be likened to a converted double-car garage.

Are Boxabl homes customizable?

Boxabl homes offer the ultimate customization to customers. The homes are designed to offer you all you need to turn a house into a home. You can conveniently manage your 361 feet home and navigate the living space conveniently.

So, although the homes come with practically all you need pre-installed, there are many ways you can customize the house to your taste. This is one of the many unique features that speak to Boxabl homes’ flexibility. 

How much does a Boxabl home cost?

A Boxabl Casita will cost you about $60,000. This is what you pay for a fully furnished home pre-installed with practically all you need to live conveniently. The company will deliver the box home to your preferred destination. 

An installation team can set the house up in an hour. This convenience and portability make Boxable homes perfect for holidaying. As a traveler or itinerant who wants a tiny home to cater to all their living needs. 

Although the home costs about $60,000, prepare to incur additional costs if you require permits in your local area. You will also need to pay for shipping to receive the product wherever you are. You can expect the shipping fee to be $3-$10 per mile from Las Vegas. 

Other costs you may incur include utilities you need to customize your house. If you want to style your home to meet unique needs, you may have to purchase extra items to achieve this dream home.

Some of these items include led lighting and solar panels. As you can imagine, these add-ons will cost you some money based on your preferences.

But ultimately, you save energy costs, as these homes are designed to utilize energy efficiently. For instance, they are created with a flat roof system, supporting quick installation and energy efficiency. The roof is also made with structurally laminated panels.

With its design and infrastructure, your energy cost may average just $28 monthly. This is achievable because HVAC, plumbing, and electrical utilities come pre-installed.

Nonetheless, interested parties can utilize the company’s financing options to partner with loan firms. These partners can work with you to get a 30-year mortgage for your Boxabl homes. 

This allows you to spread your payment across these years while utilizing your home as you desire. 

Are Boxabl homes legal in all states?

Cakora tiny house
View the Cakora tiny house on foundation

You can install Boxabl homes across all states in the US. The company has received modular approval for its housing structure, meaning owning these houses is legal

Nevertheless, it’s crucial to assess your local zoning laws to ascertain that all is well with owning a Boxabl home in your area. You can conveniently check whether you’re permitted to build a Boxabl at Permits

Doing this helps to ensure you’re on the safe side of the law. You don’t want to act against a local zoning law and find out only after your Boxabl home has landed. 

The box house is also legal for highway transportation since its size is designed to fit on a truck. It doesn’t overshare space or interfere with other vehicles while being transported. This accounts for why the Box folds to 8.5 ft wide when folded.

Are Boxabl homes safe and durable?

Boxabl homes are structurally integrated panel (SIP) houses that are flexible, healthy, and resilient. These homes are created using concrete, steel, and EPS foam, making them as strong and durable as traditional homes. 

The combination of SIPs, concrete, and steel, makes these box homes generally more durable than a traditional site-built home. 

Here is why Boxabl homes are a safe and durable option

Boxabl homes are eco-friendly

Using SIPs and EPS means the homes are very eco-friendly. This is a much more eco-friendly option than the materials used in building traditional homes. The box homes produce no off-gassing, which is a big nod to their eco-friendliness. 

The interior is also designed with MgO (Magnesium oxide), making the inner parts of the house safe with practically no off-gassing too. 

The homes are compact and don’t generate waste during their setup, further ranking Boxabl homes high in terms of environmental consciousness. 

The designs are durable

Boxabl homes are mold resistant, thanks to the metal SIPs and laminated walls. The walls do not suffer condensation challenges as long as they remain adequately laminated. Since moisture cannot penetrate the wall, mold cannot formulate. 

The tightness of these seals makes the homes durable against leaks. This will ultimately depend on the quality of the tight building envelope.

This is also because the box homes are not manufactured with sheetrock or lumber. Therefore, the home structure remains undamaged even during a flood. They are built to withstand tough weather conditions, including hurricanes. 

Essentially, the houses don’t bend or crack during these conditions, and they still maintain a good sound quality. 

Additionally, the manufacturers designed the homes with fire resistance in mind. Of course, no structure is completely fire resistant, but Boxabl homes have come with noncombustible materials, making it extremely difficult for flying embers to ignite a fire. 

The company is reliable

Determining Boxabl’s safety and durability can also be evaluated from the brand’s perception. How do people see the Boxabl brand? 

Paolo Tiramani launched Boxabl in 2017, and the company started with a lot of testing and prototyping. The company has experienced a spike in interest as customers joined the waitlist to receive product delivery. Many homeowners have since then purchased these houses.

Although the company desires massive growth, they’ve been able to build a brand offering useful products to the market. 

The company’s factory continues to release and send out standardized products to different destinations, including Elon Musk.

Five years after, the company continues to grow. But with its brand reputation and reviews, customers appear to find Boxabl reliable.

Investing in Boxabl is a good investment idea for eco-friendly enthusiasts who travel a lot and desire flexibility. 

Takeaway: Experience Tiny Home Living in Style with Boxabl Homes - Perfect Size and Durability Guaranteed!

Boxabl sells room modules in a perfect size. The homes are big enough to accommodate your living needs, especially if you don’t have a large family. These houses are also energy-efficient, making them cost-effective.

The company will roll out new Boxabl home dimensions in the future. You can find great deals for the available dimension and sizes. The houses are also highly customizable, so you can turn a regular house into a desired home.

Check out Tiny House for more information about other tiny homes.

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